A01 - S01 - At the Sawmill

A raised eyebrow is Noshu's only answer. Bellowing PEOPLES OF SANDPOINT TO THE TEMPLE SQUARE, AAAAHHHHH. I'll try an clobber one fer ya Alleana. Elf girl ya need a blade? Grom proffers up a short sword from his belt. Will toss the sheathed weapon if she needs it.
Dice Roll: 1d20+2z
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 14)
Toss the blade (14)

Combat Map Is HERE
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Grom calls for a quick charge up through town and to the temple. But before he can do much more than toss a sword towards the half unclad elf girl, a cry of alarm is raised. There is a clash of blades and the screeching of goblins, combined with the barking of dogs, all enough of an uproar to catch the attention.

Just north of the sawmill, in a small bit of open space below the cliff that supports the temple, there are three men with dogs being beset upon by a number of goblins. One of the goblins is mounted on what appears to be the ugliest mutant looking dog you have ever seen. It appears nearly hairless and has blotchy, scab covered, skin.

Noshu waves away the offered sword and simply pats her hatchet. She steps slightly away from the group, not quite convinced of the soundness of their plan.

She looks up at the sound, ears twitching. There must really be a lot of goblins. She didn't feel any bond with this village, but nonetheless helping out was surely the moral thing to do. Her own hometown had once been sacked by marauders after all, though she had no memory of the incident.

Besides, even in a city this small Noshu tended to get lost. A more practical part of her realized that isolating herself in an attempt to slip out of the town's border would put her in serious danger.

She decides to aid what seems to be her fellow defenders, and begins sprinting towards the scene, pulling her new axe from its rope binding.

Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 13)
Starting at D4 sprint move to T5 dam coat.

Grom seeing the events unfold, knows he needs to distract the Goblins, if all else fails yell really loud.GUARDSMEN WITH MEEE!!! YYYYYAAAAHHHHHHH. Hoping maybe to at least make them hesitate, goblins are not known for their brain power.

If I can attempt to use intimidate i will 3 & 4 may be with in the 30' range to cause the shaken affect.
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 28)

Seeing the plight of the men, Alleana goes into a full sprint, the graceful elven girl runs swiftly down the path almost to the intersection, arms and legs pumping, hoping that she can make it in time to help the men before the goblins take them down.

Again danger strikes, as it inevitably would given that goblins normally attacked in large groups to make up for their small size and limited intelligence. Once more into the breach, as the saying goes, as Hukmen attempts to keep pace with the brawny half-orc and the fleet-footed half-elf. He takes a slight moment to catch a breath or two after his sprint, stopping a few paces behind Grom. Not tired, really, but the momentary exertion did register. Upon seeing the foul-looking creature that one of the goblins is riding atop, Hukmen searches his memory for something about the repulsive-looking thing, hoping to come up with something useful...

Round Two

Map is HERE

Noshu and Grom sprint forwards, the barbarian elf easily catching up to the orc as he grumbles under the heavy coat of mail. The blue skinned human also hustles forwards, keeping pace barely as he wracks his brian for some clue to defeat the mounted goblin. Alleanna sprints as well, her lithe body traveling swiftly and gracefully over the muddy path, but she has much further to go.

The goblins are whooping and calling with glee as they cut down the two defenders. One of their number falls to the sword of a defender, but he is impaled by the spear, wielded with murderous skill by the mounted goblin. The other guardian is overwhelmed by goblins and pulled down. The final human, his face pale and his swings wild, backs up to the sheer cliff and stands ready to sell his life inexpertly but at least making the attempt to go down swinging.

Startled but undaunted by the fierce battle cry issued by the charging ork, the Mounted Goblin utters commands and his minions spin about and scamper to meet the charging ork and elf (and blue man) alliance. Remaining behind to finish his current project, the Goblin slams his spear forward, kicking his heels into the flanks of the mutant dog to put real power behind his charge. The nobleman slashes with desperation and manages to deflect the spear point enough to keep alive, but he is pinned to the cliff side by his shoulder.

Leaving his weapon to hold the human in place, the Goblin reaches back along his saddle and rearms himself with another spear.

"Her Eyes are Upon Us!" He hollers out. "The Princess of Blood Commands it! Death to the Hoomans!"

He wheels his 'mount' around and makes ready to support his little band of warriors.

His minions, grim faced little felons with gore dripping from their weapons and armor, form ranks and wait for your charge. The slower ones are hauled into place by the swifter goblins, making a battle line with un-goblinish efficiency Unlike the simple minded runts of the previous encounter, these goblins have a cunning look of feral intelligence to their features. With blood stained weapons, they stand ready.

Half moving into J5. If i member rule right I must be adjacent hex to attack. Time to DIE Goblins, MUHHAHAHAHHAHA RAAA! Attacking instead of intimidation.Swing his Bastard sword in a mighty arc trying to cleave the goblin from left shoulder to right hip.
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 22)
Dice Roll:
d8 Results: 4 (Total = 9)

Okay, think. Hukmen had a couple things he could do here, but he had to prioritize. He was smart enough to not go blindly running in to try and assist the wounded nobleman or his dying guards, at least not until the goblins were dealt with, and he was no front-line combatant. Still, he could do what he was able to assist those who were.

Putting his morningstar under his arm for a moment, Hukmen works to weave another spell. Procuring another prayer slip from his pouch of components, he again makes a few motions with his shielded hand. His hand glows and the paper dissimulates into a fine dust. "Pardon my reach." He says before laying the dust and his hand on Noshu's shoulder. She would gain the same glow around the outline of her being as he had, evidence of divine protection. "That should help keep their blades off you." Hukmen decides to close the gap between himself and Grom, taking his morningstar in hand, and goes to move up behind him, calling out to his impromptu allies as he does so. "Mind the goblin dog, it carries disease! Unless you want the most unpleasant rash, do not touch it, and don't let it touch you!" He explains, gesturing to the mutant rodent-like creature the goblin is riding.

As Grom cuts down one of the goblins, Hukmen holds his weapon and shield at the ready as he faces the nearest menace, hoping and praying mentally that his current raiment and magic are enough to keep their little weapons away from him. He was nowhere near as sturdy as Grom. The goblin dog-rider's words from a moment ago had piqued his interest, and as he stands battle ready, he thinks on them, attempting to recall something useful about this "Princess of Blood" it mentioned.

Alleana ran on for
to D4
a few steps more and well aware of the fact that she still had no armour and that closing would be a bad idea for her, she raised her bow, knocked an arrow, drew, and
Dice Roll: 1d20+3z
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 8)
fired an arrow (8) at the rightmost goblin footman hoping to
Dice Roll: 1d8z
d8 Results: 4
disable (4) him.

Unfortunately Alleana still did not have the hang of this unfamiliar bow and the arrow flew wide, dissapearing across the road and thunking into the side of a building.

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