Roaming the Streets (Pre-game)

Atesin doesn't /QUITE/ bounce, but she does move through the streets as if nearly dancing to some tune that only she can hear. Having enjoyed the most spectacular view the city had to offer, Atesin is making her way through the streets themselves to get a feel for it's people. There was a pause to help a widow with some packages, oh and another one to play a game of tag with some children - urchins likely by their manner of dress, and there was that moment she paused to help the poor drunkard get up after happening to fall through a tavern window. There were a few others willing to help there, as well. So good to see fellows helping their neighbors.

Then Atesin finds herself turning down a street, humming to herself as she walks through the light of the day.

Of course this draws her near to a gathering of three men, one apparently blind by the cloth wrapped around his eyes, then a noble-looking man, and lastly one in armor that looked to have an air of authority. That looked like an interesting gathering, and there was light splaying in the street right there, so Atesin meandered her way in that direction - she wasn't going to be rude and just interject herself randomly, but if Seranae wishes, the opportunity will present itself.

"It is likely that the one who was jailed isn't your friend, there are plenty of people carrying weapons of all varieties down here in the old city, and rightly so, the guard patrol here seldom nowadays and the city is only getting more dangerous." he says looking around at the people traversing the old city, pointing out the few that have weapons. As he continues looking at his surrondings a women across the way catches his eye, she was too well dressed to be one of the residents, and many of the better offs stay away from the old city. He beckons her over "You there, women, come here!"

Mid-bounce, Atesin stops and arches an eyebrow towards the man in the apparent guard uniform. There is a pause and she turns her head to look over her left shoulder, then her right shoulder, before looking back at the man calling to her. With a shrug that lifts her armor with a hint of clanking, Atesin makes her way to the group, dancing easily through the crowd.

Well, Seranae did provide a way, it seems.

With a flourish of her hand as she bows in a very Keleshite fashion, Atesin smiles as she straightens, even tilting her head slightly to the side as she does so. "Good day, Master ... Guardsman? Warden? Patrolman? Hmmm, I haven't quite caught what those in your uniform are called, I must admit. None the less," she offers with a wave of her hand, Atesin chuckles lightly, adding to the warmth of the sunlight. "What can I do for you and your friends here? I am all too happy to help!"

Okay, this girl must be nuts, she doesn't even know what they want yet.

Wellin watches the armored woman all-but dance into their presence, offering a slight bow as she speaks to the Warden more than anyone else though the man does speak anyway, cuing upon something the woman said. "Also new to the city? Well I thank you for coming over, good lady. Though I fear the Warden may have thought you were two before just now. It is a matter of a missing person whom we hope to find for this young man here." Wellin indicates the younger and blindfolded Misha to his side with a small hand gesture.

As the women approaches, Majid is caught off guard by her apparent spontaneity, expecting to be the one asking the questions. He shifts one of his feet back, obviously overwhelmed by the cheery lass. Wellin inquires about his colleagues missing friend, and Majid raises his hand to Wellin motioning to hold, and then interrupts him "Hold your tongue for a moment."

"Warden, the title is Warden" he says taking a brief pause, still to a degree puzzled "Might I inquire what you are doing in this district? You obviously do not live here, and this district is dangerous" he takes a brief glance at Misha, who is wearing the typical clothes of a commoner.

An eyebrow arches upwards as Atesin's head tilts now to the other side as she observes Majid. Then she flashes a smile to Wellin, before turning back to Majid. "Ah! Warden! Excellent. A very good title given your job," notes Atesin with a hint of thoughtfulness, then she smiles back at the brusque man. "I am here because I wish to be. And yes, I am new to the city, therefore, if there is a problem with my being here, I beg your forgiveness. Otherwise, I am fine on my own as I wander, fear not. The Dawnflower watches over her children."

That said, Atesin bounces on her feet, obviously in a good mood despite the apparent rudeness of the Warden in front of her. Then she looks at Wellin, before turning her attention to the blindfolded man. "I assume you are the one looking for your friend? Well, I am more than willing to help look, but anyone I have met in the city to this point, is uncertain if it was your friend. I am Atesin, by the by. Atesin Kevakib. It is certainly my pleasure to meet you."

Misha is able to 'see' the woman they speak of when she approaches. He turns his head toward her and listens to her words before bowing his head politely. "Pleased to meet you, Miss Atesin. I'm Misha. Yes, it is my friend that is being searched for." Misha proceeds to describe Cale to the newcomer.

Wellin prevents himself from chuckling, though he does not attempt to hide the amused smile. Giving a moment to look at Majid he comments in a tone befitting the smile, and a volume low enough to not interrupt Misha's description of Cale to Atesin, "You do get down to the business of things swiftly Warden, I'll give you that." With that said and Misha done with informing the other new arrival to the city, the light-haired man turns his attention back to Atesin. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance indeed lady Kevakib. My name is Wellin, hoping to aid young Misha here in discovering what has become of his companion. I know your aid in this would be well appreciated."

Mijiad responds quickly and sharply to Wellin's comment once there is a pause in the conversation "Yes, a few of us have a job to do around here, time is a commodity and must be used to its best. Do not let the facades of the calm people fool you, the city has been hurting ever since the King has gone ill." He begins to move away from the group "Now, I must go back to my patrol, I will keep an eye out for your halberd wielding friend. If you need me I will be heading toward the Market square." he looks as Misha before finally leaving the group "If you cannot find your friend within a day, ask a local gaurd for me, I will not have blind boys travelling alone in this city."

Ah... Thank you, Mister Majid. I will do that." Misha waits a long moment, until he is certain Majid is gone, and then speaks again. "I appreciate his help with finding Cale, but I do not know why he spoke of my vision now. I was alone for quite some time before meeting Cale. Perhaps he was not Warden at the time. I can't remember."

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