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DMs: What's the most crazy/difficult villain you've made?

DMs: What's the most crazy/difficult villain you've made?

Not necessarily taking high/low level into account, but more ability combos, racial features, etc?

I always prefer to go with intelligent races that can take class levels for villains. One of the weirdest I made was an Ulitharid (an undead mind flayer lich) with the Phantom template and a bunch of wizard levels.

But by far the toughest I made was a simple human cleric/wizard, an abjuration specialist (focused specialist from UA) with full levels in Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil. Through the use of metamagic feats, certain spells (Greater Spell Matrix, Sonorous Hum etc.) and magic items he could get off several spells in a round, and I gave him lots of nasty defensive spells like Greater Ironguard, and he had a lower-level warrior henchnman which he cast a bunch of buffs on.

On the cleric side, he had Divine Counter (use turn attempts as an immediate action to counter a spell as if using dispel magic), Battlemagic Perception, and Improved Counterspell so the party's casters had a very very difficult time of trying to get his defenses down. And he had just enough BC and Blast spells (Howling Chain, Vortex of Teeth, Great Thunderclap, Resilient Sphere) to give the party a headache.

It sounds obnoxious, and it is - he was the final battle after all. Till then I never knew how nasty an abjurer could be as an enemy.

What about you guys? What powerful/creative enemies have you conjured up?

Sadly, I haven't gotten to run any of them yet, as my games haven't made it that far, but here are a couple:

1. Great Wyrm Shadow Dragon with the Phantom template. Between the darkness that overwhelms all but the most powerful light spells, her innate Shadow Blend, and the incorporeal tricks, this was a very tough creature to face, and that was before accounting for the spell selection and the fact it's a Great Wyrm. She was also the head of the largest crime organization on the plane.

2. Sorcerer/Wild Mage. The trick here had more to do with where the battle takes place, rather than the enemy himself, as the battle is fought atop a soul-trapping mechanism that would power a nasty ritual-- and the BBEG doesn't care who's soul powers it! This forces the party to radically alter their tactics as now they have to incapacitate without killing.

the craziest, though not the toughest, was a nymph/gibbering mouther hybrid. Instead of constantly forming/fading mouths and non-stop incomprehensible gibberish driving a character mad, it's a mass of constantly forming beautiful female forms, speaking beautiful, though not quite comprehensible, words. and motioning the players closer.

Like the standard gibbering mouther, the singing has a compulsive mind-effect, except that it's a compelling effect, where a failed Will save causes the characters to be unable to resist the call of the 'gibbering nympher', where when they get closer the creature can attempt to make a meal of them.

If the players attack, each round a form can make a claw attack.

My players had a field day with this one (and almost died at it's 'hands')!

I had a epic wizard that I never got to run as a Villain. His whole shtick was this: He was imprisoned on a demiplane with no way to escape, bound by runecarved chains to throne he would rule from if he had his way. He figured out a way to still "move about" while being completely imprisoned and immobile.

He had a planar perinarch living spell under his control which "oozed" across the prime material, which is a really awesome visual, imagine this:

The figure before you sits bound on a large throne made entirely of iron. Thick chains etched with smoldering eldritch runes burn his flesh as he glares at you malevolently. Then the throne begins to advance on you without seeming to move, and as it does the very stone at your feet becomes a dream of polished marble with gilt inlays.

One I'm working on now is easily the most difficult, because he's in a pair of parallel games that play off each other. In the first, he's the BBEG behind everything, and in the second, he's the benefactor of the evil party. It's a huge challenge because I can't give too much of him to the evil party unless I want the good guys to know.

In a mid-level campaign, I used an Aspect of Hextor (Miniature's Handbook) with the Monster of Legend template (Monster Manual 2.). I was originally going to use Multi-Headed, which is actually a valid template to apply, but then I realized that he'd have eighteen attacks, and that might be a little much, so I used the weaker template. He was summoned by a high priest of Hextor, who also took part in the fight, and wasn't exactly a slouch in melee himself.

All in all, it was a really fun fight to run, because using an Aspect is basically always awesome, so long as they're not used all the time, and they're done in an awesome way that doesn't make the players feel like "Well, I guess it was an Aspect of a really weak god?". It's a shame that the party lost, though it was really close, and largely because they misplayed the situation a bit, by closing in to melee the Aspect, which was just a terrible idea, essentially.

A gold dragon ascendent greatwyrm out the draconomicon. Aacendents do not care for treasure and had not qualms using mordikans disjunction 3 times in the lvl 30 evil group i was running. One of the players made a deal with tiamat for power but in return had to slay this gold dragon

I have taken a mule (yes the thing that looks like a horse) and added the fiendish template and then added the vampire template creating the mule of doom. Ok so the vampire template should go on a humanoid but that is just a technicality.

LOL @ Vampiric mule. That's a good one right there. I bet that caused a WTF moment.

have taken a mule (yes the thing that looks like a horse) and added the fiendish template and then added the vampire template creating the mule of doom. Ok so the vampire template should go on a humanoid but that is just a technicality.
Haha! And I thought mine was awesome! This is epic


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