Act 01 - At the Docks

Interruption by.....

Milo and the two visitors are in the midst of their exchange when a gruff voice inserts itself into the conversation.

"Well now, if it ain't Mira's boy, starting up trouble again."

The two visitors will only recognize the armband that signifies this grizzled looking warrior as a senior member of the town guard. Milo, on the other hand, recognizes Jorge, Master at Arms of the Town Militia and Captain of the Second Watch. He manhandles Milo off to the edge of the boxing spectators. Crouching by the eaves of a store, Jorge pulls Milo close so he can speak without being overheard by any of the jostling crowd around them.

If his two recent companions care to watch, they can see that the Guardsman is clearly concerned about something. He takes off his armband and hands it to the younger man. Short of grabbing Milo and turning him around, the man seems to be urging the boy to go somewhere swiftly.

Rhionda Charmont, Battle Nun

Staring back at Renkar with a less than impressed expression on her face, Rhionda does a neat trick where she makes fists and cracks her knuckles on both hands at the same time. "Look. You're kind of cute, but this pushy routine is getting old quick. I'd hate to have to squash you on a festival night, so you get one chance to cool it a little, 'kay?"

Shaking her head slightly, she herself takes a step to one side as Milo is practically dragged off by the watch, and asides to Renkar, "Huh. You suppose he was trying to pick our pockets or something?"

Renkar Snakeyes, Human Telepath

Renkar ignores Milo and his new troubles happy that he is finally alone with the red haired woman. He withdraws his arm from her waste at her comment and says You are right, I got carried away to get ahead of the competition. Throwing a casual glance at Milo's place Renkar says Don't really care about him. Turning towards some boxers on the ring Renkar continues So which of them is Korrigan, don't know him to pick him out from the others.

While waiting for her answer Renkar says to his psicrystal Keep an eye on the troublemaker and warn me if he comes again near us.

Milo jumps in surprise and flinches as Jorge sneaks up on him and talks almost in his ear. His expression conveys shock and dismay.

He waves goodbye helplessly to Rhionda, Renkar, and the others as the older man drags him off by the arm to the edge of the crowd.

Then Milo just looks confused as he accepts an armband and puts it on his right arm, his shield arm. He tries to listen carefully to what the Captain and Master of Arms is telling him.

Then he replies, still looking confused.

Round One : Goodbye Jorge

Uptown, by the Temple on the hill, the orange light of the setting sun still warms the stones. Over by the saw mill, the last light shines like a challenging blaze on the burnished brass plate atop the greased pole. But down by the waterside, in the shadow of Aristocrat Hill across the harbor, the dockside is lit only by numerous torches and hanging lanterns. Shouting and a frenzy of last minute betting makes a din at the south end of the docks.

The raucous atmosphere of the revelry is only momentarily paused by the rolling crack of thunder from the Temple. It grabs the attention, surely, but most folks in town knew that Father Zantus was planning on some form of attention grabbing to set off the speech making. Shouts of "all bets are final" repeated by the official and both managers. Bare chested Das Korvut enters the ring to a series of cheers and much applause while the champ from Magnimar acknowledges hisses and cat calls with good nature.

Only a few people notice the concerned Guard Captain at the edge of the crowd.

"Woof woof??" Jorge shouts angrily at Milo, slapping him on the back of the head. "Yes, and moo-moo cows too, you damn idiot! Get up the daa....Aaaugh!"

Milo, half a step away sees the Guard Captain collapse. Watching in horror as suddenly things happen almost too fast to comprehend. Jorge seems to fold sideways, as if suddenly he lost his right leg from the knee down. Dark shadows, giggling like lunatic children, swarm out of a woodpile and Milo feels something wet splatter on his face.

After hamstringing the Guard Captain, three goblins jump upon his body, stabbing and slashing with rusty dogslicers. Almost immediately they begin to push and shove one another for the honor of chopping off Jorge's head.

The dockside crowd roars approval as Das Korvut lands the first solid punch against Clubfist Sarovien.

Begin Round One

Milo : You are in stabbing distance (as in can stab or be stabbed) of Jorge and the Goblins. They appear to be ignoring you in favor of squabbling over the best position to decapitate Jorge.

Rhionda & Renkar : (Assuming for the sake of play that you continued to keep Milo in view, even if you were not paying much attention to him) Milo and the Goblins are about twenty feet away from your location.

For all Three : There are a scattering of 'civilians' around but nothing you cannot push past if you wanted. At this time, no one has noticed the goblins or the dead Guardsman. That is unlikely to last for long.

Initiative for Goblins Three

Goblin Giggler:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 11)

Goblin Snickerer:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 22)

Goblin Cackler:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 18)

Renkar Snakeyes, Human Telepath

Renkar is happy to be rid on the the other guy and focuses on Rhionda and the match. As he is trying to make out who Korrigan is he is interrupted by his psicrystal:

Hey skinny boy, 3 goblins are chopping the schmucks friend!

Renkar starts to turn while saying Enough with the ski- his reply cut mid-sentence as he turned his head enough to view the horrible scene in front of him. Overcoming his shock and standing up Renkar says:

Rhionda goblins are hacking at the guardman, help him.

While speaking Renkar puts his right hand in his right boot taking out a daggger. Dagger in hand Renkar makes a step towards the goblins as he turns towards them. Instead of walking further however he appears to be deep in concentration.

Rhionda Charmont, Battle Nun

Still peering at Milo and the guardsman - there's something just not right going on here, she absentmindedly replies to Renkar, "Oh, Clubfist is the guy with the club fist- by steel and strength!" This last cry is precipitated by the brutal hamstringing of Jorge, and Rhionda's face starts to turn the colour of her hair.

By the time Renkar shouts a warning to her, she's already started to move, deceptively fast for such a big woman, and with a savage, wordless cry, Rhionda lashes out with a big boot to punt the nearest goblin in its over-sized football head.

Milo screams, "Captain Jorge! Goblin raiders! Healer, help!"

He swiftly draws his only weapon, his dagger, and stabs at the giggling goblin.

NPC Combat Checks

Goblin Saves
Goblin Giggler = Eviscerated (0 HP = Can take one action. Dropping to his knees for dramatic prose does not count against him)
Giggler Attack:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 8 (Total = 11)

Dice Roll: 1d4+1z
d4 Results: 3 (Total = 4)
Dogslicer Damage (4)
Giggler Save:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 15 (Total = 14)

Goblin Snickerer:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 15 (Total = 14)

Goblin Cackler = Broken skull, bleeding out on the ground.


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