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Old and shy

Old and shy

So I have been back for a while here but haven't gotten into the swing of things quite yet. What are some of the systems you all would suggest getting into. I am an avid DnD 3.5 guy but I see a lot of new interesting ones I have never seen before. Just let me know what caught, catches, have your eyes on.

Admins please redirect if I am in the wrong spot as well.

- Your Baldor

As a lapsed D&Der (more 1st Ed but I played a fair bit of 3.5 and some Pathfinder) I've only ever played Savage Worlds games here. There are none currently open unfortunately, but it is well worth a look if something comes up, with the rulebook being only $10. It is a 'generic' ruleset, with multiple settings available from a number of companies covering pretty much any genre you can think of.

If you are just keen to get into a pbp game, then there's currently a thread in the Game Planning subfolder for a potential Warrior, Rogue and Mage game:

A simple system, but it's free and should be light enough to suit pbp very well.

Good luck!

Savage worlds, Gurps, and 4e have the highest amount of games beside 3.5 and PF, so you can't go wrong with any of those.

Hi Baldor,

I'd suggest playing a game you are familiar with, which means you can then learn the tools available on the MW site. You probably don't want to be learning a new game system and MW stuff at the same time

After you have that down (you can play in more then one game at a time -- most peeps are playing at least three), then look into the game systems.

There are forums on here which discuss game systems and they're probably where you want to go to find out more

Good luck and welcome to MW,


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