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Hi Everybody

Hi Everybody

Hey, I just found Myth Weavers recently and was really excited! My usual gaming group has scattered with the advent of college in their lives, so I figured I would try to find somewhere else to pursue my favorite pastime. I'm really happy that the community here seems so friendly, that isn't always the easiest thing to find.

I'm new to play-by-post gaming, but I have been playing and running D&D games for over half my life now, so I'd like to say I'm fairly good at it at this point. I hope that I can find a place here.

Hi Hadrian,

Welcome to MW. The best way to get started is to head on over to Game Ads (or click on Games at the top of the page), look for the flavour of DnD you want to play (you can apply / play in multiple games).

Let the GM know you are new to MW, you'll find that the GM and the players will be very helpful (of course the Help is also worth using, especially for the Dice Roller and bbCodes),

Good luck and welcome to MW,


welcome in bud! check out the MW guides for some cool info on what to expect and posting standards. Everyone here is pretty good about helping out new players with questions, and old players that need a fresh set of eyes.

Enjoy ur stay!

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