The Untold Story

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The Untold Story

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Star Wars Saga - Rebellion Era
Ad Closes: Nov 11 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

InformationWhat is this game?
I picture this to be somewhat of an easy-going game, if you have ever seen A-team or any other b-action show from that era you know the feeling. The basics of the game is the Saga Star Wars system but with quite a few homemade rules (see below) to make it classless (a shameless stolen system).

(To those of you already familiar with this modified system the bold parts are my own personal changes.)

It will take place during the Rebellion Era (2 ABY) and you are an important yet rarely mention cell specialized in dirtier more direct and brute mission delegated by higher members of the rebel organization.

What do I want from the players?
I want to have players who can post minimum 2-3 times a week. I want players who are willing to put some effort into creating and roleplaying intrigues internal as well as external. Even if this is going to be a game with a lot of combat I want to flesh it out with feelings, conflicts and personal dilemmas.

What is the Story?

What do I want from the characters?
As said before I will give you pretty much free hands to create something you are comfortable with but I do have some requirement.

First, you all have to deeply hate the Empire for any reason; I will not accept any secret motives toward the rebels, at least not in the beginning of the game.

Second, you all have a criminal background; you may or may have not shared confined quarters together but you have all spent your time in a prison or mining camp and everyone still have some unfinished business with the law.

Third, you are not normal. If you had a tagline it would be “The misunderstood heroes”, as you all for some reason doesn’t fit in with the public view of the rebel organization. It might be that you are extremely brute and aggressive in your ways, insensitive and deviant, a plain wacko or simple that you belong to a species that are severely scrutinized and avoided.

Fourth, you will all be lvl 3 and started working together for the rebellion one year ago as they (at different time and places or at the same, purposely or by coincidence) rescued you from your imprisonment.

Finaly, force sensitives are allowed however I will only accept one or two at the most, character who has learned by there own or by a tutor with no connection to the Jedi Council. Also using force powers will be risky and seldom without any consequences.

I want a total of 4-5 players and will be accepting applications based on the background and feeling of the character rather than the stats and the way they complement each other as I'm quite sure all will find their niche as the game proceeds.

Applications will be accepted along the way and when I'm done I will notify my decision and close this ad perhaps long before the

For rolling, application posting and question about the game please use the appropriate thread in the game forum, and please make sure to read the modified system rules before applying/asking.

Game Description:

The game will take place during the Rebellion Era (2 ABY) and you are an important yet rarely mention cell specialized in dirtier more direct and brute mission delegated by higher members of the rebel organization.

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This is just... crazy enough to work!

Consider me interested, if somewhat concerned by the uniqueness of your modifications to the system.

Will start on a character application as soon as I have time.


Amusing. I was just recently thinking about modifying that system for my own purposes two. You forgot to mention how BAB will be handled though, if I read correctly.

Also, won't be joining, too much on my plate but I like the character creation approach.

Yep I thought I would give it a try as I really liked the freedom it gives the player to play what they want and not only what they can create.

And also I missed the BAB but handled it easy with BAB=Your level, it seemed to be the only balanced way to go.

Sorry for no application yet! I'll see what I can do, but school has been killing me. I'm assuming you're still recruiting?

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