Main Shopping square (Pre-game)

Angharad brightens a bit at this understanding. "Oh, I see. More people around means less danger. Given how tense Coli is, I imagine fewer marauder come around so many people."

She points down to the tables where a wild assortment of goods are on display, ""Some of the things down there I've never seen. I don't even know what that
Rhinoceros horn
gray powder is or why so many men are paying so much for it.

TholtTholt walked into town feeling more at home. Travelling on the road wasnt for him. Too much uncertainty, no steady source of food, and walking was just... boring. The week he traveled as a merchant's guard wasnt bad, though. At least he got to ride in the cart. But in a town, now he felt more at home.

The main square was extremely busy, the streets crowded with people going about their business. Tholt adjusted the pack on his back, swinging it around to carry instead. Just his luck and someone would take a reach or two inside and see what there was to take. Hopefully the two handles sticking out, clearly indicating some sort of weapon, would dissuade anyone from trying.

Few people he notices stand out, but there are some things that stick out in his mind. There seem to be a lot of guards, both in uniform and mingling with the crowd. That means either the place is extremely wealthy, that there is a lot of crime, or both. The other thing that stuck out was the two people talking to each other. One was some sort of nobleman dandy, dressed in gaudy purple and with some ridiculous hat on. Hips cocked to the side so everyone notices the sword he keeps playing with. The other was a young elf. Young, meaning she was probably three times his age. But she had a wolf with her.

Tholt had gone on a number of wolf hunts, it came with the job. This was no rat dog, or cute noblewoman's toy. There were stories of elves and strange people that had unnatural bonds with animals. Tholt didnt give them much thought, at least, not before.

Tholt noticed a small shop selling bread and pastries that seemed busy. He gave a half-hearted attempt at negotiating for a snack, keeping an eye on what was going on. Might be a chance at a job if he noticed something out of the ordinary. Money was getting a bit tight.

Heh! I made fun of Skeeve before reading past your description, and I noticed you made fun of him the same way.

Skeeve Plowse, Dashing Adventurer

Skeeve can't help but laugh a little, even as he responds to his conversational partner, unaware that his magnificent hat is being admired from afar by the inconspicuous Tholt. "Well, Miss Angharad, if I recognize what you're pointing out there, scuttlebutt says that it's part of a ritual that can... shall we say, 'increase one's potency', to turn a euphemism..." Still chuckling a little, he adds, "From what I understand, it's all a load of faerie tales. More of a confidence booster if anything else, as I don't believe there's any actual magic to this ritual."

Coloring slightly, he coughs once and adds, "Not that I've ever felt the need to look into it, anyway."
Never let it be said that I take myself too seriously, CamS. Besides, everybody gotta recognize the hat.

After the half-orc women scurries off, Mijad takes his time finishing his sweet roll while he looks around the square at its inhabitants. Having seen nothing of any consequence, he decides the time has come to to visit the Coliseum. He stands up from leaning against the wall, and begins upon the path leading to the coliseum.

As he leaves the square, the guards pay little heed to him at the checkpoint, and he quickly works his way through the crowds of people moving to the streets. The closer he gets to the coliseum he can hear the roar of the crowd and the occasional clashing of steel. His anticipation of the coming spectacle grows.

Tholt continues looking around, just taking in the feel of the new city. The people seem friendly to each other, for the most part. The town is large enough, unlike his home, that constant introductions are required, and the haggling gets fierce. There was something to be said of a small market, where everyone knew what the price should be, and took more time talking than haggling. Sounds of steel ringing on steel, unmistakable in nature, drifted in from nearby. Training ground, maybe. Might be a good chance to practice...

The fop and the strange elf continued talking. Tholt chuckled as the woman pointed at some silly powder. A friend of his tried that once, expensive stuff. A merchant brought it from far away, he said, and charged him some outrageous amount. It definitely did nothing to help the man's... issue. As he continued watching, an urge crept in. He was curious about that wolf, and the elf wasnt terrible looking either.

Tholt took a deep breath, wished he had a little liquid courage to help out, and walked slowly to the pair. He gave a little cough, and tried to make some noise walking to get their attention. Erm, hello. I, err, dont normally go up to strangers, but it seems as if that makes two of us newly in town. I, um, had to ask about your, uh, pet. He tried to keep a look into the woman's eye, but struggled at times as the words came out haltingly. He took a glance at the man, who was smirking as Tholt stuttered his sentence out. And, good sir, I dont know if you're shopping for that, um, particular item. I've heard told their might be other, uh, cures for what ails you. He stops, and waits to see how the man reacts. Oh. Name's Tholt. Pleasure.
And dont worry, it happens to lots of guys.

Angharad furrows her brow as she considers what young Plowse meant by potency. After a moment, realization dawns and she raises her eyebrows at him. "I know of a tea that can be made out of snakewood bark that may have the same effect, but it's only older men that can afford it....or need it really."

Another man come up complimenting Coli. She glances down at him and he wags his tail at her smugly. She looks toward Tholt and responds, "I was uncertain whether we would be too noticeable in town and it seems I was correct. What do you want to know about him? "

Skeeve Plowse, Dashing Adventurer

Still flushing lightly, Skeeve chuckles a little at Angharad's explanation. "Well, it's a problem with many solutions, I'm sure, and no doubt with many in search for a cure, Miss Angharad."

Tholt's approach gives him pause, for just a moment, but he rallies rather gamely, and offers his hand to the man. "Oh, I'm sure there are, Mister Tholt. My name is Skeeve, and this is Miss Angharad. It's nice to make your acquaintance."

Ma'am, he might not be that noticeable to the city folk here. Out in the country, though, I had some... um, experience with his kind. Country lords feel its their duty to hunt wolves. Shame, really, as the creatures hunt mostly rodents. Tholt realizes after he finishes speaking that he may have offended the woman. Clearly the animal meant a lot to her. Inside he cursed himself for his comments.

Erm, excuse me if I said something offensive, sometimes I speak before thinking. Mr. Skeeve, a pleasure to meet you. Are you from here or visiting as well? Tholt shakes the man's hand, a little surprised by the fact he seems more approachable than his dress would indicate.

With Wellin, Atesin, and Mirela accompanying him, Misha enters the town square. Even in his limited field of 'vision,' there are far more people here than there were in their previous location. His sensitive ears also pick up a great amount of chatter from the darkness that stretches beyond his mental sight.

When he speaks, his tone gives away how uneasy he is. "I don't like to go here. It can get very confusing with so many people. The shopkeepers are nice, and I know several of them from buying food with Cale. But we have to stay very close, or I will be lost amongst the crowd." Misha leaves out the fact that usually he held Cale's hand to ensure they were not separated. It might make sense to them with his disability, but it might also make him seem pathetic in their eyes. Though he has just met Wellin and these two women, he does not want to them to have such opinions of him.

Moving into this commercial center of the city, Wellin walks to the right and slightly behind the blindfolded Misha. The human allows himself the liberty to look around and take in the sights. While the buildings and architecture have some sources of curious interest to him, it is the people who make a bigger impact. Already knowing that the local authorities will be of no help in looking for the missing friend of Misha, the man eyes for signs of Cale himself as well as attempting to judge who may or may not be of help.

With a reassuring chuckle, Wellin gives a single pat to the shoulder opposite to where Atesin had previously clapped Misha. "Do not fear. Even if you do lose us, we won't lose you. Now where is this place that you and your friend frequented?"


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