Act 01 - At the Docks

Milo stops in his tracks and stares at the Dark Stranger who addressed him. For a moment, he looks surprised, then his expression and body language lie somewhere between respectful and wary.

"Hey, Jubrayl. This is Rhionda, a visitor from out of town. She's really strong. Cracked a goblin's skull with one punch just a minute ago."

Milo says nothing for a breath, then blinks and gestures to Renkar. "Oh, and this is Rhionda's friend, also from out of town. I didn't catch his name, but he fought with us against the goblins."

Milo bites his lower lip for a moment, thinking of how best to phrase things, then says, "Rhionda, this is Jubrayl. He's... a big man in Sandpoint. Important."

"Nah, nothing so dramatic as all that." Jubrayl responds with a self depreciating shrug and claps Milo on the back. "You're much bigger son, not even into your full growth I suspect."

"I'm not even a proper resident of Sandpoint, just a traveler. My interests keep me on the move. Sandpoint is one of my favorite stops along the road."

Rhionda Charmont, Battle Nun

Rhionda just shrugs a little, and drapes the quarterstaff across her shoulders, and her arms over the staff, like a yoke. Despite her casual stance, she's keeping a semi-wary eye on this Jubrayl person. "Who, this guy?" She gestures vaguely in Renkar's direction. "I don't know who this guy is, just someone who wants to sleep with me, I expect. It's nice to meet you, Jubrayl. I'll gladly fight alongside anyone willing to stick it to these little goblin thieves."

Sparing a glance out across the crowd, she adds, "And I have a feeling we're going to get the opportunity sooner rather than later." Glancing over at Milo, she adds, "Maybe you want to find a weapon here, rather than risking the run back to your stuff."

Jubrayl gives Rhionda a steely glance for a moment but then his charm reasserts itself.

"Of course, such a staturesque Chelaxian as yourself must be burdened with crass flatteries from many suitors. I certainly meant no over familiarity." He says, taking a step back and bowing with a flourish of his hand. "I forget that the customs of the
A commonly used euphemism for the Varasian Gypsies. Popular in Magnimar, where it is said with a disdainful air as if suggesting they are refugees.
Travelers are different from citizens of the great cities. Please forgive the interruption."

"If it is weapons you need to defend the town." He nods towards the town marketplace, which adjoins the dockside. "Gather what you need, I trust in your sensibilities. And I will see that any merchant is compensated."

"Milo, come by the Feedbag in the morning. I am sure you will be busy the rest of the night but I would like to hear of how successful Hemlock is in ferreting out the goblins." He claps Milo on the shoulder again. "It's sure to be some bloody work before the night is over. I've my own concerns that need looking after."

Milo gives Jubrayl a nod. His body language and expression remain respectful but wary. He grins a little when the man puts his hand on his shoulder.

"Morning's a little early for me, but sure, Jubrayl. If I can."

"But I wouldn't be too sure I'll be free by tomorrow. The gobbos killed Captain Jorge. Just murdered him, and cut his head off!"

"The Sheriff will be really angry once he finds out. I bet the entire Guard will be working multiple shifts for a week."

Milo glances into the night towards the Temple where his mother may still be, and still be in danger, but for some reason he does not move away yet.

Jubrayl slips off into the alleys.

You don't know what you have time to do until you try. I'm not ready to go that far in a post yet. I'd like to give Renkar another day to post something before I move you guys on.

Milo relaxes and straightens once Jubrayl takes his hand off his shoulder and goes away. The physical weight of the Varisian's hand was slight, but the figurative weight was enormous.

He takes a deep refreshing breath, then tells Rhionda and Renkar, "I'll be back. Wait for me if you like."

And he runs as fast as he can for home and his armor and weapons. He still carries his bloody dagger in his left fist.

Rhionda Charmont, Battle Nun

Watching Milo run off into the evening after weapons, Rhionda shrugs just a little. "Pity, looked for a few minutes there like this party was going to get interesting." Making her way back to the fallen goblins around Captain Jorge's remains, she prods them a little with the end of her staff, before crouching down to perform a perfunctory search.

Combat Map is HERE

Milo starts to shove his way through the crowd when a strange noise catches everyone's attention. A burbling, bubbling, sound coming from dockside, from the water. It boils and froths and soon people begin screaming as they realize that it's snakes. Dozens of snakes are wriggling and swarming up from the brackish water. Big snakes, little snakes, most of them seem like grass snakes or harmless rat snakes, but there are a few vipers and cottenmouths in the mix. As the crowd scatters, most of them horrified by this unnatural plague, Rhionda, Renkar and Milo can see the cause.

Standing on the end of the dock is a Goblin in shaggy robes, dripping wet and obviously just clambered out from the water. Beside him are two grinning things.... Goblinoid heads on snake bodies.

The goblin laughs and cackles at the fear he is causing, the goblinoid snakes hiss and burble in lisping goblin and command the snakes to attack.

Rhionda Charmont, Battle Nun

Mildly disappointed by the lack of anything neat on the goblins, Rhionda straightens up just in time to see the goblin shaman clamber up onto the dock. Narrowing her eyes slightly, Rhee grabs the chain of her holy symbol, and holds it aloft, crying in a voice that rings across the docks, "Lord in Iron, guide the might of your faithful servants!"

Even as her spell takes effect, Rhionda unslings the quarterstaff from her shoulders, and starts heading towards the southernmost dock, walking at first, then picking up to a run.

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