Canadian Werewolf: the Forsaken Game Planning

Canadian Werewolf: the Forsaken Game Planning

I'm planning a Werewolf: the Forsaken game set in Canada, though I'm debating between the temperate rainforests of British Columbia or further northeast, near the Arctic Circle, as a setting. I have three ideas for major storylines:

- A pack composed of one, or mostly one, auspice
- Using the Werewolf Translation Guide, the birth of an Ulle'u (known as Metis to W:tA veterans), the deformed non-unihar offspring of two werewolves, and the implications it has for the Uratha race
- A combination of both

Please post here if interested. Please also state if you want to use vanilla fluff, or the homebrew mechanics for Werewolf forms and gifts as presented by LOOK at the WW forums.

Edit: I will also be accepting wolf-bloods into the game.

I have the book, and I would be up for any of those ideas, but I have very little knowledge of Werewolf's lore at the moment. So I would have to apply with a character who recently underwent his First Change and learn the lore through his experiences.

Awwrroooo, eh?

Personally I prefer oWoD, but I'll at least keep an eye on this one to see if it turns out interesting.

You are aware the Métis are a recognized aboriginal population in Canada?

Mercutio: No, unless the players absolutely wanted such. They'd find a Metis/Ulle'u cub.

Krimson: Yes, Krimson, I am. "Metis", unfortunately, is the name White Wolf chose for the deformed offspring of two Garou. That's why I'm using the Werewolf Translation Guide term of Ulle'u.

Believe me, I'm avoiding all unfortunate implications as much as possible.

Mercutio: No, unless the players absolutely wanted such. They'd find a Metis/Ulle'u cub.
Oh ok. I just wasnt' sure exactly of the situation. Well, I'm definitely down for this if there's enough interest

It's also the name of a greek goddess/titan of crafts.

But the word as used by both canadians AND WhiteWolf comes from a (I think french) word meaning "bi-racial". And that's quite literally what it means for those canadian metis as well- they're a mixed race of european and native ancestries.

And, as a term, it's been used for biracial individuals for hundreds of years now.

Don't really know how it applies to oWoD werewolves, though. I mean... their metis are the only true "pure bred" werewolves that exist at all.

But there are no implications, unfortunate or otherwise, to the term. Not from WhiteWolf at least. Naming a people something that could be read as "halfbreed"... miiiight be a trifle insensitive...

The Metis version of werewolves are deformed, hated and shunned. Considering the history of Metis in Canada, that might have some unfortunate resonance (pun most certainly not intended) in the minds of certain people. Besides, as you said, Metis are, technically, "purebred" werewolves. Ulle'u it is.

Please also note I am referring NOT to the racial group, but the werewolf-werewolf offspring, by the name Ulle'u.


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