A01 - S01 - At the Temple Square

Rodrick had just finishes his last thin slice of cake before the thunderstone went off. He had been excited for the speech to commence and hear the recap of the last several year. Then blood curdled dog yelp, body falling from roof of temple and mass hysteria.

Rodrick felt like almost overwhelmed with the situation at hand. There too many things vying for his attention. The dog, the body off the roof of the church, the paniced crowd, and the waitress not 15 feet from her with a sadistic goblin threatening her laughing manically. To Rodrick it was clear where he needed to be. Dagger in rushed towards woman in need. Through years of practice and experience he fused a small amount of magic into the dagger causing it to faintly glow a blueish tint. Then with his left hand, he grabbed a bit of wool from his spell component pouch, muttered a few arcane words and was able to cast his
spell while swinging with his dagger just as the goblin was turning around.

Seeing the round goblin, Robin knew he had to prioritize saving the children first. Children stay back. You, Robin points at one of the older children get the others to safety as he draws his whip, racks his brain for what he knows of goblins, and begins casting a spell. With a flourish he finishes his spell and conjures the image of a powerful celestial warhorse appearing to come up from High Street to distract the goblins from the people.

NPC Combat Checks

Dice Roll: 1d20-1z
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 10)
Will Save vs Daze for Axe Goblin (10) Okay... named wrong Goblin but changing it makes the roll reroll itself so target of Daze spell failed it's roll. Ignore the typo.
Dice Roll: 1d20-1z
d20 Results: 6 (Total = 5)
Will Save vs Illusion for Fat Goblin (5)
Dice Roll: 1d20-1z
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 15)
Will Save vs Illusion for Crowd (15)
Dice Roll: 1d20-1z
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 8)
Will Save vs Illusion for Crowd (8)
Dice Roll: 1d20-1z
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 10)
Will Save vs Illusion for Crowd (10)

Dice Roll: 1d20-1z
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 0)
Axe Attack of Opportunity as Kes moves close (0)
Dice Roll: 1d6z
d6 Results: 3
Damage (It's a wood axe, not a Battle Axe) (3)
Dice Roll: 1d20-1z
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 9)
Axe Regular Attack for Goblin's turn (9) (They actually tied on Initiative)
Dice Roll: 1d6z
d6 Results: 2
Damage (It's a wood axe, not a Battle Axe) (2)

Dice Roll: 1d20+3z
d20 Results: 7 (Total = 10)
Hagfish Goblin Attack with Dogslicer (10)
Dice Roll: 1d4+1z
d4 Results: 2 (Total = 3)
Dogslicer Damage (3)
Dice Roll: 1d20+3z
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 14)
Fatty Goblin Attack with Dogslicer (14)
Dice Roll: 1d4+1z
d4 Results: 1 (Total = 2)
Dogslicer Damage (2)

Dice Roll: 1d20+5z
d20 Results: 6 (Total = 11)
Belor Spear Throw (11)
Dice Roll: 1d6z
d6 Results: 1
Spear Damage (1)

Round Two : Cue the Heroes

Originally Posted by Psylence View Post
"Hold!" Vicamros calls in the Goblin tongue. "Don't! Surely there is another way we can deal with this. I know that there must be a reason behind your doings. Let's talk this over, we don't need to result to violence, nor the destruction in this town. This destruction will only bring more, to here and to your kind. I know that the humans, and others, are not as well taken to those who look different, but there must be a way we can settle this that is best for us all."
The goblins blink in amazement as someone shouts in their language. Vicamros is successful at stopping them from their task but his words appear to have little effect on their attitude. They reply in goblin tongue.

"Ho ho! Ho ho!" Shouts out the Firestarter. "Join us! You can be my number one slave! The Mother of Monsters has sent us her Daughter!"

"She wields the power of Nightmare!" The other goblin chimes in, clambering up with his fellow to stand on the log pile.

"Her left hand is blessed by Hell!" Firestarter begins to hop in place, bouncing crazily and nearly falling down.

"Her right hand directs the Goblin Horde!" Woodchucker dances with his fellow.

"She leads us to victory!" Both goblins chant together, their eyes wide and almost bugging out with religious fervor. "All humans will be food! All goblinkind will join us! The mighty prisoner will be free! Join us in victory or die with the food!"

Kes leaps forwards in a furious charge, swinging for the axe wielding little snot. The goblin sees him coming and slashes wildly with the axe as the human comes in range. He spins around in a circle as the weight of the weapon almost causes him to topple over. Kes slashes with his cutlass in a murderously powerful strike but shouldering his way past the crowd seems to have cost him some of his aim and he manages to only hack a piece out of the countertop. The goblin tries to take advantage of Kes's recovery but is unable to even keep his grip on the weapon. The axe flies past Kes's head and lands somewhere behind him. The goblin, weaponless for the moment, pees himself.

Over at the Hagfish's booth, the goblin shouts, flinging drool and spittle on the terrified waitress. Rodrick empowers his weapon and casts a spell that causes the goblin to stagger. And though the little beast is unable to take advantage of his coming in close, the goblin is still fast enough to duck under Rodrick's empowered dagger. It blinks and recovers, and while the waitress scrambles under the counter and out to safety, Rodrick is slashed at by the rusty but wicked looking dogslicer. Still blinking off the spell effect, the goblin misses badly.

Robin commands the children to safety as he makes mystical passes with his hands. A powerful warhorse, silver barding shining with the light of stars as lighting seems to flash from it's hooves striking the ground. It leaps over the fat goblin, turning and rearing as it's eyes seem to burn holes in the goblin's soul. A cheer from the crowd erupts as more than half the spectators fully believe that Desna has intervened to save them. The Fat goblin believes it as well and he skids to a stop and slashes with his dogslicer at the hated horse.

The children scramble behind Robin, the older ones snatching the smaller ones up and carrying them to safety. Most of the crowd nearby take heart from the illusion and begin to strike back at the tiny terrors in their midst. There is some cries of pain as the goblins are better armed than most and viciously motivated. But there are a few squeals of anguish as men move to protect the women and children and at least one goblin is kicked to death.

All around the square there are signs that the festival crowd is recovering and trying to fight back. Pockets of defense occur as townsfolk turn on the goblins. Up on the stage, Mayor Deverin orders her guardians away to protect the crowd as she moves to the Temple doors and holds them open for those who wish to reach safety. Her
Mistakenly ID'd as husband last time because your GM forgot she was a widow
son joins the guardsmen in stepping up to defend the doors as civilians rush past.

Old man Scarnetti steps up and assists Father Zantus; lifting the wounded girl and hauling her back to the temple while the cleric continues to pray for her health. Scarnetti's oldest son along with the other folks on the stage, begin reaching down and helping people up out of the crowd so they can get into the temple. Sheriff Hemlock grabs up one of the pennant staves lining the stage and strips off it's flag. With the festival decoration now made into a makeshift spear, he hurls it at the capering goblin on the rooftop. The improvised weapon is unbalanced however, and the attack misses it's mark.

The only person up on the stage that still seems dazed is old Lonjiku Kaijitsu, who stumbles with fear and falls to his knees beside the pool of blood from the wounded acolyte.

Vicamros You can choose your distance from the goblins, they are currently unafraid of you and will let you move close. Moving close enough to attack them without a reach weapon does put you on unstable footing.

Kes You have a weaponless goblin in front of you. Since you both tied for Initiative, we are going to do a roll off and see if you can beat him on Initiative. If he wins, he is going into Total Defense mode as he scrambles away.
Dice Roll: 1d20+6z
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 9)
Goblin Init (9) If you win, you get your attack in before he goes defensive and then you will get an Attack of Opportunity as he dives under the counter. If you lose, you only get the Attack of Opportunity and he will be in Total Defense Mode.

Rodrick Goblin won initiative over you and has completed his next action. Your turn. He is undazed and unflanked.

Robin Fat Goblin believes the illusion completely, at this moment. His slash was true enough to have connected (interacted with illusion) but his save was bad enough that he is going to continue to believe. You have
And about half the crowd
him completely fooled for the moment but it probably won't last long since there is no sound of hooves on cobblestones and so on.

Robin & Rodrick While writing this up I have mixed up your names several times. Just saying to watch out for being called the wrong name and try to not let me confuse you. Hopefully I catch them all or at worst, call one of you the wrong name only in a situation where it is pretty clear which one of you it should be.

Vicamros Urthadar - Paladin

While other Goblins have attacked, the two nearest him seem to have stopped. In all good conscience, as much as their brethren might be attacking, Vicamros isn't willing to attack them unless they continue their attempt to set the wood ablaze. He moves closer to the one near the brazier, sacrificing his footing but taking his time in doing so. All the while, he continues to talk to the two who have currently stopped their aggressive action.

"I see." He responds back to them in the Goblin tongue. As we waits for them to finish their prayer, he picks a spot to tread upon. Once they finish he continues on himself, "You are in service to Grandmother Nightmare." His heads shakes from side-to-side.

"There still must be a way we can work this out. Humans have food and, surely, their food must taste better than the cook who prepares it." Vic says, his foot slips a bit on the wood strewn about. He catches himself before falling and continues forward to the Goblin beside the brazier, "I know we can also find a place for the Princess that Lamashtu has given you. There is space for all of us in these hard times. Stop this plan and let's see if we can't make this town better for all of us." His hand frees itself from the scimitar's pommel, letting it fall down by his side. He stays tense though, in case the 'fire goblin' decides to continue his endeavors, willing to use his shield as a weapon for the time being (If he even needs to).
Dice Roll: 1d20+7
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 26)
Diplomacy(+5 Skill, +2 Monstrous Rapport)

Robin moves within 15 ft of the fat goblin and lashes out with his whip, attempting to disarm him, and catching the goblin's weapon as it pulls back from his strike at the illusion. Drop something shorty? he says with a smirk as the goblin finds that its weapon has disappeared from its hand and is now lying on the ground at its feet.

Rodrick relaxed a bit as the waitress was able to run out to safety, however he couldn't just leave this nasty little creature to inflict more pain upon the innocent. The little goblin had yet to spill blood and he hoped to keep it this way. Rodrick thought he saw his opening as the goblin began to recover from his spell and struck out at the foul creature with his dagger.


Having brutally slain Mrs. Keester's sweets table, Kes waves a hand in apology at a lady half-visible in an upper window. "I'll pay for that!"

He quickly returns his attention to the goblin beating a hasty retreat. An expensive one on Kes's part. "Did you get that? It'll cost you!"

The heavy blade falls. Twice for good measure. Considering the goblin had disarmed itself, it becomes apparent he isn't facing a formidable opponent. Which made their boldness either deranged or disturbing. Or both. He looks about to see the knowledge doesn't go to waste. He calls out to the bard, the dagger wielder and . . . what was the half-orc in heavy armor doing?

"Something's wrong, these guys are thieves not raiders. We have to end this quick! This could be bigger than any of us!"

Dice Roll: 1d20+0z
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 16)
Goblin Charge at Robin (16)
Dice Roll: 1d20+5z
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 16)
Kestrel AoO at Goblin Girl (16)
Dice Roll: 1d6+6z
d6 Results: 5 (Total = 11)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d6+6
Original Dice: 1d6+6
Cutlass Damage (11)
Bleh. Mispelled Cutlass. Gotta remember to not correct those things. Your minimum damage is two more HP than the goblin girl had anyways.

Round Three : Goblins in Trouble

Despite the reasonable argument presented by the paladin, the goblins seem to be unimpressed. Vicamros can tell his words have no impact on the religious fever that bubbles over in the two mad little creatures as they bounce precariously upon their pile of wood.

"The town will be better when all the babies are cooked!" One of the goblins shouts back at you. He draws his dogslicer, waving it in the air as he nearly topples down the woodpile while dancing.

"The town of humans will burn! Die in flames! It is Her command!" The other goblin hefts his piece of wood like a club, slamming it into the woodpile as he foams at the mouth in excitement. "The only hard times will be for hoomans!"

"Time to decide which blood is in your heart, Ork." The dogslicer wielder gives Vicamros a canny look. "Hoomans or goblins? Which will it be? Eat or be eaten?"

The whip snatches the dogslicer from Fatty's hand, and it spins across the cobblestones almost to Robin's feet. Unarmed and faced with a glowing horse and a smarmy human, the fat goblin decides to charge. A move that might surprise the bard, since most goblins would be running in fear by such a complete turn around. Something has given these local goblins some backbone.

Moving with surprising speed for his bulk, the hefty goblin barrels into Robin, sending him stumbling back several steps. Fatty grins wickedly and fetches his dogslicer, spinning it around his head and chortling in triumph, he threatens Robin.

"First I gut you, then I strangle the fat little babies with your guts!" He gestures towards the children who are rushing around the corner of the building and out of sight.

Over at the Hagfish Outpost, Rodrick easily slashes the goblin with his blade,
In Rodrick's chosen color
eldritch flames flicker on the sword as the Magus strikes the creature down. The waitress has been pulled to safety, one of the townsmen looking at her wound while his wife rips an apron into bandages. The festival goers are taking heart and beginning to rally.

"Are you magic?" Rodrick hears a girl child ask, her eyes wide as she stares at him.

From his current vantage point, Rodrick can see a glowing celestial horse pawing and trampling at something about eighty feet to the south, but there is still quite a bit of crowd between him and whatever it happening on the ground over there. Far across the square there is still a goblin capering on the roof. No other threats are immediately evident.

For all intents and purposes, Kestrel draws and quarters the goblin that had been wielding the axe. It falls to the ground in pieces. The goblin hacking at the dog shrieks and screams obscenities at Kestrel as she charges at him stabbing viciously with her dogslicer. She only succeeds in impaling herself on the cutlass, good trick since they are not really stabbing weapons. Kestrel is left with no immediate threats to handle.

He can see a half ork standing with some goblins at the woodpile. They are more than sixty feet away, and he cannot hear what they are saying. The goblins seem to be very excited and are waving weapons around. The half ork in heavy armor appears calm but has his hand resting on the pommel of his blade. His
Or on his tabard somewhere unless Psylence insists Vicamros has no markings of his deity around anywhere
shield has the symbol of Sarenrae upon it.

The crowd is beginning to rally. Those who are too scared to move are being hauled away by those who still have their wits about them. The podium has been cleared of civilians and Sheriff Belor has spent his time getting a crossbow from somewhere. He is loading it and getting ready to take a shot at the goblin dancing on the roof.


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