Main Shopping square (Pre-game)

Main Shopping square (Pre-game)

It is a large plaza ringed with shops around the edges, selling goods from armor and weapons to household supplies and jewelry. Several stalls occupy the plaza itself, running a daily marketplace dealing in a variety of goods and wares offered. Vendors and shop owners are all required to be members of the Guild, paying for general maintenance of the plaza and collective security to reduce the pickpocketing and general thievery. Three streets lead into the plaza and during market times, hired guards man those check points and there are patrols walking around among the stalls.

Majid finishes his patrol within the old city and arrives at one of the streets that come into the shopping square. The street is bustling with activity as people go to and from the market square. He looks up and shields his eye from the sun as he looks to see the time. Midday, he thought, Perhaps it's time to haggle with one of these merchants for a snack. He makes his way into the crowd moving toward the square.

The occasional person gave him a nod of recognition as he continued to make his way toward the checkpoint. He never enjoyed dealing with the rentals at the checkpoints, however he could not deny their importance. There aren't enough guardsman within the city, and knowing the market square is safe allows them to secure other areas.

He arrives at the checkpoint and he is easily made out by the rentals. One of them particular, a giant brutish fat man with at least three missing teeth and a giant wart on his cheek was leaning against one of the walls chewing loudly on an apple. Upon seeing Majid, the brute still with a mouthful of apple, yells at the other gaurds "Majid!" he says, spitting apple out of his mouth "We 'etter let him through or he school us on bein 'proper gaurds!" A few of them give a chuckle, but they were also entirely serious, letting Majid through without any trouble.

"Ha ha ha" Majid says sarcastically moving into the square. As he contemplates what to get for a snack, he instantly decides that any form of apple was out of the question, as stomaching an apple after seeing the brute spit one across the checkpoint seemed impossible. He comes across one of the vendors selling baked sweets, and the aroma of the of the baked goods filled his nostrils.

He picks up a freshly baked sweet-roll bringing it up to his nose and breathing it in. "How much?" he asks the baker.

"A silver piece" he says. "A silver piece! What madness is that. I'll give you five copper for it! he says, in utter disbelief that the vendor is asking a silver for a sweet roll.

"If you want a sweet roll for five copper I can give you a sweet roll worth five copper" he says with a smirk. Majid hands him over the five copper, and the vendor smiles as he pulls out a knife and cuts the sweet roll in two, giving one half to Majid "There is your sweet roll worth five copper" . Majid grabs the half out of the vendor's hand and walks off to one of the less busier parts of the square. He leans against one of the walls, and begins eating his snack, looking at the people moving about the square.

The young witch was hurrying along the bustling streets and past the shops, not giving the stalls as much as a glance. Nor did she seem to pay attention to anything else as she moved with haste. A fleeing woman at the moment, all she payed attention to was if anyone behind her where following. She saw nothing, but wasn't ready to slow down yet, and she did not slow down in time. Leaned against the wall, Varyah did not see Majid as she tried to rush around a large group of gaudy travelers. She almost smashed into him, and as she realized what she had almost slammed into, she cursed silently.

“Pardon, sir,” she said. Her face was stone, her voice dry and calm. All in an attempt to give no clue of what haste she felt. Hopefully the guard would just accept the apology and she could move on. “I was lost in my own thoughts, I will watch my step better next time.”

In the middle of eating his sweet roll, a half orc women practically runs into him. She catches him mid bite, and she begins to apologize for almost running into him. " 'es.. " he coughs up a bit of his sweet roll trying to talk with his mouth full. He takes a second to swallow what was left in his mouth and then speaks "Yes yes, no harm done, move along." he says, taking another bite of his sweet roll once he finished his sentence.

After watching carts pass for two days, Angharad steels herself to enter the city. She's seen several packs of vagabonds enter traveling together, so she could pass for one of them. The problem is Coli. The grey wolf will be hard to mistake as a dog. The den they had dug in the side of the hill would serve for him, but she was uncertain she should leave him behind. In the end she decided he should accompany her though he complained loudly about the collar she put upon him.

She chose mid morning on market day to enter the city hoping to be overlooked in the crush on local merchants bringing goods to the city to sell. It is a gambit that is successful, however, in the crush she has no opportunity to divert until the crowds spreads out in the market square. She finds herself standing next to a building looking up at the mass of stone structures across the way. Why is everything so smushed together. Why don't they spread out more?

She glances down at Coli before realizing he will have no answers.

Skeeve Plowse, Dashing Adventurer

Having coincidentally been in line just behind Majid at the baker's stall, Skeeve turns after his transaction, juggling his sweetroll-and-a-half. The sight of Varyah colliding with the guardsman and nearly choking him is, on a moment's reflection, actually kind of entertaining.

Still, it's not something he feels it's necessary to get involved in, and besides, he's still got spell components to purchase. He's not ten steps away, though, when the sight of Angharad and Coli catches his eyes. Now, that's not something you see every day... Hastily tucking the remaining half sweetroll into his beltpouch, he closes the distance enough to speak to her, keeping half a careful eye on the wolf.

With a charming smile, Skeeve says, "Excuse me, miss? You look lost... is there anything that I could help you with?" After a moment's consideration, he adds, "You have a very impressive... companion."

As the tall, richly dressed human approaches, Coli growls a warning, but is quickly calmed by Angharad's gentle hand. Angharad is surprised and raises her eyebrows when he addresses her. She rolls back through her mind all the arguments to make this trip she had with herself and Coli bolstering her courage.

Mastering her features, she answers in a halting voice, "I am not lost. I know where I am and how to return...home. However, I am confused. Perhaps you can help me understand why so many people are within the walls when there is so much more space to spread out north of the wall."

Skeeve Plowse, Dashing Adventurer

A little surprised by the woman's question - it wasn't even remotely resembling the reaction he was expecting - Skeeve takes a moment to think about his answer, casually leaning against the bricks of the wall. "Well, now, that's an interesting question. I can't say for sure, but I can certainly speculate."

After a few more moments of thought, he continues, "I'd have to say the two big reasons are safety, and convenience. Living within the town walls offers protections from anything dangerous that might be lurking out there, and for a lot of people that outweighs the disadvantages of living so close together."

Tapping his chin lightly, Skeeve says, "On the other hand, if you lived outside the walls, you'd have a harder time getting to places like the market, or anywhere else in the city you might need to run an errand. Not to mention those who actually work within the city itself." Offering his hand out to the elven woman, he finishes, "My name is Skeeve, Skeeve Plowse. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Angharad looks down at the hand offered to her, but shakes it readily. "But outside the walls are not dangerous and ...." She pauses in her diatribe when she realizes she forgot to introduce herself.

Confused again, she hesitates before offering, "Umm. I'm sorry. I'm Angharad, lately of the Verdurun Forest. My apologies on my abruptness. I'm still not used to being in a place where I don't know anyone."

Skeeve Plowse, Dashing Adventurer

Chuckling just a little, Skeeve replies, leaning in conspiratorially towards the elven woman for just a moment, "Oh, not to worry, Miss Angharad, it's not a problem at all. A little bit of vigorous debate never hurt anyone, right?"

Straightening back up, he continues, "There can be dangers out in the wide, wild world, if you're not prepared for them as you or I would seem to be. And everyone wants to be able to feel safe and secure in their homes."


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