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Ditermining cost of Spell Turrets

Ditermining cost of Spell Turrets

I have a Factotum who is gonna take Craft Wondrous Item soon and I want to start crafting spell turrets. Nothing too special, just 1 or 2 various items I can toss into the battlefield and have them go to work.

Problem is, I cant figure out the cost to make them! I have been looking at the example traps in the DMG2, and I notice some correlation between the spell turret traps and the others.

For example... All the CR5 traps cost 1400. So using this logic, I can guess that a cantrip spell turret would cost the same as a CR1 Seperation Wall Trap at 1kGP.

But not all CRs are accounted for and most do not include the XP cost. (Which I seem to recall being 1/25th?)

What is the specific formula for detirmining a spell turrets GP and XP cost?!

Ooh... I'd like to know that too. Portable spellturret!

Base off Hand of the Mage, since it's an at-will cantrip. Now change Hand of the Mage into another cantrip and double it's cost since you're using it as unconventional space. You can either make it an item with primitive intelligence with a targeting system or attach it to an undead/construct with programmed commands and variables.

You can get one at around 2800 gold in value, half it down for crafting cost. Only downside is that you have to be at least CL15.

Um... Secutor... Do you have access to the DMG2 or the rules for a spell turret? Because what you explained does not sync up at all...

For starters, they cast 4 spells (5 if you count the self repair). Second, unless I am missing info, the only prereq is having the Craft Wondrous Item feat and someone to cast the spells the turret uses.

Wait, I thought you're talking about a device that shoots a cantrip at-will. Is there an actual spell turret? If so, then I guess standard item creation rules for additional effects will do. I don't know man, I thought you're going to build something out of scratch. An built-in template seems lazy on WoTC's side. But I guess yeah, I never knew there are actual spell turrets.

But then, you're asking for the base cost and not an upgraded one. The cost-reduction handbook talks about it, so I assume there's something official... somewhere.;wap2
Is this adequate?

the same problem persists in the link. They are using the vague all purpous rules to create a specific category of item. The result being a MASSIVE difference in cost.

The example costs they (link) give are much higher then the example costs in the book...

I'll post the costs and spell levels of the examples in a minute, I'm on my phone and it'll take a while to type it up.

For a low level spell turret I was coming out in the 2000s for a turret that infinitely detects and targets incoming enemies, with a deactivation code word. But that would be for a level 1 spell.

Less if you accepted giving it a specific number of charges.

So I was comparing the costs of the link and I noticed that they were not only listing market price rather then manufacturing cost, but they were also listing them by the spell level rather then CR.

WIth the new information at hand. That link looks like it does the trick!

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