Roaming the Streets (Pre-game)


Wellin spends only an instant's time on the amusing consideration of having a blind man be his guide in Parthacia. He's heard stranger tales, and at the very least would be a good one for him to tell in his own time. Nonetheless there are other issues to see to first. "Describe him then. The odds that I might have seen him are small, but perhaps we might look for him."

Misha nods at once, relieved that the man has not gotten impatient with him yet. He then begins to describe his friend to the man. "His name is Cale. He is over five and a half feet tall with short black hair and green eyes. His usual clothing is a long-sleeved green shirt, brown pants, and a ragged cloak. He also has a red headband and carries a halberd most of the time. Does that sound familiar at all?"

"Well." The other man replies, his facial features displaying some surprise yet again. "That is indeed a precise description." Wellin raises one hand to his clean-shaven chin to consider a moment before shaking his head in the negative. "Cannot however say that anyone of that description stands out in my head. You, umm have looked in the usual places you would think to find him I would guess?" Once more he is a bit off-balance with this blindfolded Misha. A blind man with such a detailed description? Perhaps he is one of those false beggars who only pretend? Daggermark has it's fair share of such types, but they always had a different 'feel' to them.

Though Misha had expected such an answer, he is still a bit disappointed. He answers in a softer tone, "There aren't many places he goes without me. I have gone to them with no results. I have no idea where else to look. I was going to start asking people on the streets today. But... ah..." He pauses with an embarrassed expression before finishing with, "It's... I... I have a hard time initiating conversations. So I'm glad you came over to me."

Allowing a moment to look out over the street and the people moving about there, Wellin is already keeping an eye out for a man matching the description Misha had given, despite the nearly zero chance of spotting the man so easily. Offering an absent shrug, the well-dressed human looks back to this new person he's met. "You did well enough initiating from what I can tell. You were looking for aid, asked, and found it even if it was not quite as helpful as you'd hoped." Wellin shifts upon his feet then, looking about once more and head tilting just a little in thought before he opens up once more. "Well then Misha, if he is not where you expect perhaps he will be in some places you would not? In any case I suppose I could use a guide of some form. Perhaps if you were to show me around the city some we might simply run into your friend by happenstance. I will pay for the service of course." Proposal made, Wellin half-turns to face Misha side-long while he waits for the other man's reply. A blind guide, that will be a tale at the very least.

His words bring relief to Misha. It seemed this encounter would not be in vain. Having someone to help him search was a great blessing. At the offer for payment, he hurriedly shakes his head. "Oh, no, that's really not necessary. Your help in finding my friend is more than enough. I'm very grateful for the assistance." He smiles at the man while saying, "Where would you like to go, Mister Wellin? Does anything appeal to you at the moment?"

"Just Wellin, will be fine. I do appreciate your manners. Now hmmmm." Wellin thinks again for a moment, bringing a hand to his chin and tapping a finger against it as he considers the options. "Well now being so new here, I don't really know what might appeal to me. Simply knowing my way around would be of great help. So how about a tour? This way we can cover a good deal of the city so I can learn the layout and where things are, and we can keep an eye out for your friend. Start toward the seawall side first perhaps?" Offering a place to 'start' might help as well. Oh certainly Wellin had seen the sea, he came in that way after all. It would nonetheless make a good starting point for his learning of the city and covering the search perhaps. There will be time enough to slip some modest payment into Misha's hands along the way despite the denial that such is needed, he is sure.

"Gods be damned, how did I end up hear?"

Mirela sighed deeply as she stared glumly down the busy streets of Parthacia, the city she had fled too in her haste to get out of Korvosa. Parthacia wasn't so bad in of itself, and in reality it was a much cleaner and safer place than the capitol of Varisia. Nevertheless, the young entertainer found herself wondering about the friends and family she had left behind, and began to question whether she had over reacted by coming to this place. Is my life really in that much danger?

Mirela's train of thought was interrupted by a grumbling emanating from her stomach. Reflexively gripping her abdomen, Mirela suddenly remembered that she hadn't eaten in sometime. Reaching into her backpack, she fished out her change purse only to discover that only a few coins remained. There was enough for a few days of shelter at a modest inn, and enough for food and drink for at least a few days, but soon enough she would have to find a source of income. There would be time enough to worry about that later, the girl had to eat.

Approaching a nearby vendor, a dour stocky middle aged man with a receding hairline smiled warmly and nodded hello. Quickly she diverted her attention to the hand written menu on his stall, and after some contemplation said "Mmm... I think I'll try some bread, and maybe some of that salted pork." Having such a pretty young customer clearly had brightened the dour little man's day, as gave her a very generous portion of each. Handing over a few copper coins, Mirela winked at the vender in appreciation of the gesture.

Turning away from the vender, Mirela took in the crowd walking amongst the street. Most people seemed to be going about the business, and nobody particularly stood out, except a wealthy well dressed man speaking to a blind man cross the street. With a mouthful a food, Mirela uncouthly mumbles "Hmph.... there's something you don't see every day."

"I rarely go by the seawall side, but I still know it well enough to start at," Misha says with a nod. "A lot of people enjoy it for the view it gives, to my understanding. It does provide a good reference point as you said." Misha gestures to the road they will be taking. "This way. We should arrive there in a few minutes." He starts toward the location Wellin asked about if the man chooses to follow. As they go, Misha keeps close to him and constantly turns his head toward him. He does not want to take any chances of losing Wellin in the crowd. Should the man go past the limits of his mental vision-which, from testing with Cale, is about thirty feet-then it would be difficult to find him again.

Stepping off alongside the 'blind' Misha, Wellin is given cause again to question the other man's assumed visual handicap. Even so he remains quiet about it for just now, one can sometimes learn more by observing than even asking directly. "Indeed, if you do not often go there perhaps your friend Cale will be found? Hard to know till we've checked hmm?" The pair move on then, with Wellin's attention split between watching how Misha moves between the people and scanning those people for signs of someone matching the description of Cale. Among those others, the well-dressed human takes note of a woman snacking upon some food while watching himself and Misha. Nonetheless she is not cause to divert one's course and he continues to follow his new acquaintance to see more of the city and search for a missing man. "The sea wall is a favored place for sightseers then? Sounds like a place to set up a tavern or two and draw in business."


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