Sword and Axe Tavern (Pre-game)

When Mariel's hand touches Chrip's shoulder he turns around to look up at her, swaying on his feet. When he sees that Elsbeth and Oscar are also following a large grin spread across his face. "You two really are *hiccup* really are really nishe people, Marie, Ellie." He then focuses on Oscar. "And nishe otter, Oscy." He then begins slowly walking backwards. "Itsh okay though. Iiii can find my way back nooo problem. For I am Chirp! Experienced tracker!" He says this puffing out his neck, raising his pointer finger to the sky dramatically, and then tripping backwards over a stray dog.

The dog, now roused from it's sleep, looks at the Grippli a moment and then goes back to dozing, unconcerned with the drunk frog. "Now thAT washn't there buhfore. Thatsh cheatin'." Chirp mutters as he slowly gets himself to his feet and starts dusting himself off. "Itsh okay.. really. Don't wanna be an in-kun... in-kun-veeen.... caushe trouble. The innsh near the bath houshe. Reeaal easy to find. But if you two are going the same way, I wouldn't mind the company." Chirp then begins slowly making his way down the street.


The shadows deepened as Avarim made his way toward the Sword and Axe. His eyes were shining and there was a spring in his step, but he still wore his almost smile. As he turned the corner on the last block, he watched something small collide with a sleeping dog. As he neared, he could see it was an obviously inebriated bipedal frog, and it seemed to be speaking to two women exiting the inn. He didn't recognize the first, but the second was Mariel, one of the regular singers at the Sword and Axe for as long as he could remember.
"Good evening Mariel! Leaving early tonight? I was looking forward to a song or two," Avarim called cheerfully as he approached the trio.

Mariel's head perked in the direction of a newcomers voice. She recognized it from her nights at the Sword and Axe. "Avarim! I'm afraid I am tonight, Mister Chirp here got a tad..." She pauses for a minute trying to think of a more polite word for drunk. "tipsy. We don't want him to get hurt on his way home." Mariel follows after the young Grippli sighing. "Chirp... I don't mean to be rude but... I was surprised you found your way out of the tavern, I think you should have someone make sure you get home."
Mariel head perks back in the direction of Avarim. "I'll be here tomorrow tonight if you still want to hear me sing. Sorry."


"Ah, unfortunately, I'm committed to dinner with my parents tomorrow night, but I'm sure I'll catch your beautiful voice some other time," Avarim said, obviously disappointed. Turning to the knee-high Chirp, he said, "Nice to meet you, Chirp. Take care of yourself getting home. Before you go, may I ask the name of your other charming companion?"

"Hulloh!" Chirp exclaims as he looks up at the tall elf. "IiiiIIII am INDEED Chirp!" He makes his usual series of chirping noises, but the tempo is way off and a croak slips in during them. He thinks a moment on Avarim's inquiry. "Hmm... Hmmmmmm.... HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM." The Grippli then claps his hands together once, as he's come to a decision. "Iiiiiiiii would be mooooore than happy to introduce Nice Mish Ellie and Nice Otter Oscy, but I wOULd firsht ashk your name, shir, sho we are all ack-qua.. ack-qua... friendly!"


Avarim grinned and replied with a nod, "As Mistress Mariel said, I am Avarim. What she didn't say was that I am a student, but not for much longer. A pleasure to meet you, Chirp. And you, Mistress Ellie. I do indeed hope we can be 'friendly'."
Not seeing an otter in evidence, Avarim just chalked it up to Chirp's inebriated state.

"Ah! Nishe to meet ya Avie!" Chirp almost begins to belligerently refuse being walked home again, but he sees the distress its causing Mariel. "Ah... shorry. Jusht didn't wanna *croak* caushe any trebble." He waits for Mariel to catch up to him before slowly ambling down the street. "Itsh by the bath houshe... Nice pretty shing of the shun," he tells Mariel as they walk off.

Elsbeth giggles at Chirp once again, somewhat unaccustomed to drunk people. "It's a pleasure to meet you Acarim," she replies, smiling at the compliment. She quickly shakes his hand, showing that she does, in fact, possess some muscle structure. Not much, but it is there. "I'm sorry to steal away the star of the show, but Chip here is quite intriguing to us both, I think. Oops, they're getting away. We shall speak again, I'm sure." And with that, Elsbeth quickly follows Mariel and Chirp out onto the streets.


"I'm sure," Avarim said as he gave 'Ellie' a nod on her way. Turning back to the inn, the elf plunged inside, fully in his element. He strode to the bar and ordered a shot of mistavan, his favorite elvish liquor. He used a
Prestidigitation if it's enough, Ray of Frost if its not.
minor charm to chill it to a suitable temperature, and quickly threw it back. Slamming the frosty glass down on the bar, he ordered another, but in a larger glass. He collected this and made his way to a table, looking for a game. If none were in evidence, he set about shuffling his deck of cards in hopes of drumming one up, sipping contentedly from his icy glass.

Mariel replies to Chirp's fear of distressing her. "Thank you Chirp. Its not far from here, you'll be home in no time." She stays next to Chirp, aware that while she has the city mostly memorized that Chirp might just get lost without a guide, especially in a state like this. "We'll stop bugging you and let you sleep soon enough Chirp."

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