Roaming the Streets (Pre-game)


Only half paying attention as Majid calls over to a woman nearby, Mirela wonders quietly Is he speaking to me? Great, five minutes in the city and I've already run afoul with the law.

Finishing up hear snack, Mirela places a copper coin in the tip jar for the vender with a reflexive smile before bounding off to the interesting group of individuals gathering. Taking stock, Mirela notes that the well dressed young man and his blind companion have been joined by the guardsmen she heard call out. Approaching the group cautiously, Mirela suddenly realizes that a young Kelish woman also appeared to be responding to the call. Ah, maybe he was calling out to her. Oh well, if I turn away now I might look the suspicious. Her course set, Mirela slowly creeps up behind the group of four.

Listening to the conversation a moment before interjecting, Mirela pieces together their purpose. The Warden Majid merely doing his job by warning these folks of the danger in the area, the blind man and the wealthy young chap are on some kind of errand trying to find someone, and like herself, Lady Kevakib is new to the city. Having heard enough, Mirela approaches the group coming up beside the Kelish woman while addressing Majid in a cautious but sultry tone "Beggin' your parden sir, but you called? Or was it you were talking to this finely armed girl?" Placing some emphasis on the word 'sir', it's clear to all and sundry that Mirela harbors a low opinion of law enforcers, no doubt a product of her past dealings with the law.

As Majid moves away from the group, another women approaches the group and prevents him from returning to his patrol. He lets out a subtle sigh. He was eager to head to the market square, as soon after that he could head to the Coliseum to get a few hits in. He listens to her and responds promptly "My apologies, I was calling for this Lady here. If you have no other questions, I must be on my way."

Giving a little shrug to Misha's comments as he watches Majid head out, Wellin turns his attention back to the younger man. "Who can say? I can see why he is not in the diplomatic corps for the city's government. He says things are not safe here, I begin to see why on that too. Just as I can see that you are not really blind are you Misha? Not in the way that I would think of it anyway." With a small shake of the head and a chuckle he glances back once more in the direction Majid went, gaining more of a smirk as he does so. "Still, perhaps that young woman will give him cause to melt his rigid exterior? One never knows."

"Ah... well..." Misha's face turns a bit red as he struggles to come up with the words he needs to answer Wellin's question. It was always awkward to try and explain how his senses worked, but he owed it to Wellin for the help he was giving. After some thought, he finally settles with saying, "My eyes are useless. They haven't worked since the day I was born. But when I was eight, I began to... see. Not in the sense of seeing with my eyes. More like... images would come into my mind. With practice, I managed to do it consistently. Now I can picture everything around me. However, my vision is limited by distance. Cale helped me figure out how far I could 'see' and calculated it to be about thirty feet. So everything beyond that is darkness." Now incredibly uneasy, he murmurs, "I know it's strange. I hope... that doesn't bother you."

"Ill? The King is Ill? Well, that simply will not do!" says Atesin with conviction. She ponders for a moment, then nods to herself, focusing on Majid. "I will write to a Dervish friend of mine, his healing abilities are well noted amoung the ranks of the Dawnflower. He will help, I know he will," she offers, before she turns to the others and offers a broad smile.

"Well, we can't have missing friends," she offers brightly. "Now, what can I do to help you two?"

Wellin gives the younger Misha an understanding nod and soft chuckle. "Bother? No it does not. It does however explain much that had me puzzled earlier about you Misha. You are blessed to be able to 'see' at all in any fashion, if your eyes were not meant to serve you." The richly-clothed man finds his gaze turning toward the olive-skinned woman with a bright smile and a raised eyebrow. "Dawnflower? You are a follower of Sarenae then lady Kevakib? As fine a goddess as ever was divine. I do hope you might aid us in looking for Cale, particularly as the authorities do not seem at all concerned about it."

Wellin's reaction causes a wave of relief to spread through Misha. He gives the man a grateful smile. "I'm glad you see it that way. Most people... I prefer not to tell anyone, because they think I am unnatural at best. More often I am believed to be cursed." He goes silent at the recollection of several reactions he had received from speaking of his gift.

Standing aside with one arm outstretched as if holding a door open, Mirela smiles pleasantly as Majid passes "Aye sir, don't let me keep you then." Watching as the Warden departs, a sense of relief washes over the young girl. False alarm.

Creeping up beside the well dressed man named Wellin, a rueful grin creeps across the young girls face as she purrs "Mmm, I doubt the sun could melt that man's heart let alone little old me." Looking about the three, Mirela's eyes finally rest on the insignia of Saranae on the armoured Kelish woman. "Speaking of the sun m'lady, I couldn't help but overhear that your as new to this city as myself. Might be we can find common cause, or at least companionship in a strange place." Addressing the entire group, Mirela bows ever so slightly and finally produces a genuine smile "Mirela Malvo at your service."

"Yes, I follow Sarenae, as most call her," offers Atesin, turning as Mirela arrives. "I always welcome new friends, Mistress Malvo. And my young friend," she then offers turning back towards Wellin and specifically Misha, "The good Master here is right, you are blessed, touched even, by the light. So why would it bother any, truly?" she asks with good-natured naivete.

"Now, as to the situation at hand, Master Misha has lost his friend, and is concerned. Master Misha, if you could be so kind as to describe your friend, and explain a bit about his habits and fancies, we can begin looking, I think.

Wellin gives a nod to Atesin for her suggestion in the same motion that brings his gaze upon Mirela. "Indeed, if you might be willing to aid in the search for a young man named Cale. A missing friend of young Misha here." With the last few words he again motions lightly toward the blindfolded Misha. That done the wealthy-dressed man of perhaps twenty gives a tiny bow toward Mirela and properly introduces himself. "I am pleased to make your acquaintance, lady Malvo. I am Wellin, one of it seems several new faces in the city here, answering a request for aid." Once more a surname is avoided, though that is not too odd now is it?

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