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"Someday" games

Well, I wanted to run a simple and clean zombie apocalypse on E6 for 3.5 (because it's story-light, and I'm bad at stories), Tomb of Horrors converted to Dark Heresy or Black Crusade, and currently infatuated with Pokemon Tabletop Adventures.

But yeah, I'm mostly talking notes in this site.

One I've had in mind for ages is Hustle, Eberron-Style. Incredibly rules-light with the players all being a team of grifters working in Sharn. I'd design a mark and a way for the crew to hear about them (possibly by having the Roper be a GMPC) and leave the actual con for the players to devise. Obviously, I'd design the mark with one or two 'In's - ways to get into them and draw them into the con - as well as certain elements most likely to come up (any clubs they frequent, the layout or location of their house if I think the crew's gonna try to steal something inside, etc) and leave anything unexpected to be designed on-the-fly (or with a few days pause in the game if I was running it on here).

Did require a few changes to the setting, though, but mostly just advancing tech and economy by a few decades. Basic mobile phones, for one (just phone calls and text messages and obviously handled by House Sivis), and possibly a working stock market as well because no good con series is complete without a share investment scam or two.

Games I'd like to run:

- A game set in the Red Tides campaign setting
- A Microlite20 game
- A low magic game of trading, courtly politics and conquest ala Mount & Blade
- A game where everyone is kung fu faitan

I've got a few.

X-Crawl: I got the bones of a game down, but decided I just wasn't inspired enough.
Mage: The Ascension - I like the format of the new rules but prefer the old setting.
D&D 3.5 undead game - I would like to run a game with a different point of view

Well my next game idea isn't really anything amazingly unique or spectacular mechanics-wise...

I am just wanting to run a game in my homebrew world regarding a rebellion against a large government and letting players choose which side they're on. It would be a strongly Law vs. Chaos game, with Good vs. Evil taking a distant backburner. Good and Evil people are on both sides....Lawful Evil hoping to maintain its standing and power to dominate, Lawful Good seeking to keep the society together that has done good for so many...Chaotic Good rebelling to bring change to a supposedly tyrannical and despotic regime (whether that is the TRUTH is up for debate)...Chaotic Evil rebelling out of resentment and hatred. Lawful Neutral trying to maintain order because, well, that's what they do, and after all who could imagine living in a lawless society? And Chaotic Neutral playing both sides, because, well, why the hell not?

A very morally gray game...will the Lawful Good put up with the Lawful Evil dealing with dark powers, if it helps retain the society they cherish? Will the Chaotic Good be able to turn a blind eye toward the Chaotic Evil slaying innocents if it helps topple the current regime?

Only thing holding me back is I already have 2 games running. I've tried running 3 games and at least 1 inevitably suffers and dies.

I do actually have a stone age/primal kind of game planned, one where technology is super-low. It'd likely be 3.5 because that's what I know but there's be no metal weapons, not even any literacy so no scrolls or spellbooks (no wizards likely as not) and so forth. I'd maybe pull from Pathfinder too because the Witch and certain Summoner archetypes make more thematically-appropriate arcane casters. It'd need a bit more work due to the setting and house-ruling, however.

Originally Posted by Burning Spear View Post
I'd like a game where players would play animals of all sorts of types, and where humanoids are classed as "monsters/ npc's"
Interesting. What would you use for the system? Are you thinking something closer to Bunnies and Burrows (maybe the Risus version), or Mouse Guard?

I've been working on a D20 Future giant mech campaign set in a future where the american south rises again and a second civil war erupts...but with mecha. I've designed the mechs, written the premise, I just don't know how to make it work with a game. Sadly, the D20 Modern ruleset just isn't balanced enough to make it work and I don't have the GM oompf to write the whole damn thing myself.


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