Act 01 - At the Docks

Act 01 - At the Docks

There is a party going on at the docks. For certain there are religious symbols and good luck charms available. As the town market is only a stone's throw away, there are fewer booths selling trinkets than the other locations. And between gamblers invoking luck and prostitutes playing at their trade, one might get the impression that the gods are being invoked quite a bit more often than up at the temple.

The butterflies have not ignored the docks, and Desna's little blessings are bright spots of color matched only by the flash of undergarments from the girls of the Pixie's Kitten. Children and cats chase the former, drunks chase the latter. Everyone is having quite a good time, but there have been a few flashes of temper that required interference from the town guard. And anyone causing trouble who escapes being hauled off by the guard are quietly but efficiently set upon by thugs from the Sczarni. With the Fatman's Feedbag sponsoring half the poker prize and all of the boxing matches, the local underworld wants to keep the party going with as little fuss as possible to interrupt the flow of money.

The north end of the docks is where the festival atmosphere is quietist. The Hagfish is the location for the card playing contests and serious gambling is going on. The further south one travels the louder things get until a traveler reaches the south end of the docks. Various boxing matches have been progressing through out the day but as the sun sets (and the view of it across the water is very spectacular) a man with a megaphone has begun whipping up the crowd. The main event is beginning and the last minute betting is furious.

Rhionda, Renkar Snakeyes and Milo Lebbick

Please post for your characters. Let us know what you've been doing with your day and end up with being in the Dock Area and what you are currently doing.

Rhionda Charmont, Battle Nun

By any reasonable standard, the day has been a good one.

Rhionda has spent most of it in the purest veneration of her god that she can think of - displays of raw strength. Her time in Old Man Scarnetti's Sled Race was actually pretty respectable, and she came decently close to taking the whole contest. Lunch at the Rusty Dragon was excellent, as usual, and Rhionda repaid Ameiko's cooking by helping the Tien woman haul several heavy casks of ale up to the taproom.

The best, however, was saved for last.

Sunset sees Rhionda waiting eagerly for the championship boxing bout; her eagerness no doubt in part due to the rather sizable five gold wager she has on the match. As the sun is getting ready to set, she's got one arm wrapped around the shoulders of a random young man she'd picked out of the crowd, the other arm around the shoulders of the prostitute he had just paid at the time, and both of her hands have a half-full mug of ale in them. "Y'see, the thing most people don't understand about boxing is that it's not enough to just be able to throw a punch. Ya gotta be able to take a punch too."

Renkar Snakeyes, Human Telepath

Renkar was having a good day today. He had taken the day off and was casually strolling the streets of Sandpoint taking in all the people who arrived here to join the celebrations. Renkar spend midday eating Ameiko's spices for free and enjoying her songs. He paid a visit to the temple at noon but he was bored soon enough that he left for another walk before the sun wore the colors of yet another sunset.

Dressed for celebration more than travel Renkar walked wearing boots, leather breeches and a shirt. Summer was barely over and night was still warm enough for him to enjoy the festivities as lightly dressed as possible. His casual manner betrayed him a person who knew his way around Sandpoint. His lean built and easy strides bespoke a man of some confidence but he did not have the muscular appearance to intimidate anyone.

Renkar walked back and forth along the docks taking in the scene and enjoying the festive atmosphere. The ladies from the Pixie's Kitten were lovely as ever but Renkar always found paid love a bit distasteful. Half the fun is on the hunt he thought as he was trying to lay his eyes off one voluptuous brunette. Not everyone around him around him was as restrained however. Renkar watched a young man picking the brunette as she cast that come-and-get-me look on him. Just as they were ready to start enjoying themselves a strange woman, quite a brute of a woman with all those muscles but still not a bad catch, interrupted them and hagged them both with the strong arms of hers.

Renkar decided to intervene. He stood in fron tof the trio and said to the woman. My dear, our friends here are trying to have some fun and you are talking to them about punches? This is a night of celebration not of struggle. Pausing a little for her to have a moment and realize what is happening Renkar smiles as he continues Let us go for a dance to to pay this night it's dues!

Milo Lebbick spent most of the day enjoying himself.

The short, brown and burly young man (one-quarter Shoanti and three-quarters Chelish) had been looking for work in a desultory fashion prior to the Swallowtail Festival, but he lost all interest in gainful employment as various travelers, merchants, buyers and entertainers began to arrive. Milo was still young enough to find tourists interesting, and he was more than vigorous enough to enjoy seeing foreign women and trying to catch their attention.

So all day today Milo had been walking around, ogling the sights and the tourists. Out of both kindness and a mild sense of hospitality, Milo helped various visitors unfamiliar with Sandpoint find their way around. Fortunately, everyone he had spoken to so far understood Common, though Milo sometimes had trouble understanding their accents.

At the Docks area, Milo watched the boxing matches with enormous excitement. Even before he began training with Torg, Milo had enjoyed watching and participating in fistfights.

Now a fighter, he enjoyed them even more, both at a primal level and at a technical level, especially the matches between smaller fighters, whom he felt were more interesting because they were quicker.

So Milo was eagerly awaiting the last match, the one between Sandpoint's own Das Korvut and Korrigan "Clubfist" Sarovien, and thinking about gambling on the fight with the few coins he has in his pouch, when he noticed the amazingly tall red-haired young woman. He instinctively pushed his way through the sweaty beery crowd towards her. As he came closer, though, he noticed she was already talking with two men, both strangers to him, and one prostitute, whom he knew quite well.

Milo smiled and waved at Delicia of the Pixie's Kitten, who winked back. He divided his attention between the tall woman, her friends, and the upcoming boxing match.

Rhionda Charmont, Battle Nun

Rhionda lets go of the man to take a swig of one of her mugs of ale, and in the ensuing distraction, he and the girl slip away, unnoticed by Rhee, especially when Renkar coems up and propositions her - albeit politely. Propping a fist, with the now empty mug, on one hip, Rhionda grins back at the tall man, looking him up and down quite openly. "Well, now. You're a little skinnier than I prefer, but I guess you'll do for dancing at least. Not until after the fight, though. I got five gold on Korrigan, and he's gonna help me pay my dues. Y'know, so to speak."

She chortles lightly, and takes another pull of her other ale, as Milo wanders up next to her. "Hey, welcome to the best seat in the house."

Mindful of how powerful the red-haired woman appears, Milo tries to keep his eyes on her face as opposed to some other parts, but it's not easy when he is so much shorter.

"Thank you, but that is not the br... I mean best, seat."

Milo takes more care as he continues to speak. "The -best- seat would be in your lap."

Renkar's smiled widened as Rhionda eyed him up but he frowned slightly as the man arrived realizing the night would have some competition. (Looks like you ve got competition skinny boy!) Renkar's psicrystal laughed at him speaking from inside his left pocket. Ignoring them both Renkar smiles warmly again and speaks to Rhionda

I've little love for gambling but that's all the more love left for you! A good match helps get the blood up for a night full of dance and celebrtion.[/COLOR] Renkar's eyes grin at the last word. Renkar puts his arm around her waste before continuing Let us go get more ale Renkar throws a glance at her empty mug here before we find a good spot to enjoy the match.

Rhionda Charmont, Battle Nun

Rhionda can't help but laugh boisterously at Milo's slip of the tongue, and swaps both mugs to one hand, so she can reach out to smack the shorter man on the shoulder. And not lightly, either. "I like your style, kid. You've got moxie."

It looks like Rhionda was about to add more, when Renkar's hand slips around her waist, and she chuckles a little more, her smile turning predatory and eyes glinting a little dangerously. "What is this, some kinda double act? I don't do brothers, not after the Haldimann Twins nearly gouged each other's eyes out." Shaking her head, Rhionda adds, "Besides, I'm not going anywhere. Fight's about to start."

Renkar Snakeyes, Human Telepath

Renkar took a hurt expression when Rhionda suggested a trio. Renkar pushes her gently towards him and moves close in front of her saying Hey! A red dragon would share his hoard with paladins before I share a fiery beauty such as you! As Renkar finishes a smile forms on him and his face gets close to hers while his eyes look straight at Rhionda's eyes.

Meanwhile Renkar psicrystal comments (You are starting to get over your head skinny boy. The other schmuck is a local and while you where drooling over the "fiery beauty" I saw him wink at the brunette you couldn't get your eyes off. Ignore him too much and she ll have another fight to bet on.)

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Milo purses his lips at being called a 'kid'. Or was the woman older? He was having a harder time than usual telling, given how much taller she was.

"No, we're not brothers. I never met this guy before." He nods companionably to Renkar.

"Das Korvut is sure to win. This is his home town. Everyone here is rooting for him. Including me."


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