Low-Level Game with a Twist

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Low-Level Game with a Twist

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Ad Closes: Oct 30 '12
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Here's a concept I've been wanting to run for a while. Whilst I'm thrashing out the story details, you guys can start thinking about whether you want to play.

The game is a mystery. You know nothing about the setting or history, or even about your own characters. You don't know where you are, how you got there, or even who you are. Why? You've forgotten.

Character creation is L1, rolled stats (see details), 900gp, pretty much any (WotC) sources. Do read the Character Creation Rules for some rather important details, though.

There's probably more for me to add... but I've forgotten what it is...

The ad is only open for a week but depending on the level of interest I might extend that, and I'll likely give people who are applying a little time after to finish up their apps.

Game Description:

You awake in a strange complex, and remember... nothing. How did you get here? Where is here? Who are you?

Can you unravel the mysteries of your circumstance before they unravel you?

mmmm....random back story seems okay, losing abilties could be okay , but maybe a 26 point buy may be better, then natural dice rolls, if you want low power levels.

If I was a caster would I still have my familiar around? And would he forget everything? (such as how to talk (raven) Though that would be funny, an Elf and a bird who have no idea whats going on.)

edit: and as a sudden thought: how would items like wands work? Would I still be able to use them normally, despite not remembering my magical powers?

I am going for a more organic approach to characters with this. Your abilities will likely be a lot worse and more random than usual but there may be more scope than typical for those to change, too.

I was not sure about familiars. Probably you would just lose them, to make life easier.

Wands, you would not be able to use until you could regain some spellcasting ability.

Aw... I saw a lot of humor potential in waking up to a talking bird who shares my mind. The reunion would be slightly funnier if I have to find him later.

That had crossed my mind too. I might still let you do that, actually, but the raven poses problems because he'd probably have to lose (most of) his memory too.

How is that a problem? Elf wakes up, sees bird, bird wakes up, sees elf, Elf and Bird get to feel both sets of feelings, who the hell is this other guy, freak out.

Of course eventually they figure out they must be connected, figuring out how though would be the mystery (I'm assuming we won't even remember the existence of magic, so they won't understand the connection between wizard and familiar)


"Ugh.. Who am I..."
"Yeah, who are you?"
"WTF?!? Talking Bird!"
"Where Where?!"
"WTF!?!?!? Agh! I can talk?"

This does sound FUN Fred, any chance I could work in a Legacy Weapon into my backstory, and start it off as a MW?

I would be interested in joining such a game as really any roll. I can see a lot of entertainment in any kind of caster suddenly discovering they can do feats of magic that they don't feel should be possible or a barbarian accidentally triggering a rage and having to be knocked out.

If starting straight at level one I think I might like to try out a spell thief.
Where would you like for us to apply /rollstats / post character sheet?


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