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Solution to Terrorism

Fundamentally, I believe the primary 'cause' of terrorism is the same as that of larger, conventional armed conflict, but between powers of vastly disproportionate military capability and save that the 'terrorist' agency does not necessarily represent a state, nor wish to (though they may very well act on behalf of and with the support of one regardless).

There's no single clean answer to that question, aside from one that may sound like a cheap copout:
Terrorists are the main cause of terrorism.

Frankly, these people usually have options. Terrorists can be motivated by any number of issues: religious, political, financial, socio-political, or even traditional. But whatever their motivations, it's a choice they make.

You can't solve terrorism.

When there are a bunch of terrorist with the premise "we hate <insert country>, you either get rid of the terrorists, or get rid of the country.

Or, if you're looking for a more permanent solution, in addition to getting rid of the ones that already hate you so much as to be engaging in terrorism, attempt to reduce the level of hate you incite in those not yet driven to kill and/or die for the cause of bringing you down.

I'd go for a three-pronged strategy:

1) Change the social climate of the country as regards your own. Get the populace to shift away from against you to passive, then to neutral. If possible, shift their feelings to positive, even if only mildly.
2) Increase the access to things that Americans take for granted (such as education, a surplus of food, a vaguely democratic political system, and a police force that's not so corrupt that you get shot for complaining) so that they can see positive prospects for the future of themselves and their kids. Give them a voice in their own future and a sense that they can make things better, and you're more likely to consolidate the gains that have been made.
3) That will slow the flow of recruits to the terrorists, which means that as you eliminate them, they won't just grow back.

I was going to say instilling a moral value in all people of Thou Shall Not Kill an backing it with the threat of eternal torture. But that was tried under a previous administration and it didn't work out too well.

So I propose McDonalds meals and a Nintendo DS for everyone instead, I think that will do it.

Terrorism is caused by people having ideals. If you can avoid people having ideals, that will remove terrorism.

Other than that, it is impossible. Anders Breivik is an example of an unavoidable terrorist, since even in the wealthiest countries, there will always be outcasts with a traumatising youth who feel that they have to make a difference. But they can only think they make a difference if they have ideals.

McDonalds and Nintendo is a good start, though, as it eliminates hunger and boredom.

If Extra Terrestrial intelligent beings landed on Earth, that would definitely stop terrorism. Because suddenly everyone human is a good guy.


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