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There's A Way!

Where There's a Will - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Okay, ladies and gents, let's get a show on the road. Here's the deets:

Game: Shadowrun 4E
GMs: Sleepinin, GMs to be Picked
Players: You!

Themes: Globetrotting, Shadows & Mysteries, and Vacations At Home.

Specifics: As seen above, this game will revolve around a piece of in-fiction fluff I find absolutely fascinating; Dunkelzahn's Will. There's so much there that can be dealt with, and would likely have so many complications to have to deal with as well - not only the direct challenges-for-cash bequests, but assisting others trying to nail the big corporate bequests. It's a Runner's dream; and in the Sleepverse, there is a group of people who have decided to assemble a crack group in the interests of dreaming that dream.

Let us be perfectly clear, nobody, and I mean nobody, knows who The Consortium is. They've spent a lot of money and have several very canny individuals operating with the sole purpose of keeping them obscured. They have a mission statement, they have their ambitions and their wishes, and it all dovetails together ever-so-nicely. Some of them want to solve these mysteries because it'll bring them cash. Others will want to solve these mysteries because GAWD-DAMN they just can't sleep until they find out it's so interesting! And still others just want in on the ground floor of a big endeavor.

Sound familiar?

So here's what you guys do - you're the Talent. You're the crack teams of runners brought in for various parts of the operations; picked because you're new and displayed some real talent early on (and newbies are fairly expendable), you're old and experienced (a rarity among 'runners, aye?), who knows? Either way, we're talking from all ages and walks of life. Why? Because you're competent. Or at least know enough to do the job.

And here, that matters a lot.

Procedure is such - you're shot out on test runs to see if you cut the mustard, asked a few questions, and if you do really well, given a budget and an objectives list to finish however you damn well please. As well as a fairly nice expense account.

That is, if you do really well. If you don't do really well, you're likely to end up sent on the bass-ackwards runs in the middle of who-knows-where to do some very, very dangerous (and weird) things. There is a bequest that is most likely to end up in a run where you have to simply plant a bush.

In the middle of Tenochitlan. Say hi to Aztech for me.

But hey - promise of big profit, right? Retirement money, right? And unlike a corp, these guys don't ask who you are or what you do between these runs, so long as you don't try anything funny or really effing loud. So there's ample room for runs of all stripes if you want supplementary cash or to pursue your own interests when you're resting back in Seattle or Denver or Neo-Tokyo or who knows where. (I'd prefer Seattle.)

As for numbers, the 3 openings is a tester. If this works well, we may end up expanding. The Consortium likes success, you see - and if they like success, they may decide to expand the Will Project. Successful runner groups are always in high demand, after all - right? So line 'em up, chummers. Load up your Ares Predators, shrug on your black trenchcoats, and get ready to fight some conspiracies.

Watch your back.

Shoot straight.

Conserve ammo.

And never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon.

Game Description:

*A figure appears on a vidscreen. His face is obscured, although it is easy enough to tell he's wearing one of the finest suits that any Mr. Johnson has any right to be wearing. The voice is gravelly as well, obviously being 'adjusted' by some of the most expensive and impermeable modulation tech and grain-screen programs known to man.*

To all recieving this message, greetings. And congratulations.

My name is Mr. X.

I am an individual of means. Considerable means.

Some of you have operated against me in the past. This is not a letter of revenge. This is gratitude.

Some of you have operated for me in the past. Consider this additional repayment.

There exists in this Sixth World a will. A will written by a very powerful individual.

In this will resides several clauses and bequests. Each totalling several million in nuyen.

Accountants have totaled only partial earnings of these bequests to over thirty-eight million nuyen and counting. Not counting lands or artifacts.

Several of these bequests are unclaimed. Either due to unfeasability, or due to difficulty.

We mean to change that.

We are a group of individuals. Nameless, faceless. Save for letters.

Our objective? To solve some of the greatest mysteries known to mankind. To resolve issues left longstanding. To come into the possession of a truly staggering amount of nuyen.

To this end? We have means. We have supply. We have funding.

What we lack are operatives.

And so? We are recruiting.

Each and every one of you recieving this message have demonstrated the skill, the tenacity, the force, the personality, or the resources to be of value to this endeavor. Not just to be of value, but to complete this endeavor. Your names will not be released to the public unless you so desire. You will be paid handsomely - whether in nuyen, in knowledge, or in experience.

Dunkelzahn left the world a great mystery - even greater than his death. But not one that is unsolvable.

Are you in?

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Hmm, 400 buy seems rather average for hand-picked runners to be doing the various impossible-to-do things Big D's stipulated. Any thoughts on pushing that up a little?

Also, are you going with 12 availability at start? Again, with creme of the crop runners, they might have a few more interesting toys to play with.

Did a little tweaking there due to poor wording - part of that handpicked is early on, you're also rather considered...well...expendable. Just not too expendable, or they get nowhere. Besides, they're not shooting you off on these crazy missions right off the bat - they want to make sure they build up their investment first.

Not to say you are, of course! Expendable, that is.

And as for interesting toys, give me a decent reason why you have this Really Cool Toy over Availability 12, fit it in the backstory, and I'm like to let it slide. If you have a solid reason.

Remember, people - good writing means the world here.

I call the getaway driver spot.

With some shooting capability in case we don't need to be driving.

It's not like we can do a drive-by planting, now can we?

Eliza Barrett
Posted by: Mr. Bonds

Attached file: Eliza Barrett
  • Everyone, take a drink.
  • Winterhawk
  • No. No. Absolutely not. I refuse--utterly refuse--to believe that this sniveling drekhead with her toy pistol and idiotic armor is anything close to a runner. She doesn't rate a note on a sheet of Aztech toilet paper, let alone a posting on JackPoint.
  • Clockwork
  • Down, boy. Idiot celebrity she may be, but she's actually got a bit of a presence in the Shadows these days. Rumors have her trying to keep up with a lifestyle she can't support, or something of that nature.
  • Kat o' Nine Tails
  • A lifestyle she can't support?! The Barretts have an estate in a AAA zone, for drek's sake! What could she possibly not afford?
  • /dev/grrl
  • Quite a bit more than you might expect, actually. It's a well-known fact in certain circles that Eliza's trust fund doesn't provide nearly the funds that she'd like it to, and that her spending of late has far outstripped her somewhat limited means. To most of us, a few thousand guaranteed a month sounds too good to be true... but when you're yaching with senators and AAA CEOs, it goes by quick.
  • Kay St. Irregular
  • So... someone should probably mention the trid recording. If you've not seen it, the link is-
  • Kane
  • Please refrain from posting pornography on these boards, Kane. Especially where /dev/grrl can see.
  • Fastjack

  • Come on, old man, you think I haven't seen it? Besides, I did most of that with that one boy anyway.
  • /dev/grrl
  • Young lady, you and I are going to have a talk. Very, very soon.
  • Fastjack

I... I don't even know if I can apply anymore following an App like that Tsuyo... I mean, that forum chat is a great touch.

It's something I do for each of my SR apps now. I'm actually not too fond of the Appearance/Personality/Background split that's omnipresent on this site; I prefer to figure out my characters somewhat more organically. I love--LOVE--putting words into the mouths of JackPointers, though, and from there it's a pretty quick step to using them to figure out a character's history in the shadows.

Plus, I miss Clockwork. He hasn't been around as much lately.

Hmm, last time I played SR it was with the 3e rules. I hear it's changed a lot in some areas.

Why is it a lot of people's formatting is so much better than the application form I posted? Seriously? That just looks sweet.


Post her up in the Applications forum.


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