Act 01 - Pole Climbing

Acrobatics check to fall gracefully. If you can make a 25 or better I will let you grab the pole even with just above Alleana, which would look really cool.

Apparently thinking about sausage winning has distracted Noshu Grom

Or possibly he saw Alleana wiggling her bottom

Definitely the ladder. Looking down to judge his progress he sees Alleana's provocative climbing style and promptly forgets what he was supposed to be doing, with a loud yelp he plummets.
Well that is impossible on a d20 but here you go.
Dice Roll: 1d20z
d20 Results: 16
Acrobatics check (16)

Falling face-down into the mud, Noshu comes to the stark realization that she's never getting to the top of this pole. She's had some fun times with it so far, and if she thought she had a chance she'd get right back to climbing. But she's frustrated.

She decides to take out her frustration by proving her physical superiority over Alleana. She pounces.

Alleana, currently busy focusing on *really* getting into the mind of a snake in a futile attempt to get up the pole is utterly oblivious of Noshu's pounce. The soft 'hissss' she is making as she shimmys is replaced by a yelp and squeal as Noshu does a flying tackle on her.

Alleana desperately grabs for the pole, attempting to
Dice Roll: 1d20+7z
d20 Results: 8 (Total = 15)
cling (15) to it, but finds no grip on the greased surface, as both semi naked elves end up once more in the deepening pool of mud at the base of the pole.

Originally Posted by Roughtrade View Post
All NPCs have given up. If at any time there are two 'rounds' with nobody at 1 success or better, the sunlight will have extinguished and the contest will be over.
The three of you are in a muddy pile at the bottom of the pole. If there are no successes (Or if you all mutually declare it over) then the climbing will be interrupted by the goblin attack.

Bwaahahahahahahaha, that was fun. But stick a fork in me, I done before i break my neck. He chuckles again as he gets up helping Alleana and Noshu both up. Grom sticks his thumb to his chest, Am Grom a know Alleana who you naked girl. Grom asks smiling showing his lovely ivory colored lower tusks with one eyebrow raised, at the two naked elf maidens. Truly a cross between a scary and comical sight, giving the impression he may be trying humor and not sleeze.

"Me? Ah'm Noshu." Noshu crawls out of the mud and companionably pulls Alleana to her feet. She's about to say something else but then a bunch of goblins attack and she grabs an axe and totally beats the crap out of them.

Alleana grins at Grom and Noshu as she takes Noshu's hand to be helped up.

She considers the pole a moment and decides that perhape enough is enough. She had been about to try the squirrel approach but really, without a tail it wasn't going to work, and attempting to tie a fake tail to her back was only going to get howls of laughter....

As she considers the merits of squirrels, the Goblins turn up and draw her mind to other things, like being half naked and covered in mud during an invasion.


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