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Solution to Terrorism

The root cause of terrorism lies in what was illustrated by Machiavelli- it is better for a ruler to be feared than loved, because fear brings about compliance. Terrorism is an application of that principle to try and influence people and groups through fear. Aside from modern dramatic and international examples it is also the guiding principle to the KKK and other historic hate groups in America. It is an attempt by the desperate and powerless to change the world, or at least part of it, through fear and intimidation.
The best answer found so far is to create a system of government which empowers all people at minimum with the hope that they can change or influence their world through less violent means.

Is terrorism always violent? Isn't Anonymous an example of a non-violent terrorist movement?

Anonymous is not a terrorist organisation (despite some people's hyperbole) because it does not operate through fear and terror. It operates through annoyance and subterfuge, which is not the same thing, and a certain sense of drama which is just silly in terms of the arena they are trying to operate on.

Terrorism is always violent. It is not necessarily physically violent, though it usually is.

So far as I'm aware, none of Wikileaks' primary goals included instilling terror in any populace. That is the primary definitional test of terrorism, and Wikileaks would seem to fall short.

Violence is acting with force so as to injure or abuse
Terrorism is acting to instill fear for a political or social cause.
Instilling fear is always abusive.
Ergo terrorism is always violent.

I'd dispute that 3rd line, but it would be rather tangential, and not particularly relevant given that we nevertheless reach effectively identical conclusions.

Originally Posted by Gygaxphobia View Post
I was going to say instilling a moral value in all people of Thou Shall Not Kill an backing it with the threat of eternal torture. But that was tried under a previous administration and it didn't work out too well.
Yeah, that's not even remotely close to what we tried.

Originally Posted by Muggie2 View Post
I'd go for a three-pronged strategy:

1) Change the social climate of the country as regards your own. Get the populace to shift away from against you to passive, then to neutral. If possible, shift their feelings to positive, even if only mildly.
2) Increase the access to things that Americans take for granted (such as education, a surplus of food, a vaguely democratic political system, and a police force that's not so corrupt that you get shot for complaining) so that they can see positive prospects for the future of themselves and their kids. Give them a voice in their own future and a sense that they can make things better, and you're more likely to consolidate the gains that have been made.
3) That will slow the flow of recruits to the terrorists, which means that as you eliminate them, they won't just grow back.
This is. It's worked more or less reasonably well, all things considered.

To call Anonymous a terrorist organization makes me sad-face. They're no more terrorists than Martin Luther King Jr (though I wouldn't go ascribing the same level of morality to Anon as I do the good Reverend).

I don't see how instilling fear isn't abusive.


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