A01 - S01 - At the Sawmill

The commotion (the bad kind, not the good kind) came crashing down on the festivities hard and fast like a ton of bricks. A ton of bricks in the shape of a handful of runty, green-gray, villainous little creatures known as goblins. He'd dealt with goblins before in his travels, though avoiding confrontation had always been paramount. Not so this time around, unfortunately. They were on the attack and had already managed to set something—or someone, rather—on fire, destructive little things. He didn't have much time to act as he was faced with a choice: woman on fire or goblins. The unfortunate woman appeared to have others heading in her direction, so that helped narrow things down. Still, maybe he could kill two birds with one stone...or a bird and a half with one stone, more accurately.

He rushes forward and puts himself in between the girl and the goblins, trying to stay out the reach of the tiny balls of malevolence. Thinking quickly, he reaches into his component pouch and produces a small ball of wax, which he crushes in one hand while he makes a few swift motions with the other, simultaneously vocalizing a couple of words in his own language. Within the goblins' vicinity (more specifically from a direction they're not looking in, which was kind of the point) immediately comes the sound of numerous dogs approaching and barking angrily. Of course, there were no actual dogs, but he was banking on the goblins' well-earned reputation for having all the smarts of a bag of rocks and a raging hatred for dogs.

The key thing at this time was distraction.

Grom takes a couple of steps to his coat and belt, and dons his coat for his move action. Pulling his sword and faces the goblins. RAAAHHHhhhhh time to die gobos. He raises the sword in both hand eying the stupid disgusting little filth ridden creatures. No he does not like them at all.

Noshu's eyes grow wide at the crowd and the panic. It would be difficult for even a professional soldier to quickly assess the situation in the chaos, but for the half-elf drifter who had spent four years amongst foreign cultures without ever really successfully integrating, she wasn't even sure if this was part of the festivities or not. Or what role the goblins were supposed to play. Were sado-masochistic games a part of this festival? Did the goblins just drink too much and get carried away? She lacked the context to answer these questions.

She didn't like to see another suffer though, and if she got persecuted for it she could always just ditch town. But for now she didn't want that woman to die a horrible death. She rushes forward, bounding through the crowd like a savage dog,
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 4 (Total = 10)
over shoulders and under legs. As she nears the kitchen area she seizes up a tun of dirty water used for washing dishes, using both hands as the fixture is easily forty pounds or higher.


Alleana gasped at the commotion and the sight of a girl that looked at least a little familiar to her screaming and on fire, stunned by the sudden change from the happy party mood to panic.

Whilst Alleana had trained with Shallelu, she had never been in a real fight before. Sure she had been involved in the occasional tussle when a drunk customer in a bar became too friendly, but never before had she had to fight for her life.

Especially covered in mud, grease, and half naked with no armour or weapons. She remained frozen there for a long moment before she remembered her mentors lessons. 'Keep moving. Never freeze.'

Shaking her head, Alleana nonetheless found her options limited. All she could do was to rush to the pile of planks where she had stowed her shirt and to quickly slide it over her head and slide her feet back into her boots. This might make her feel a little less exposed but it did nothing for her ability to help out at all.

Frantically she looked around. If she had to run home, then by the time she got back quite a few people might be dead. She doubted anyone would blame her for fleeing, like many were trying to do. But she would. Shallelu had taught her to fight to help protect the town not run away.

And then she spotted some things that would help. An abandoned bow someone had used for the archery contest leaning against the side of the mill, complete with a bundle of arrows. And a practice target fixed to the wall. With an old rusty shortsword!

Grabbing up the bow, Alleana took hold of the rusty sword embedded in the wooden wall with both hands and wrenched it free.

She still felt very vulnerable with no armour but at least now she could fight.

NPC Combat Checks

Dice Roll: 1d20-1
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 11)
Goblin Fry Cook
Dice Roll: 1d20-1
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 8)
Goblin Coal Chucker
Dice Roll: 1d20-1
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 0)
Goblin Log Thrower
Dice Roll: 1d20-1
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 18)
Goblin Greedy

Round Two : Goblins and Invisible Dogs

Grom shoves his way through the confused crowd, his fearsome visage and savage shouting raising their alarm. He grabs up his armor and weapons but even his strength was not enough to slam through the crowd fast enough to get him closer to the goblins.

Noshu tries a different tactic, her lithe body and elven agility making it easier to slip past the crush of humans instead of pushing them aside. But the numbers are thick and the sudden surge of bodies away from Grom's shouting means she can barely get through the press of bodies. She is unable to reach the tub of water for washing dishes.

Alleana has better luck, following Grom's wake, she easily reaches her blouse and snatches up the bow left over from the archery contests of the afternoon. It does not have the heavier pull of her own weapon, but it is certainly better than anything else. There are other weapons laying about, blades of several sorts for whittling or carving wood, but she has a choice to make. Bow or blade.

The crowd is caught by confusion and fear. Two men rush forwards to help the flaming girl but the goblins flinging fire keep them at bay. The rest of the crowd does not know which way to run, especially when a half orc suddenly bellows in their midst. More sounds of fear and confusion come from the south end, where the prize winners are being attacked by more of the gibbering little scum. People are scattering and at least one member of the judges is down and bleeding. But the goblin that made the mistake of attacking the winner of the strong man pulling is dismayed to find he has been grabbed up by the legs and is being used as a makeshift club against his fellows.

Suddenly the sound of barking and howling hounds erupts as Hukmen bravely steps between the girl and the goblins. The fire flinging goblins leap down, putting their backs to the crowd as they dive for cover from their hated furry foes. Only one of the goblins appears unconcerned over dogs attacking; the greedy goblin has his head stuck in the stew pot and cannot hear or see anything.

A Couple of Ideas

((-Le snip.-))

Combat Positioning Addendum

All of this is before any reaction from PCs and anyone already posted may adjust accordingly.

The goblins have their backs towards everyone as they look for dogs. This does not give anyone a free attack, but it does preclude them trying an attack of opportunity for someone moving in. Other creatures are smarter than goblins and may not fall for this sort of set up.

Hukmen is between the girl and the goblins. This places him from ten to fifteen feet away, depending on if he chooses to be closer to them or closer to her.

Grom & Alleana Unless one of you chooses specifically that your stuff was on the ground on the south end of the field, you are still roughly fifty feet away from the goblins. For ranged attacks, that should be fine. For hand to hand attacks, you will require a 'charge' action.

Noshu depending on where you would like your water, you can be within ten feet of the girl and fifteen feet of the goblins, or vice versa. Noshu can have the water in hand if you desire. As I said in OOC it seemed sort of cruel to put you that close but say you didn't have time to dump it on her.

Einrich please try to use your character's name at least once during your post. You use 'he' a lot and if ever there is a time when you are interacting with another male it is going to be confusing. Everyone should look at their post and decide if someone reading just that post could tell who was doing what to who.

Alleana decided that the bow was the better option. The goblins were scattered and a mellee weapon would only force her to dash all over the place.

Hopping onto a woodpile to gain height, Alleana took aim and
Dice Roll: 1d20+3z
d20 Results: 2 (Total = 5)
loosed an arrow (5) in the direction of the goblin throwing coals. unfortunately, her feet were still slick with grease and she slipped just as she released the bowstring og the unfamiliar bow, sending an arrow flying off into the air.

'Blow!' she cursed, fumbling for a new arrow.

Noshu bursts through the crowd with little regard for their personal space, tripping and flinging the masses aside in her excitement. She sees another man trying to put out the burning woman, but still can't comprehend why this is happening. She seems to have a lot of company in that regard. Intermittently amidst the noise she hears snippets of goblin song... about how they're going to kill and eat everyone. Suddenly it makes sense. She's never seen it happen before, but she's heard of it. The goblins want to destroy the town. Why is not important to her. What is important is that she's in the town and doesn't feel like burning with it.

"No," she snarls. "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! You wanna eat me, huh? I'm gonna eat you bastards right back!" Eyes darting around, the half-elf spots a huge two-handed lumber axe sticking out of a log, and rushes towards it, wrenching it out of the wood and hefting it up in both hands as she glares about in search of attackers.


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