A01 - S01 - At the Sawmill

Noshu looks behind her and in front of her, snarling in pain as her thigh is slashed open. With a start she realizes that the goblin before her has foolishly identified himself as the leader of the squad and thus a more profitable target. Maybe the last will even flee after she's hacked it down.

She thrusts the shaft her axe at her foe and then flourishes to bury the axe-head in its chest.

Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 13 (Total = 17)

Dice Roll:
d8 Results: 3 (Total = 7)

Oh, that looks painful.

Hukmen licks some of the stew off of his face after the pot lands with a thump on the ground nearby. Tasty. Unfortunately, now he had to get his garments washed again. There was little time for thinking about personal hygiene at the moment, though. Remaining behind the half-orc, who served as both remarkably convenient cover and an ace deterrent for approaching goblins (either that or they were more keen on the half-elf with the woodsman's axe who'd already beheaded one of them), he unclasps his light steel shield from his back and straps it to his left arm.

That accomplished, he makes a few motions with his right hand and speaks a few words in his native tongue, after which his hand begins to glow a dim white. "Pardon the invasion of personal space." He says before placing his hand on the half-orc's back, transferring the divine magic to him. "That should give you a bit of an edge, and the wild one looks like she could use your assistance." The samsaran explains, gesturing to Noshu, who then gives the head of her axe a new home in the chest of the goblin who had set the scullery maid aflame. Okay, seems she was doing better than he gave her immediate credit for. "I retract what I said about her needing assistance, but she probably wouldn't deny a little help." Hukmen says with a slight grimace.

Grom seeing the disadvantage of the Half naked elf girl. Face me you little RAT!, and charges to hack the goblin at Nashus back.

Alleana was growing increasingly frustrated at her own inability to focus. She had no real choice but to keep trying though. The lives of some of her townsfolk depended on it. So, trying again she
Dice Roll: 1d20+3z
d20 Results: 20 (Total = 23)
fired an arrow (23) at the goblin coal chucker.

Finally, to her delight, the arrow actually hit the goblin
Dice Roll: 1d20+3z
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 21)
right between the eyes (21)
Dice Roll: 2d8+1d6z
d8 Results: 6, 8 (Total = 15)
impaling (15) the unfortunate creature's head.

The goblin with the frying pan squawks in terror as he sees the murderous intent in Noshu's eyes. She easily swings past his clumsy attempt to use his 'shield', which might have served him better if he hadn't closed his eyes and peed himself. Noshu cleaves his head open like a smashed pumpkin.

With the empowered blessing from Hukmen giving him an extra spring in his step, Grom catches his chosen foe by surprise and the half ork chops the little goblin down without it even having a chance to try and dodge.

The last goblin, standing tall on the counter as it reached for another knife to throw, suddenly spouts an arrow in the middle of it's forehead. The body spams in a seizure, a grotesque parody of it's previous capering dance, and then it topples over to the muddy ground.

For the moment, the area is free of goblins. Sounds of chaos and strife are coming from several locations in town and the danger is far from over.

Grom moves to the north end of cooking area. Looking to see if there are anymore in view, or where they cam from. BAH come out you little blighters and dance with me. The half orc emphasizes the "me" by thumping his chest. He looks to the only person he actually knows, and calls out. Hey Alleana do you see anymore from your vantage.

Noshu looks around for more goblins, muscles twitching and eyes wild. She also seems to be keeping a nervous eye on the other combatants. When she doesn't see anything nearby, she begins scampering around nervously, center of mass low to the ground. Abruptly she begins moving towards a destination, back to the place where she left her pouch. She salvages her dagger and other belongings, but her tunic seems to be gone. Perhaps a frightened human kicked it away or a greedy goblin snatched it up. No time to ponder the mystery now, it wouldn't have been a substitute for armor anyway.

Well, that was all she wrote for the time being. There were no more goblins in sight. No living ones, anyway. This was good. However, there were still more scattered throughout the town, Hukmen would guess, gauging by the screams that had been heard and the general state of unrest the town was still in. Time to take brief stock of the situation. There weren't any majorly serious wounds amongst the civilians, save for the scullery maid, and the wild-eyed half-elf had taken a rather nasty wound to her leg. She'd been highly useful thus far, as had the half-orc, and most recently the well-placed arrow from the elf maiden. Fortunately, though, neither of them had sustained injury. So he had a choice to make here, as he knew the healing magic he was capable of was finite without sufficient rest.

In the short term, he'd choose the one who'd just decapitated a goblin and clove open the head of a second with an axe. A few spirited steps bring him over to the half-elf. The adrenaline she was probably experiencing was kept in mind as he extends a hand to her. "You're wounded. If you'll let me, I can tend to that." It might seem odd, to ask one who was injured if they wanted to be healed, but when the one who was injured was carrying a bloodied woodsman's axe, he understandably wouldn't want to risk that axe ending up anywhere in him.

Noshu looks up from where she was searching for her tunic, giving Hukmen a strange look. Having never seen anyone quite like him, she's openly fascinated to the point of being impolite. At last she seems to process what he's saying and she slings her newfound axe in the rope keeping her pants up and gives her leg a dismissive glance. "Oh that, that's nothin'." She pulls her pants sleeve up to her knee to prove her point, which reveals that the wound was rather deep. "Oh huh, guess it is somethin'. Funny how it all feels like a scratch when you're in the thick of it, y'know? So yeah... you good with poultices and herbs or somethin'? If ya don't know what you're doin' then I'd rather ya left it alone."

With a little breathing time, Alleana took the opportunity to retrieve one of the whittling blades while looking around to recover some of the arrows she had used.

Hearing Grom calling to her she says 'There's a lot of comotion in the distance but I can't make out the goblins through the taller humans. There is something very wrong here. Goblins know better than to attack human towns. Farms, maybe the odd village, but this is suicidal for them. Not only will they get themselves killed but they must know Sandpoint is going to gather a millitia to hunt them down. Something must have driven them to this.'

Picking up some arrows, Alleana concentrates for a moment and a blue shimmering smelling faintly of lavender surrounds her as the mud falls off her clothes, her face and hands and her hair, leaving her and her garments clean and fresh again.

'That's better...'

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