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Player looking for a long term game. (Pathfinder, D&D 3.5 or lower, Etc.)

Example: Race LA+2, Race LA+2, HD 4 << This is a playable combo. You have +4 LA total from the two races and can sell your 4 HD for another +2 LA. You now have a +6LA character with 1 class level.

Another valid Example: Race +1LA, Race +1LA << Playable combo. You could spend your residual +4 LA on class levels leaving you with a +2LA, 5th level character.

Essentially you get +6LA to mess around with. Pick and choose from what you want just make sure the ends result leaves you with +6LA or +LA whatever with class levels.

Check out that.

It's +4LA.

Meaning you could choose ANY other race with +2LA. Any at all provided it's within the sources provided.

Monster Manuals have a ton of +LA creatures.

So with the Warforged Charger and another +2 LA creature, you'd have one class level (the base one given for free)

However Warforged Charged with +0LA creature (Azurin for example) you'd have +4LA with 3 class levels. One given to you for free (1st level class) and the other two purchased with your remaining +2LA

DnD 3.5 correct.

Mixing another race is easy. I don't have my books with me so let's make up a pretend race for now.

Werewolf (+2 LA)
Warforged Charget (+4 LA)

You now have a +6 LA creature. Choose your 1st level class. You're done. It's that easy

Of course werewolf isn't a +2LA creature and the lycanthropy template isn't available as I don't allow templates. But it's a good example.

Just have a look around for a +2 LA race.

Eberron isn't available so no warforged Charger either

*laughs* that's the point of the game. Mix and Match. Play something SUPER weird that you've never gotten a chance to play before.

At its base it's really easy.

Easiest way to go - Pick two +3 LA races. You're finished. That's literally all there is to it. Add their stat bonuses/penalties together, put all their racial abilities on your sheet. Done and dusted.


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