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A little help with maps...

Glad I could help. Yes, it can be quite time consuming, but the more time you spend on it, the better the results, and as you get used to using the clone tool you get quicker at picking good spots to work from.

Hey thought you might like to see the finished product, thanks again for the help!


Great! It's looking very cool!

Another tip you might like to use is the Text Warp tool (don't know what the actual name is but that should give you enough of an idea what it does.) Once you have your text place, you should see a 'T' over a bent arrow in the toolbar at the top. this will allow you to curve any text (as well as other effects.) I'd use Arc instead of Arch.

Grats Sillaric, and nice online tutorial hecklenjyde ...

I'm sure lots of peeps could benefit from your advice

If you'd like more tutorials I can write them up (and write this one up better), although I will say that sometimes it's easier to find the tutorials online with a little video explaining what to do. I wouldn't be doing video tutorials, only txt/pdf ones with pictures.


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