AoG: Pre-Game Chatter

Hey! Majid can be very diplomatic when he needs to be. He just doesn't need to be right now.

In PF yep 10 copper to 1 silver. So Majid bought himself a 5 silver sweetroll. But then the baker did say it would be worth the money so maybe it's an awesome roll?

Zeus I am sure Majid can be diplomatic. But first impressions mean that as far as Wellin is concerned the last person he wants taking the lead when tact and diplomacy is required is Majid.

I thought about making the sweet roll have bits of apple in it. But I decided against it.

Woah what the heck? I could have sworn Rift posted something in the sword and tavern thread, but nothing...

I have heard of that happening, the player swearing up and down they did not make a mistake with Preview. Never had it happen to myself though. I use Firefox and often if will recover pages in history and you can copy the text afterwards.

Hey Paro, would it be weird for random people to fight in the Gladiator ring? Since there is a relatively slim chance of dying. *strokes his chin*


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