Sword and Axe Tavern (Pre-game)

Chirp places some copper on the bar and asks the bartender for another light ale and a water for Mariel as she begins her performance. The sudden greeting from the half-elf woman startles Chirp and pulls him from being entranced by the song. He makes a quick look of his surroundings again, and realizes that Tcheperak has left. Aww, I didn't get to say goodbye. Realizing still more eyes are upon him, he shudders. Way too exposed up here.

He looks up at Elsbeth and sees the little otter head sticking out of her shirt and is quite perplexed to see an otter not only in the city, but within someone's clothing. For once he doesn't let his curiosity get the best of him and actually maintains some focus. "Umm, hi. Hello. Uh, I'm Chirp, its nice to meet you. I'll, uh.." Chirp struggles to find the right words. "I'll, uh, be happy to answer any questions about me after the song." He gestures to Mariel. "She's being kind enough to sing a song for me." He looks at the seat where Tcheperak was sitting,
Chrip feels bad he ended up ignoring Tcheperak, causing her to leave.
frowning a little.. "And I don't want to be rude."

After Mariel finishes Chirp hops up and down on his seat a few times and claps excitedly. "That was wonderful! Thank you for playing, Mariel." Chirp makes a few happy chirping and whistling sounds. He then takes his glass and turns towards Elsbeth. After taking a sip, he reintroduces himself. "Hi, Elsbeth. Oscar. I'm Chirp, and this Mariel. Your question was.. 'don't frogs live in water?'... Uhm, well. They do. And my people, I'm a Grippli, we live in marshes and swamps. We have our clans and families to tend to within the marshes, so very few leave." Chirp finds himself looking at Oscar. "Can.. can I pet him? How did you get an otter?" He turns to Mariel. "Its amazing there would be an otter here in the city!"

Elsbeth takes the hint and sits down beside Chirp, content to let Mariel play her music. She's quite good. Isn't she just? I wonder where she learned to play. As Mariel finishes, Elsbeth applauds along with Chip, and adds her own praise in Elven. You realise Elves speak Common too, right? Don't be silly. Why would they speak the horrid human language when they could just speak beautiful Elven?

Elsbeth looks quite interested as Chip starts describing his people, however briefly. Having never had contact with any of these "Grippli" before, there was much available to learn. "I'll ask him," she replies, in response to Chip's request to pet. "He's been around for a couple of years now. Just part of the family now I suppose. Mother didn't like him at first, he used to leave huge water tracks all over the house." She giggles, gently pulling him out of her clothes. "Quite the playful one he is." Chip would like to pet you, if you'd like. I'd be delighted. "He says he'd love to be petted." With that, Oscar makes the short jump from Elsbeth's hands onto Chip's lap, and looks up at him expectingly.

Mariel makes a small bow at the applause and faces the newcomer. She seems a tad surprised at the woman praising her in Elven and replies in Elven. "You speak Elven? Its rare to meet another person who knows it." She looks at Chirp and realizes shes being rude to him. "I'm sorry Chirp, I just asked if her if she speaks Elven and told her its rare to meet someone who can speak it."

She listens to Chirp's reply about whether frogs live in water or not and a thought forms in her head. She then takes a sip of water again as she hears this odd little chittering, as if from a small animal. She cocks her head as if thinking of what it could be until she hears Chirp ask how the woman got an otter. She throws a question to Chirp before they could move onto a new subject. "If your people only leave rarely why did you leave Chirp?"

"Oooooooh, that's Elven? It sounded pretty."

Chirp goes a little wide-eyed when Oscar lands in his lap and then starts petting the otter by scratching behind his ears. "He's so soft! The only thing we had in the swamp like Oscar were swamp rats. They're almost as long as him, but mean... and mangey. I wish we had otters." Chirp lets out quick and light chirping noises, his throat expanding and deflating with the noise. Still petting Oscar, Mariel's question quiets Chirp a little. "Uh.. hmm... why I left?" He looks up at Mariel, then down at the floor, and then takes a big gulp of his ale.

"Well.. uh... my clan has a rite for each role in the clan. There's the warriors who defend us from... major threats. The trappers and hunters who provide the clan with furs and meats. The herbalists are responsible for herbal and medical treatments. And then there's the clan seer, though they only have the one apprentice. My family are primariliy the trappers and hunters, so my rite was in that."

He takes a deep breath, and looks at Oscar, ruffling the fur on top of his head. "When I finally got to take my rite, my father gave me this bow to help me. In a hunter's rite, we are sent out with those who already have passed it, track something that threatens the livelihood of the clan and trap it. We use what we can of the animal for food and other materials and part of it, usually a piece of bone, is fashioned as proof of passing the rite." Chirp downs the rest of his ale in one large gulp and lets out a single, long, throaty croak. "I failed my rite..... I... read the tracks wrong. It was something we should have brought warriors for.... and the others... Very quietly, Chirp utters, "I can't go back." Chirp goes quiet after that. Staring at the floor, idly patting Oscar with his right hand while his left hand clutches his father's bow.

Elsbeth pats the young Grippli's shoulder in a gesture of sympathy. "I'm sorry to hear that Chip. You must have found somewhere else to live in the meantime though, right?"

For his part, Oscar seems to be enjoying Chip's attention, curling up and chittering happily.

Chirps begins to sway from side to side a little bit and starts patting Oscar with both of his hands. "Heee's soo soooooft.. *hiccup*"

From behind the counter, the bartender can be heard. "Whoops." He eyes the color of Chirp's drink. "We'll just say the little fella got a discount. That half-orc is gonna be a mite miffed, though."

Chirp looks up at Elsbeth, his cheeks flushed with color and still swaying a little. "I have! Iiiiii'm shtayin' in a nice inn. The ownersh a nice lady. Rents me a small room for a really low price, but since Iiiiii'm sho shmall, it's perfect!" Chirp looks between Elsbeth and Mariel and a grin spreads across his face. "You two... *hiccup* You two are really nishe people. Don't think Iii'm funny loookin' or ask if I'm some prince trapped in a frog's body. That song was beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful by the way. *hiccup*" He then looks down at Oscar, "And yooouuuuu're a really nishe otter."

Mariel nearly wretches at the smell of booze coming off the Grippli's breath as he croaked. She wouldn't be surprised if she ended up feeling tipsy. "Chirp, I think you may have had enough to drink today." She then listens as Chirp tells his story and immediately regrets bringing it up. "I'm sorry Chirp, if I had known I wouldn't have brought it up." She makes to get up and leave when she hears Chirp start slurring his words.

"Elsbeth, I think we should get Chirp home, before he does something that might embarrass him. She moves to get up and reaches out for Chirp's arm, prepared to help carry him home. "What inn are you staying at Chirp? She hoped he was still capable of telling her, she doubted being led by a drunk Grippli would end up with no late night adventures through the city.

"Hmm? The inn?" Chirp looks out the window for a bit. "Oooooh, right, cause itsh gotten late!" His eyes widen as if he's realized some sort of grand truth with his statement. "Itsh called the Gooooolden Morrow. Has a nish pretty shign of the shun coming up ooover a hill." Chirp hands Oscar to Eslbeth saying, "Bye bye. It was veeerry nice to meet you!" Chirp hops off his bar stool, landing on his feet, but takes a few seconds to make sure he doesn't fall over. Afterwards, he slowly starts ambling towards the door of the Sword and Axe, hiccuping or croaking every so often to make his way back to the inn.

Elsbeth giggles at the drunken frog's antics. "I think you're right... Mariel, wasn't it?" Oscar quickly scurries up Elsbeth's clothing when handed back, and sits himself on her shoulder. He's nice. Seeing Chip heading for the door, she quickly rises and follows him. "Wait up Chip, we'll come with you. It wouldn't do for you to hurt yourself on the way home."

Mariel rushes after the small Grippli. She ends up shoving some people and some people turn around to shove back but by the time they do so she's gone, following the sounds of the Grippli's hiccuping and croaking. "Chirp slow down!" As soon as the sounds of croaking are next to her she puts a hand on Chirp's shoulder. "I don't think letting you wander the city trying to get home while drunk is a very good idea, especially so late in the day." Mariel's hand falls to the sheathe on her hip to make sure its still there then turns her attention to Elsbeth. "Please help me! If he gets away I'm sure it will be hard to find him.".


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