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Create an ACF to replace Eldritch Blast

Create an ACF to replace Eldritch Blast

What would you suggest as an alternate class feature for a Warlock character that would give up Eldritch Blast, but keep non-blast invocations.

Dragon Mag had a feat called "Eldritch Claws" that channeled the blast as a Natural Melee attack. That might be workable as a ACF.

Or maybe use something like PF's paladin weapon enhancement ability on a bow, that way they can also keep the essence invocations and a few of the shapes too... They would just need arrows as a focus.

Depends, why are you giving up eldritch blast, and what did you plan on doing with the class? Sort of need to know what you're trying to do before making any suggestions.

I want to make him more jack-of-all-trades, caster-ish? Something akin to a bard...?

The original idea was for a Warlock 10 / Wildmage 10, substituting Eldritch Blast for extra invocations, but it was thought that he ends up with more invocations without that since he saves on not taking blast invocations. Something that would fit with that concept.

Is there a reason you can't just play a sorcerer?

Also, what's your reasoning for giving up your primary attack option?

There's an alternate class called dragonfire adept that gives up eldritch blast for a breath weapon and worse attack and not as good invocations

If you're an infernal / evil type of warlock, then give it good BAB and more skill points (like an outsider), better weapon selection, and minor increases to natural armor and physical stats as you level. Perhaps eventually gaining the Outsider type and Evil subtype as well.

If you're a fun loving fey warlock, then give it butterfly wings, and some charm / enchantment based powers. Giving it a higher focus on social skills makes sense, and eventually give them Unearthly Grace as a higher level ability.

I actually played in a campaign here on the Weave where a DM "homebrewed" a class that was exactly the warlock and hexblade just smashed together. I did not play the class, but it definitely looked interesting.

Well I got approval for it, and it incorporates the suggested fixes to the class that the original author made. So we're looking good.


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