A01 - S01 - At the Sawmill

"Oh, potions and such I can get into when time and materials allow. In the meantime, I just rely on my natural abilities. I can assure you I know what I'm doing." Hukmen replies before crouching down in order to get at the half-elf's leg. Without the immediate threat of danger, but danger still looming, he's able to focus a bit more on the proper application of healing magic, though not as much as would prove the greatest benefit. With a few motions of his left hand and a momentary chant in his native tongue, his other hand again glows with a divine white light. Placing his hand over Noshu's wound, the energy is channeled from himself to her, and the slash in her thigh rapidly heals up in as little as a few seconds, the magic leaving no visible signs of a wound ever having been there in the first place. Save for what blood remained on her leg, of course.

"There we are, as if that blade had never touched you." He says with a satisfied smile, standing back to his full height. Had to keep his combat-skilled allies in peak fighting condition. It was always preferable that they never receive wounds in the first place, but it was a dangerous world. Harm was unfortunately inevitable.

Grom stands tall and looks towards the temple and town square. I'm going to where all da people are. I hear more fighting sounds. Dis way, hurry The last is said at a trot as he move at full move to the nearest commotion. come lets BATTLE!!

Noshu stares at Hukmen in shock, giving her leg a little pat as though trying to decipher what the trick was. Then she laughs loudly. "Well! Here we got a holy man more interested in helpin' people than makin' coin for himself! Didn't think there was such a thing, what luck!" Maybe tact is a bit lost on her, but the indirect method of signalling that she won't be paying is one of the first things the half-elf learned about subtlety. "You don't look much like the townsfolk. Hey, what's your name pal? Never know when I'll be in need of some more charity."

The sounds of strife and panic are all about. With the twisty nature of the streets and Grom's unfamiliarity with the town, he really has no way of knowing which way to go.

I have provided maps for everyone. There are even more detailed ones available on both the web and for free with the Player's Guide from Pazio's online store.

Y'all are at the sawmill, it is between the two roads coming in from the east. You are at the northern end of it. Tell me which way you wanna go. Please remember that I am actually trying to provide a moment for discussion and coordination within your clusters. And I am not planning on introducing combat again until the weekend.

"It serves everyone's best interests, especially in a situation like this, for those with demonstrated skill to keep in good health. Reward is unnecessary. Generous and not unwelcome, but unnecessary." Hukmen briefly explains, wiping some of the splotches of stew from his face and clothing. He pats off the patches of loose dirt that had accumulated on his person whilst putting out the scullery maid as Noshu speaks more, particularly asking of his name. "I am not one of the townsfolk, at least not by way of residency. The name I have given myself is Hukmen Dunir. I would go into more detail, but we are still in the midst of danger."

With the river to his back Grom looks towards the bell tower for direction for town center. Hey naked elf girl, blueman, Alleana. we should stay ta gether and go to help more townspeople. Waving his Bastard sword to emphasize the direction he is thinking, pointing towards the new temple.

Alleana nods and rushes towards Grom.

'I'm with you Grom. There were a lot of people at the temple including the Mayor and most of the town's leaders.'

Alleana also worried about the old priest whom she had always been very fond of. No doubt he would have refused to flee and be treating anyone hurt, and putting his life at risk the brave old fool.

And then Alleana remembered that most of the town's children would have been at the temple too!!

'Most of the children would have been at the temple too!' Alleana said with a sudden note of urgency in her voice.

As an afterthought she added... 'If we can get a goblin alive, I can speak their language. I'd like to question it, once things are under control.'

The reason it was only an afterthought was that a new thought had entered her mind. Shaelalu. She would never have allowed a goblin horde to sneak up on the town. She would certainly never have failed to spot one. And the last thing she had told Alleana was that she had gone to investigate odd things happening with the goblins. Oh no... was her friend and mentor in trouble? Or worse?...

Hukmen turns his head at the words of the half-orc warrior and the elven maiden. "I couldn't agree more. If this assault is to continue for any length of time, the new temple would be the nearest, most defensible location for noncombatants." He says, unclasping his morningstar from his belt and bringing it at the ready now that he had a moment to do so. Front-line combat wasn't his thing, but sometimes staying out of the range of harm wasn't plausible, especially since most of his magic required physical contact. "I don't imagine it will, though. Goblins aren't exactly the most organized creatures when it comes to things like this."

Noshu looks over at Grom and squints. "Really. That's what yer noticing most about me, huh?" She bites her lip and then looks away sullenly. "Ehh, easy to be brave when you're armored. I'm better off waiting 'til the whole thing blows over."

Hukmen looks back at Noshu, noticing that she was indeed unarmored. Despite her unarmored state, she did dispatch those goblins with ease. "Well, I am not an advocate for oneself getting injured, but I am quite capable of healing wounds should any of us be harmed. So your lack of armor is a bit less of a worry. My only unfortunate failing in this regard is that my gods-given power beyond simple spells is finite." He looks at the hand on his shielded arm, opening and closing it a few times, examining the glow that still outlined him. It wouldn't last much longer. Two-thirds of a minute more, maybe.

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