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Hi everyone

Hi everyone

I haven't played DnD in 2-3 years, but am looking forward to joining a PbP here. I had done some general searches for PbPs and found Myth Weavers. I used to play tabletop 4e, but have since moved out of state. I have tried PbP in the past (not Myth Weavers), but both times the campaigns fizzled out within a week of starting, so I hope this time around it won't be the case.

I grew up in NH, went to school for Mechanical Engineering at WPI and moved to CT in 2002 for a job after graduation. I married in 2010 and moved to Maine shortly thereafter. I enjoy RPGs, 360, bass guitar, piano, bowling, and texas hold 'em.

If there are any others on the forums in the southern Maine area that may be looking for another player, let me know as well. Happy gaming!

Welcome Tsquared80,

I'm not sure there are forums specific to states in the US (I'm an Aussie living in the UK) and you would have to check the forum rules before you started a thread for just that

If there aren't any rules against it, then I'd suggest you could start one ?? Seeing as there aren't any, there is probably a rule against it

Get over to the Games Ads thread and look for a game type you'd like to play and a game looking for players beneath it. Let the GM know you are new to MW and they and the other applicants will help you out

Good luck,


My comment regarding players in southern Maine was directed towards tabletop gaming, not online, but thanks for the reply. I may have a place in one of the 4e PbP here, so I'm looking forward to getting back to RPing.

Just so you know Tsquared, you are not allowed to advertise for other games / gamers other then here on MW ... it's a nono

There are other sites which allow you to seek games / groups / etc in your area for RL / VTT play -- you just can't advertise for those here

Just a friendly heads up,

Good luck with your 4e application,


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