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"Someday" games

"Someday" games

Do you have a list of game ideas in your head that you hope to run someday, even if trying to run them now isn't feasible? I always seem to have a decent sized list:

* Changeling: The Lost: an X-Files style conspiracy and alien abduction game based around characters who don't know the Changeling mythology, as they try to figure out the strange new world around them.

* ORE / Reign: The Great Pendragon Campaign done with the ORE system, where fiefdoms are represented as companies.

* Godlike: Strikeforce Morituri with nazis -- heroes sacrifice themselves to undergo a process which gives superpowers which grow and become more and more uncontrollable, at the eventual cost of their lives. Can they turn the tide before they perish?

* Feng Shui: the netherworld / astral space joins four junctures of linked settings from other games: Earthdawn, 7th Sea, Shadowrun, and Fading Suns.

* Mage: The Awakening: guardians and mysterium try to protect humanity for the sanity-destroying effects of magical knowledge... without sacrificing their own sanity in the process.

What games do you have that you'd love to run,... someday, when you have more time and energy to devote?

Really want to run a God-level Supers game some day.

I actually have a few half-completed advertisements for games that I didn't have time to run; or more correctly set up. I like some unique setting splats and in order to make the advertisement palatable to people without the books in question one has to end up condesing, rephrasing and basically setting up a mini-setting primer for new players, which, on top of plotting and planning can result in some burnout.

Labyrinth Lord/Basic D&D - Red Tide Campaign Setting "An Echo, Resounding . . .:" Have been wanting to run this one since I first picked up the book. Vividly creative and saturated with flavor this one is still on my far back burner.

Stars Without Number - Leviathan Falling: This one I actually put up for an interest check, even started a game thread for. A sandbox style romp in a far future mining system with an alien colony ship in a decaying orbit serving as the local megadungeon/adventurer's draw. The hitch was that the system is OSR/D&D inspired and the involves semi random characters and the feedback I got on random rolled stats was profoundly negative. I found a way to tweak the system to allow both elite array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) and random rolled characters to work together but because I wanted an in-game reason for the elite array to exist. By the time I'd introduces genetweaks, alt humans and Eclipse Phase cortical stacks to the setting I was hip deep in rewriting the background and I got mired down in the details. Still plan to run it someday but it will take awhile to get my universe ironed out the way I want it.

PLANETES: SAR - this one was put up alongside Leviathan Falling for an interest check and it lost. I had planned on using Traveller or Alternity for the ruleset. Basically it would be slice of life near-future sci fi with the PC's playing as search and recovery operatives on Jupiter station. They'd deal with mechanical crises, murder mysteries and avert a planetary catastophe all the while dealing with the fact that they were the underappreciated, undermanned and underfunded nobodies of space . . .

IREM - The Sunken city: Inspired by the old Brandish and Wizardry series of videogames this was going to be/will be a straight up dungeon with villages, communities and monster ecologies tucked down in the forgotten places of the earth. Initial kicker would be that the players were the Henchmen & Hirelings of a high level expedition that got wiped out. The PC's would be down to a week of food, a handful of weapons and a scavenged suit of armor and it would be six months back to to the closest civilization. All the food, the magic, anything useful that couldget them home? Lost in the dungeon. The only way home is down. I have a small notebook I carry with me filled with encounters and setting notes that I'm still working on.

Street Fighter High - Okay, bear with me here. Look at
THIS and tell me there's not a game here. The idea kicked me in the head so hard when I saw the image I actually tracked down and bought a copy of White wolfs Street Fighter, the RPG.

Don't you judge me. Don't you DARE judge me.

Anyway I figured it could be set up semi-sandbox style - folders for each of the classes in the highschool, another for the after school locations with players starting datestamped threads that other PC's or NPCs could wander into and out if. It would be high school drama, romance & beatings!

I want to run a game that crosses Sid Meier's Pirates! with Pirates of the Carribean or 7th Sea.

Originally Posted by Sephirothsword117 View Post
I'd love to run a 3.5 or Pathfinder game were everyone is a dragon with an actual class progression on the other side.
I've wanted to do this except as paladins or possibly barbarians.

I also want to run a game which takes place over a human's lifespan, with a subplot that keeps drawing the characters together. Movies that do this always make me cry.

I might try it when I have the time.

I'd one day love to play or run a Kingdom of Wire based Wraith game for oWoD. Unfortunatly, my lack of GMing ability on pbp prevents me from running here, but I'd create a character for it in a heartbeat.

I have a bunch of MnM 3e games sitting on my pile of shame..

Toy Story.. Playing Toys!! Haven't really hammered out the details enough to get this going.

Bring back Broken Worlds (the second game I ran on MW).. Basically a game that involves all fiction.. Characters play reality hoppers that have to go from reality to reality righting wrongs to fix a broken multiverse.. So a player could be playing Iron Man, and end up in the world of Harry Potter to make sure the boy who lives.... lives..

That also reminds me that I want to run a Harry Potter game, possibly centered around a quidditch team.

Suicide Squad.. Despite being in one such game, I still have the idea to run one.. Players make villains that have bombs implanted in their necks that force them into black op missions for the government. The biggest problem I have running superhero games is that I already run 3 (one batman style, one justice league, one hero high), so I have to find ways to keep ideas fresh.. Suicide Squad is a different take on heroing, so I think I can do some unique things I can't do in my other games.

A few more...

A Savage Worlds campaign in which the PCs are a Johnny Quest/Venture Bros-like group of globe-trotting adventurers.

A GURPS Horror game with some low-powered psionics, set in the 80's. Been working on this one for a while.

Some sort of sci-fi game based on the classic films of the 50's like Forbidden Planet, The Day the Earth Stood Still, etc.

One of these days I want to run some kind of Magic School or Adventurer Academy style game. Anachronistic high fantasy in a high-school style setting.

Basically, Tales of MU without all of the emphasis on race relations and BDSM.


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