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Hola - new to MW, old hat at RPG/pbem

Hola - new to MW, old hat at RPG/pbem


Just dropping by to say hello. I've been recruited by Groqx to play in his Age of Heroes M&M campaign. I'm 44, been gaming since 14, started with basic D&D, have tried many varied and interesting gaming systems, Found PBEM back when the Global Guardians shared universe was in it's hey day, have played and GM'd in several private pbem campaigns as well as at the Uber-world and NextgenRPG sites.

I prefer the Supers type games, but have been known to dabble in urban fantasy, space opera, and fantasy campaigns.

Hey Darren44 (what happens when you hit 45 ???),

By joining a friends game on MW, you'll have someone to help you learn the ropes (MW tools available). Don't be bashful in joining more then one game at a time

Good luck and welcome to MW,


Originally Posted by noobiegameplayer View Post
Hey Darren44 (what happens when you hit 45 ???)
His gaming license expires. I just paid extra and got one that is good for life.

lol. thanks.. I forgot to buy the extension. (sigh) Guess I'll have to pay extra when I renew!

AS for more than one game, It's a time issue right now but Ive been watching the ads, so if I see something that grabs my interest, I'll be submitting.

... of course, you can always ask the Moderators to rename your account when you next have your burfday ... shhhh!!!

Actually I'm not going to have any more burfdays... I'm locking my age down. Its all the exposure to the extradimensional energies generated by cellphones, televions and microwaves, they've slowed down my cellular degeneration. I'll be 44 forever!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA

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