Now that we're on the hardest of the fights...

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Which of these have you already played in?
#17 - Perils of the Pirate Pact 1 16.67%
#24 - Decline of Glory 1 16.67%
#43 - Pallid Plague 2 33.33%
I'm good for any of these 3 50.00%

Sure, but Tal is a TWF so he could get potentially do 8d6 in one round of combat while flanking with Aukan. That kind of makes me warm and fuzzy when I think about.

I must have been mistaken.

I'd say that this adventure is decidedly harder than any of the others I listed above, with the exception of one scene from one of them, maybe. The harpies are tough and this ghast is crazy tough, as you're seeing now.

The other option would be the other Tier 3 from season 4 but I'd imagine it'll be hard like this one as this season's outings are scaled for 6 PCs with special allowances for smaller groups (1 or 2 less mooks for instance in a given fight).

This reminds me of the 3-13 module. The sinspawn were pretty easy pickin's, then they hit you with a BBEG that seems ridiculously over the top: A level 6 Ghast Cleric with ability scores 17 or higher...getting +12 to hit, three attacks, and +8 on damage per attack and paralyze/disease rolls for each attack? lmao.

Admittedly, though, I think we're understaffed for this mission. If we were all level 3, we'd probably withstand 1 or two round of attacks and hopefully we'd be able to do 64 points of damage with three guys in melee. But it looks like we're only going to get two melee attacks and we're running for our lives. Also, if we had a level 3 caster, divine or arcane, it would probably even the odds some.

The reality about PFRPG / 3.5 is you have to get the rolls. Had Ransom been missed, he adds another 4d6 worth of damage. That's about 14 points...puts the creature down to 23 and very kill-able in one round. Alternatively, if I could have hit a couple of more times, the creature would probably be in the low 20's.

Originally Posted by Greycloak View Post
Odin, did you vote for Pirates? I meant that to be a vote for which scenarios you have played already (i.e. which you can't play in).

I'm an idiot. I haven't played pirates, but I have played Pallid Plague.

Ehh, I don't know. Consier the yeti at the end of 3-09, even at first tier is was about the same accuracy, two attacks instead of three though iirc. It's not got much less output at all. Definately a lower AC though.. the cold aura versus touch spells cancels each other out as well. Granted, this is the first Season 4 game I've played in.


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