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How do I make posts sticky within a thread?

How do I make posts sticky within a thread?

I want to create a thread where a couple of posts stay near the top the entire time...but people can post in it. Is there a way to make certain posts sticky/anchored within a thread?

Thanks for the quick response.

I'm a GM in the PFS group and we are creating a superlative tracker e.g. most hit points done in a single round, most damage by a single spell, etc.

I'd like the players to be able to post to the thread with their updates (so everyoen can see when someone gets a new high), but I want the post with the Top 5's to remain anchored/sticky as the first post when you open the thread.

Is there a solution?

A workaround is to have each person manage their own high scores in their post that they edit-update and have them tell you when they break the record so that you can manually change it in the top post.

I think the players are just going to need to either open two tabs and swap between them, or just click back to the first page when they want to see the top 'scores'.

As an(other) alternative, depending on your exact need, you could create a wiki page or even a world-wiki and link it to the game; that way, everyone can edit the 'top score'...

/thinks Whisper is a genius ...

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