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Third Party Presidential Debate

So I finally took the candidate-matching quiz, and came up with 82% Jill Stein, 78% Obama, and 76% Rocky Anderson (whoever that is). Party-wise I side with Dems over the Green party, which I find interesting but not surprising. Last time I took the Political Compass test I was about as libertarian and socialist as you can be, but I've already talked about how I don't fully trust the results (even if I kind of agree with my own score).

I'm totally for 3rd parties. They really should have more exposure. The fact that the Dems & Reps get 99% of the public exposure via the mainstream media just goes to show that our country is no longer founded on ideals of freedom but on corporate money and political show-boating.

The mainstream media should really spend more time doing their job and giving Americans the truth of the matter, including that there are other people besided Obama and Romney running for president. As well, We've become so complacent that many of us just don't even care anymore.

Many will vote for Romney, simply because they see him as the 'Lesser of the two evils', merely to try and keep Obama from being re-elected. However, as Jerry Garcia once said, "Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil."

My personal vote goes to write-in candidate Matt Snyder. Sure's he's a Rep, but his ideals are the most American ideals I've seen out of any candidate thus far, as well considering he's a true working man. He knows what the average american goes through, unlike most of the guys in the white house and congress these days

Hmm... Well, this is accurate I suppose. I'm a supposed democrat and I live in California.


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