Roaming the Streets (Pre-game)

As the woman is too far from Misha to 'see', he does not even know she is present. He responds to Wellin while walking. "It's one of the first places that visitors tend to go. That's what I have heard, at least. There are several taverns in this city. A lot of them are lined up along the wall, as you indicated. Some advertise themselves as having teh sea easily visible from the windows." He looks a bit sheepish as he adds, "I have never been in a tavern, so I cannot say for certain. It is not a place Cale or I ever needed to go. If he is in one, I will be surprised. It would be preferable than not knowing where he is, though."

Soon they arrive at the wall Misha mentioned. The pathway leads up, and after a somewhat steep climb, they arrive at the top of the structure. From there the sea is visible in all its glory, along with the many ships that are leaving and arriving. Misha is not aware of any of this; he can only tell that the wall's edge is nearby and that he should not approach it too closely.

After sometime, Majid stands up from leaning against the wall, and gives a quick look to his surroundings before continuing on his patrol. With a last look he bids farewell to the view of the ocean and heads toward the
He is heading past Misha and Wellin, feel free to stop him. Misha, being from the city, would most likely recognize him as the Warden of the city
way down from the walls, back into the old city.

As he heads down into the old city, the air sours as the musk of the inhabitants comes over him and the smell of the ocean a distant memory. He keeps his eye keen for anything out of the ordinary, though the day seems to harbor nothing as of yet. As he continues walking deeper into the city a few of the rabble, obviously just fresh from the many taverns, yell out at him "Majid! Majid! Where art thou mount moral! Have thou come down from ye's high horse!" bursting out into laughter shortly afterword. He gives them no heed and continues on his way.

Majid has never enjoyed the old city, the scum and the leaches take refuge here, hidden among the few citizens within the old city who wish to do good toward it.

Nodding slowly as the two young men walk along, Wellin takes in the information while he keeps his eyes open. "That's as may be, but for myself.. I came in from the sea. I can't say that I was in any hurry to go look at it more, dry land or no." The light-brown haired Wellin chuckles lightly until something catches his eye. Armor and a man within it. He is not exactly certain what bawling calls are following the dark haired man in livery marking him in the employ of the city of Parthacia, but the chances of the man being someone of authority are good. "Perhaps we might be aided by members of the watch?"

With an arm raising and a step away from his companion, Wellin attempts to gain Majid's attention. "Guardsman! You there, guardsman? Over here please sir. We've an inquiry and concern you may be able to help us with."

"A member of the watch?" Misha follows Wellin toward the man he speaks of. At getting closer, he says, "Oh! That is Majid Assaf. He is the warden of this city." Misha knew of him, but the two had never spoken before. There was never a particular reason to do so. Wellin's idea was a good one, as Majid would be familiar with various locations in the city.

Majid continues walking and upon hearing "Guardsman" he looks over, not knowing there was one in the area. As the man beckoning the guardsman repeats himself looking at Majid, he realizes the man was beckoning him. Travelers who cannot learn titles, typical , he thinks as he sighs.

He walks over and hears the blind folded one correct his companion and speaks, "Yes, the title is Warden Of the City, thank you for correcting your companion." He takes a breath before continuing "What seems to be the issue?"

It takes him a second to notice how the blindfolded one corrected the one who was not. And takes interest, taking a moment to size up the blindfolded one, eyeing him up and down.

An instant before Majid reaches their vicinity and begins to speak, Wellin is looking with a raised eyebrow at Misha. Well that was proof enough for him. Misha may be blindfolded but is clearly not blind. With a quick 'ah' of understanding to his companion's correction the wealthy-dressed tourist offers the warden a slight bow as he answers. "Warden, yes good. This citizen of your fine city is missing a friend it seems. I have some hope that you might have information upon the man's whereabouts or aid in the search. Misha?" Wellin will allow his companion to describe Cale in the same excellent detail as before, not wanting to risk missing a key descriptive element.

Misha responds in much the same way as he had to Wellin. He does not notice Wellin's slightly puzzled response to his identification of Majid. "My friend, Cale, has been missing for the past few days, and I'm very concerned for him. His height is just over five and a half feet, and he has short black hair and green eyes. He usually wears a red headband, long-sleeved green shirt, brown pants, and a torn-up cloak. He keeps a halberd as his weapon."

Majid thinks for a moment about the description he was given, and the halberd did ring a bell of a recent thug who was thrown into the city's dungeon for theft. "Pardon my bluntness but is your friend a thief? Recently one of the guard came across a thief wielding a halberd." he lets out a small chuckle "He grabbed some bread from a small vendor down here in the old city and then ran with it! Thinking he could escape into the crowd with a halberd!" He says as he begins to contain his laughter, "It did not take long for the gaurdsman to finally apprehend him, and he was promptly thrown into the dungeon, or so I have heard."

Wellin's features work a small frown as he hears the tale of someone at least similar to Cale if not the man himself. Not very smart for a thief to attempt his crimes with a halberd in hand, he hardly has need to actually say that however. "That would certainly explain why he has not been around for the last couple of days, would it not Misha? Nonetheless Warden, truly? Seems almost too remarkable to believe someone would attempt such a theft." The light-haired man's attention starts with Majid but finishes upon Misha. Troubling indeed if this young man's friend is a thief, and sadly increases the odds that he is some type of charlatan.

Misha listens to Majid's words without any signs of distress. He shakes his head shortly after Wellin's questions, not over eagerly but with enough conviction to seal the matter. "It's not him. Cale isn't a thief. He takes what odd jobs he can to support us. Usually it's physical labor, sometimes even short mercenary positions. Never robbery." His faith in Cale is so great that Misha does not even entertain the possibility of needing to go check at the jails.


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