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Looking for System- EarthBound themed RPG?

Looking for System- EarthBound themed RPG?

What it says on the tin.

I'm in the process of planning (for next year) an RPG with stories and themes in the vein of the Earthbound/Mother Series RPGS. For those of you not in the know, Earthbound was the second in a quirky trilogy of games for the NES, SNES and GBA where the setting was relatively modern, baseball bats and psychic powers replaced swords and spells, and the plots usually had to deal with kids discovering and thwarting machinations of evil aliens. All the while, it presented itself in a goofy "Americana" vein of visuals but the games mostly played like Old Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior games before frills were attached. Still alot of fun and memorable.

The problem is I'm looking for a system to run it with, preferably something simplistic and fun to adapt, but lack any such system.

I *DO NOT* want to use 3.5/4e/PF/d20 Modern nor do I want to use MnM variants (the former are fun games but not stylistically what I had in mind, the latter nearly frustrated me to tears in just trying to get the math right when buying super powers,) and currently, I'm reaching out trying to find any opinions or directions to take my research/planning in.

Anybody know of a system or system that may work for this? I've been pointed to FATE and Risus so far, the latter of which is looking fun, but I want to explore more options, if anyone can direct me.

I don't know if you have, but maybe give Savage Worlds a look through or even World of Darkness with the splat books second sight and innocents.

Oh damn, I knew I forgot to mention something. WoD doesn't have much appeal because I'd have to really tweak stuff around and tone down the darkness aspects, but someone else did mention Savage worlds. Doesn't that game sort of play like Deadlands?

I would say Savage World does kinda play like Deadlands, at least when deciding initiative, however, I believe anything with cards can be completely omitted without hurting the game. On a side note though, the darker aspects of WoD are heavily turned down in the Innocents book, though it'd probably still have to be tweaked with how you want it anyway. So Savage Worlds or something similar would be your best bet perhaps?

Hrm. Maybe? For the sake of discussion, let's say I'm broke, or looking for something else that can be freely accessed so I don't have to wait to research this game. Are there any other free-systems out there that may fit the bill?

GURPS Lite is free and might work. I'd second Savage Worlds, it plays like sped up and streamlined Deadlands turned into a universal system. My picks would probably be FATE or Savage Worlds, or maybe something with ORE/Wild Talents (although if you fear the math in getting M&M powers right, ORE probably isn't for you either). Of those, only FATE has a free SRD as far as I know.

The big problem I've had with FATE is simply finding a damn SRD that doesn't have a *specific* setting already attached; in FATE's case, the only one I can find is Spirit of the Century and I don't want to have to read the whole thing cutting out Setting X and Template Y if only because the future players would have to do the same thing as well.

If push comes to shove, I may just explore Gurps Lite and Risus a bit more until I can afford Savage Worlds...

You could take a look at Warrior, Rogue & Mage; it's free, simple, and with a tiny bit of refluffing (spells -> psychic powers), it would work, though you'd have to create stats for modern weapons like guns.

Actually, the SotC SRD already cuts out about 99% of the setting material, that's the point of the SRD.

There's a sadly incomplete core FATE SRD on the Evil Hat Wiki.

Here's a Hypertext for the Fudge version, this one is complete though it helps a bit if you know Fudge.

I'd just like to throw out my suggestion with ORE, something like Wild Talent might be appropriate. They have lot's of free resources on the net as far as I can tell, so give it a look through.


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