You Can (Not) Succeed

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You Can (Not) Succeed

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Alright! My third game, the second one the Anime type, if you considering a young boy running around and murdering little animals with balls and digitizing them into a computers hard drive to be anime.

This time, the tone will be completely different as we explore the psychies of mid-to-late teens as they pilot bio-technological terrors that are constant on the brink of going berserk and turning their pilots into goo.

A bit about
This game, if it's not obvious already, partially follows the Rebuild of Evangellion canon. Meaning, the seas are red and the moon has a big blood splatter on it.

Keep in mind that where ever your character is from, you are being transfered to NERV-Boston.

Oh, and I've got a twist for character creation that'll make all our heads spin.

Character creation
Character creation set up:

Application thread group where it all goes:

Yes, I am asking for 6 pilots. I love inflicting pain on myself.

Posting availability
Mon, Tues & Fri: All day
Wends, Thurs, Sat, Sun: When ever I wake up until 12 PM EST
Interested, will begin work on a guy right away. Love me some Eva, been waiting for an Ad Eva game.


Looking forward to this, seen a few run on the weave before, will be interesting to see how you do it.

I'm definitely interested. Just going through this version as it has been awhile since I read it.

I probably got a handful already, but I would read this. Just ping if there's still a lack of players near deadline.

There should be a compulsory little girl character. And I like your multi-role solution to FFG40k's versatility problems.

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