General House Rules

General House Rules

This thread will be the depository of the House Rules in General for once the game is truly underway.

Only non-evil alignments are allowed to PCs. Additionally, player vs. player actions (one PC attacking another) will not be allowed without DM approval and a very good reason. Strongly encouraging against Chaotic Neutral as well.
Note: In the event an evil campaign is being used, the alignment restrictions will be waived.

Crafting of any items (mundane, MW or magical) is changed to fluff only.
<Modified to be allowed at full cost instead of 1/2>

Characters may select feats from the allowed sources excepting those disallowed as listed below:
  • All Item Creation feats <Now Allowed>
  • Cooperative Crafting <Still not allowed>
  • Antagonize (from Ultimate Magic)
  • All feats related to Spellblights (UM)
  • All feats related to Words of Power (UM)
  • Grit feats or feats related to Firearms (from Ultimate Combat)
  • Leadership Feat

Classes that gain item creation feats as bonus feats will have them replaced with a different option. See the Class section for details.

Racial Adjustments:
Gnomes: The 'Obsessive' racial trait gives a +2 racial bonus on one of the following skills:
Appraise, Bluff, Craft, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Linguistics, Profession, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device

Class Adjustments:
The following class modifications are to be made:
  • Alchemist: Lose the 'Brew Potion' class ability and gain the 'Extra Bombs' feat.
    - Exception for Vivisectionist: Alchemists with the Vivisectionist archetype gain the 'Bleeding Attack' Rogue Talent in place of 'Brew Potion'. <Optional>
    - Alchemists will be allowed to create Alchemical Items & Poisons as written in their class description (specifically 'Instant Alchemy'), but they must pay full price as though they were purchasing the item.
  • Antipaladin: This class is not available for play.
  • Cavalier: 'Expert Trainer' class ability is modified. For 'Expert Handler', the cavalier receives a bonus equal to 1/2 his cavalier level whenever he uses Handle Animal on an animal that serves as a mount.
  • Cleric: The 'Leadership' and 'Nobility' domains replace the 'Leadership' feat at 8th level for the following ability:
    When a cleric prepares his spells for the day, he may also choose to endow his companions with superior skill. For each 4 levels a cleric possesses, he may grant 1 companion a +2 morale bonus to all skill rolls linked to a chosen ability (Strength, Dexterity, etc.) for 24 hours. The chosen ability is selected by the cleric and need not be the same for all companions affected by this power, although once chosen it cannot be changed until the following day. The cleric cannot target himself with this power. At 20th level, the bonus increases to +4.
  • Witch: Lose access to the 'Cauldron' hex. <Optional>
  • Wizard: Lose 'Scribe Scroll' bonus feat and gain the 'Spell Focus' feat for a school of their choice.
    Also wizards are not required to begin with all cantrips in their spellbooks (but may do so if they wish, of course).

These traits are not allowed either, despite being from an approved source:
- Hedge Magician
- Natural Born Leader

Standards for Posting:
When posting speech IC, please always use Quotation marks("), Bold for normal speech, non-bold for whispering, italics only for thoughts with single quotation marks('). Please use the "z" at the end of dice rolls and do not use OOC Mouseovers. All mechanics (dice rolls and actions) should be included into a single Spoiler Block.

For combat, I will be using
Group Initiatives helps keep flow going when people can only post once per day. It means that if you are not waiting on results from other players actions or delaying until after someone else takes their turn, a round of combat can be posted in 24-36 hours and we can realistically complete 3-4 rounds of combat in a week. In PbP this is good.
Group Initiative being rolled by the DM. When it is the players turn, their actions will be resolved in posted order unless there are OOC notes specifying to delay until after any player.

There is also a 72 hour limit RL during the players' round before I reserve the right to NPC lagging players.

Someone is bound to think that they don't need to invest in bonuses for initiative then. Not true.
1. DM rolls Initiative for every participant individually (even each monster individually).
2. Then averages each side for the order between good guys and bad. So high initiative helps your side.
3. However, then I will check for any individual Initiative rolls on the losing side that beat all of the winning side's rolls. If that applies, then those characters (and only them) get to act first in a pre-Round 1 and then they go again when their losing side goes during second half of Round 1.

So that Rogue or Wizard with Improved Initiative helps his side win, but if his/her side loses yet they still beat the other side individually, they still get to go first.

Combat Posts:
Use a spoiler block to post actions and tailored mini-stats block for conditions of your character when in combat. Examples below:

You can manually adjust this template:

Or modify the Character Sheet's Statistic block to provide it. So you only need the [sb=free][/sb] BBCode.

Meta-game Knowledge:
I will often be providing opponent ACs and HPs, please do not use this to meta-game your actions. The whole point of providing this information is so the players will know if they hit and/or kill. This is so they do not hold up the game to wait on a DM update. That is a BIG plus in PbP.

Additionally, the players can actually write their own combat results into their posts as well. It saves the DM work on their updates as the DM focuses on updating his notes for the players' results, then writes the bad guys actions only.

DM Dice Rolls:
I will be using my purple DM dice at home, not the Myth-Weavers roller.

Leveling Up:
If your character gets enough XP to level up they may do so immediately. This grants the extra HP, but does not heal damage, and grants any additional spell slots, but not spells prepared. A caster capable of spontaneously casting could use these slots normally, a cleric could only use them for cure or inflict spells, a druid for summon nature's ally, etc... Prepared casters may prepare spells in these slots as if they had left the slots blank for the day, when they are able to do so. They can go through the appropriate spell preparation as if they had already rested if applicable.
Max HP at Level 1, Max HP-2 for levels after that.

Character death:
Should your character die, the player gets to make new character with 2/3 the experience of the dead one if only 1st level. Even if they die in their first encounter, they will still receive a share of the experience so their new character will not start at zero.

From Second level and beyond, their new character will lose 100XP*CL*CL in XP, this may or may not cost a level.

Armor Resizing:
Medium characters can start using medium armor that is obtained from loot/treasure right away without needing to spend money or time resizing it. However, armor that is for other sized creatures (small or large) cannot be sized to fit medium characters or vice versa. Also armor made for creatures that are not bipedal cannot be used for humanoid shaped creatures either.

Purchasing Items:
Buying most items from the source books between adventures is allowed. Masterwork items and using special materials can be commissioned without worry. The exception on items is magical items valued at more than 300gp, then the player should roll against 75% availability. Much of this can be done OOC. Crafting/commissioning items by NPCs is possible when failing roll for availability, subject to DM approval (probably will allow a re-roll after some time).

However, during urban adventures the DM has approval authority of all purchases until completion the current series of encounters, based on the events and balance of things planned.

In an effort to move along the pace of level advancement in PbP, I will use Fast Progression. Also for each real-time day of adventuring there will be time based awards. These will be awarded at certain intervals throughout the campaign.

Time Based XP [TBX]:
Level 01: 07 xp
Level 02: 11 xp
Level 03: 15 xp
Level 04: 22 xp
Level 05: 28 xp
Level 06: 44 xp
Level 07: 61 xp
Level 08: 89 xp
Level 09: 116 xp
Level 10: 188 xp
Level 11: 222 xp
Level 12: 361 xp
Level 13: 472 xp
Level 14: 722 xp
Level 15: 972 xp

The treasure awards based on time might not always be awarded, depending on actual treasure awards for encounters. This chart is used to keep things balanced when necessary so character wealth matches level as things progress.

Time Based Gold [TBG]:
Level 01: 06 gp
Level 02: 11 gp
Level 03: 17 gp
Level 04: 25 gp
Level 05: 31 gp
Level 06: 42 gp
Level 07: 53 gp
Level 08: 72 gp
Level 09: 89 gp
Level 10: 111 gp
Level 11: 144 gp
Level 12: 178 gp
Level 13: 250 gp
Level 14: 306 gp
Level 15: 417 gp

Handing off items in Combat:

If a character wishes to hand an item to another character in combat, the action will Cost a Move Action for one or the other of the two Characters. The other can use a Free Action. It is up to the players to decide who is using the Move Action.

Rules for Mariel's Blindness

Mariel ignores Blindness Effects except:
* -2 AC and is flat-footed against ranged attacks (Needs to Track separate ACs in Mini-stats)
* Perception skill checks based solely on sight automatically fails
* 25% miss chance on all attacks with Blind-fight Feat
* She cannot read printed or written text, only carved text she can touch

And the side benefits:
* She is immune to visual-only illusions, patterns, and gaze attacks

In Combat Mechanics:
1. Mariel needs to make a Perception check every round as Free Action. The DC 20 would be constant and if the environment imposes circumstance adjustments (For example, +1 due to the waves crashing on the beach being loud), the GM would provide.

1A. She can use a Move Action to make a second Perception Check if she failed the free one.

2. If Mariel's Perception check is good enough to pinpoint targets, then she knows where everyone is that round. She would recognize people she knows and foes that are hostile. If there are neutral NPCs, she might know that as well, they will sound different. So, the current map posted that round for everyone is what she knows from her Perception.

3. If Mariel is attacked an hit by a foe in melee, she pin-points the target if they have not moved again since.

4. Mariel fails to pinpoint targets that round, the following scenarios.
A. Her allies can help with verbal instructions. This can justify moving without running into things or even attacking certain squares. (See #5)
B. She was attacked and has a general idea of where it came from. (See #5)
C. She moves first and enters an occupied square. If it is a foe, she stops adjacently, gives up an AoO and pinpoints automatically. (See #3)
D. She moves and gets attacked with an AoO by moving through threatened squares without colliding. Not pinpointed target, but treated same as B if remaining adjacent. (See #5)
E. Moves into a friendly occupied square, she can keep going safely and pinpoints ally's location. That can help in narrowing down foes. (See #4)
5. Mariel learns she is adjacent to a target. From the map, DR can select the target, but Mariel will not know if the target is that square or the one to either side. Basically a 1d3 dice roll, a 2 meaning she targets the correct square. See diagram for two different options of placement:

But, if Mariel can eliminate the square containing the 1 and/or 3, that dice can drop to a 1d2 or no roll. So an ally in one square or she just moved through one of those squares, then her chances get much better. Even if she fails her Perception check.

5A. Note, ranged attacks would mean 1d9 as every adjacent square would be an option, hitting on a roll of 5 before eliminating squares.

Searching with Perception Skill

If a character goes into searching for traps mode and is going to search in more than one 5x5ft area, they can avoid adding a bunch of rolls. Particularly when being vague about exactly where they are searching because I did not provide a map.

If the player doesn't want to Take 10 or Take 20, then post this for mechanics:
"Searching Perception(+7) to beat DC XX" (XX is the target DC they want to beat)

Then, I roll on my real dice when I need to and provide results if they find any.

If they are searching something specific (like a door), then they can roll if they want. Re-roll if they don't like the result the first time. Or post like above to let me roll against the set DC the player provided. There is no penalty for re-rolling Searching.

However, Perception being applied for Spotting and Listening, the player would still need to roll when using an active skill check.

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