AoG: Pre-Game Chatter

It is a GM free zone, be creative if you wish. Just don't make an NPC be your focus instead of your character.

Heh, if I just went to the coliseum and watched all I would do is describe the battle taking place and my pc just watching. If I actually fought in the coliseum, at-least he can be doing something too.

A heads up folks, myself (and thus Atesin) will be driving 12 hours to Disneyland tomorrow to spend a week in the Happiest Place on Earth.

I will try to log on every day, but it will only be once, and depending on how exhausting things were, it may not happen at all. I honestly can't say.


I... think I read this somewhere, but darned if I can find it. Do we need to do anything special to transition into another pre-game topic? Or can we just post normally with a tag saying "Leave for *Location*" at the bottom?

Are you talking about at the bottom of your application or in your IC posts?

Re: applications, it is not necessary to put which IC threads you chose on there. When it comes time for review, I will look at the threads themselves.

Originally Posted by Celtic Guardian 7 View Post
I meant IC posts. Sorry for not clarifying.
Do what you think you should. I am judging everything you do, IC and OOC.

Originally Posted by Celtic Guardian 7 View Post
Well that's not ominous at all! Off I go then.
Heh, it is written right there in the application instructions.
Can expect to be judged as a player, not just based on character created.


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