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Volume bar stuck, anyone better with computers than I am?

Volume bar stuck, anyone better with computers than I am?

Volume l l l l l l l l l l

This annoying little volume bar is sitting smugly at the bottom of my screen. Used google, no result. Does any of you guys know how to remove this thing?

It starts up when I start up my computer.

I have an Acer Aspire 6935 laptop.

From what I found through Google, it looks like your Volume Up button is defective and thus always pressed.

From here:

Right click on the speaker icon, click playback devices, click communications, set option to "do nothing"

Things you could try if that doesn't work:
- find hardware settings to set the function of the different buttons on your laptop and change the function of the volume button
- look in the bios for such settings
- open up laptop and see whether this button is accessible for cleaning. I doubt it is. Only do this if you don't have warranty
- if you have warranty: ask for a new laptop

Thanks. I've managed to find another solution, which worked for me. Thank you guys, though.

In the interest of other people who stumble here after a Google search (and to satisfy my own curiosity), what was the solution?

It was to delete the launch manager. I'll have to look it up on my main PC, I'll put it up in the evening.

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