Roaming the Streets (Pre-game)

Misha goes slightly red at being called 'Master Misha'. That was a term he found odd. However, he had his own terms of politeness for anyone else he met; perhaps this was simply another variation of it from wherever she had been raised. It would be hypocritical to ask her to stop. So all he says is, "Thank you, Miss Atesin. It's nice to meet you, Miss Mirela."

He had not expected so many people to take interest in his search. It is a vast relief to Misha. When he had first started, his worries were of nobody listening to him. To have everyone be so helpful is something he is grateful for. At the request for Cale's description, Misha provides it once again. To Atesin he adds, "Cale rarely goes off on his own unless he is working at one of his jobs. This time was a bit different. I was sick a few days ago, so he went to get food for us while I stayed behind. Usually I accompany him. He never returned, and I got worried because of that."

Stuck by the kindness of these folks met in a strange place, Mirela is filled by a sense of altruism I should help this young man, he looks as though he could use it. Turning her attention back on Wellin, Mirela nods agreeably "Of course, I can be of service. In fact, I'm pretty good at getting information out of the locals," pausing a moment, Mirela winks at the well dressed man and smiles mischievously "probably because I talk to damn much and speak too easily to strangers."

Returning her attention to the task at hand, Mirela addresses Misha with the proper respect shown to him by Atesin and Wellin "It is good to meet your acquaintance as well Master Misha." Resting one hand on hilt of her rapier and the other rubbing her chin inquisitively, Mirela continues "Master Wellin, is there any places Cale regularly haunts, a tavern perhaps, or something of the sort? Might be a good place to start."

Wellin nods once to Mirela as he replies first to her inquiry on where to start. "I believe that Misha here has just given us an answer to that question." Turning to Misha once more with a glance at Atesin along the way, the human makes a suggestion. "Perhaps that should be our first stop then, the place or places Cale would have gone in search of food for you two. While we may not find him there directly, we may at least discover if he was seen in those places and where he might have gone from there. What do you think?" There he waits for any further comment from, well anyone.

At yet another person using the term 'Master', Misha once again finds himself quite embarrassed. He tries to ignore those feelings as he speaks. "He usually buys food from the town square. There are a lot of vendors there. If nothing else, I can at least show you that part of town."

Atesin considers a moment, before smiling more broadly. "Well, that sounds like the best course of action, then!" she chimes with delight. "We will find your friend, fear not, Master Misha," says Atesin trying to clap a hand on the young blind-folded man's shoulder. "There is, no doubt, a good reason for his delay. Come, let us find your missing friend!"

"Good! Then let us go, and see if we cannot find some success in the search." With that Wellin awaits Misha's lead to head the small group on toward the town square. Taking a step back to ensure the younger male has room to head them off in the right direction.

"Ah, yes. It's this way." Misha turns to lead the way to the town square. He goes at a pace that ensures he will not lose track of the three people with him. Since there are more crowds in the square, his careful actions are made for keeping them together. More likely than not one of them could find him if he got separated, but it is still not something he wants to risk.

Tanner Fletcher Smith stumbles out of the tavern, one "Maidens First Gasp", as told by the sign, a rude and vulgar sign that did the model posing for the picture no justice. Tanner stumbled only because the bouncer applied more force than was really necessary, although Tanner, having seen a certain amount of cudgel force applied first hand, would have ranked the force of this ejection as "Medium".

"Get out of here you drunken sot!" yelled the leather garbed man, stopping the double doors before they swung back into his belly. Tanner's own belly jiggled as he tumbled one end over the other into street dust, thankfully the rainy season was not yet cascading over the city, his pouches making their own jangle and clinks to accompany the belly movement. Tanner pointed back over his shoulder, which was supine, but the motion was accurate, "You sire are very rude and I had only the best intentions towards her honor and to know she was married (happily, I may add) was beyond my abilities. We had only met." Tanner attempted to say. The Bouncer heard not a piece, as he had gone back inside and quickly threw out Tanner's backpack, it too clattering to a stop next to the halfling.

Tanner stands up dusting off his coat, and wobbles slightly to the left, and begins to button his coat. He is mostly successful in this and in strapping on his pack. The next tavern, they'll see the genius in my brandy / peach cordial blend... Perhaps the proof is too high... let me check... Tanner grabs at one of many flasks from his pack and takes a quick nip before trudging down the road towards the center of town.

[Moved to Market]

Lamiron took a deep breath as he rounded the corner and the sea finally came into view. He walked briskly to the low stone wall and leaned over it, gazing across the endless sea. Lamiron loved the stone walls and ancient tomes of the university, but every now and again he just had to get out of the cramped halls between writing lectures and reading essays.

Pushing back from the wall, the elf continued his leisurely stroll along the promenade.

[Coming from the Market]

Tanner walks down the promenade with a purpose, his short stride purposeful even with the occasional misplaced steps. In one hand he holds a small magnifying glass and another a shaft of wheat. He mumbles to himself and glances between his steps at the magnifying glass, swinging his hands and body to try and find better light causing his packs to sway back and forth.

As the Halfing pulled abreast of a small alley between two warehouses a rough looking human youth purposely stepped out, directly into Tanner's patch and the Halfling bounced off the large human without even causing the youth to rock back.
"Oooof..." Tanner said falling back onto his butt, the magnifying glass and piece of wheat falling from his hands to clatter or float to the sidewalk, "Pardon me I... I... I've got a meeting to attend and wasn't watching where I was going." Tanner said, shading his eyes with his hand looking up into the sun at the young man, groping towards the magnifying glass with his other hand... "Oy then, stumbler. I can see that. What's in your bag?" The youth replies to which Tanner thoughtlessly answers, "Oh, two bottles of Apple Rum, two quarts of Sweet Dream Cordial, 5 different beer flasks... a handful of apples... some... spices...", Tanner stammers off, seeing the glint of steel in the young man's hand.

"Excellent little thing. Just step into my office here and we can take a proper inventory." The youth said, stepping to the right, foot crunching down on the fragile magnifying glass and hedging Tanner into the alleyway. Tanner's eyes got wide as the mugging started to sink in. His face went from it's normal placid drunk look to a grim angry in a moment. "Young man we'll do no such thing this tasting is for the Sword and Axe Tavern...." Tanner said scooting backwards on his butt as the young man loomed forward.

Tanner reach into his pouch grabbing two small clay containers. The first he hurled against the wall near the Thug's head. "Oi, you missed you little AAWEEEE!!" Screamed the would be mugger as Tanner threw the second vial into the same spot, mixing the two volatile new brews in an instant. Shards of clay and a bright flash shot off the wall straight into his face. He stumbled back into the other wall and started to crouch forward clutching his face when Tanner swung a small sized wine bottle into his face as he raised up slightly, shattering the bottle and scoring the face of the mugger.

Tanner rolled over and dashed down the alley thinking oh gods oh gods oh gods oh gods before colliding with the fist of the another dark shape, as two more men stepped out of shadows farther down the alley. Tanner folded up on the ground as the first youth picked himself up shaking fine tasting Apple Rum from his bleeding face, picking up his knife and striding into the alley, "Now you've done it governor, now you've given me the excuse I wanted..."

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