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Player looking for a long term game. (Pathfinder, D&D 3.5 or lower, Etc.)

No, everyone was evil, just Lawful Evil.... I mean if your gonna go Evil go full on CE, or NE at the least.

But yes there was an ass of a player who always contradicted what I wanted to do. I was like "Are we Evil or not?"

Nope. I guess he was "Open Minded" because it was a female player.

Don't get me wrong, if the game was announced as "Bad Guy Campaign" I could expect that, but it said straight up "Evil" so yeah. I think it is still running but I dropped out quick.

Hell no.

I'm running one now and if any one player steps on any other players feet too much- there'll be trouble.

If you're reading this applicants- this means you!!!

It's a monster campaign. And anything in the allowable sources!

All Completes, All Races of, All Core as a starting point.

Anything up to LA+6 or a combination of two things totalling +6

1 class level to begin with or use +LA to purchase class at a level of one for one.

Extra HD can be sold for +LA at a rate of two for one.


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