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Dungeons & Dragons 4e - Forgotten Realms 4e
Ad Closes: Nov 3 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 5

This is an "old" Encounters Season, the first of a story-line that I feel is going to be significant to the future of the Forgotten Realms. Characters will start at 1st level and get to 3rd by the end. This is not written as a huge role playing opportunity, however, there is no reason we cannot make it such. I will be picking submissions that show the player's ability to help tell a great story. I hope to expand on the role playing.

CHARACTER CREATION: Standard 1st level character creation rules. Any race or class. Please pick from the following themes and backgrounds:

Post submissions in this thread. Please include the following in your submission:
Character name, race, class, Theme and Background.
Character History
Character Description (a pic will do) & Personality

I would like to keep the game going but I know everyone gets busy, so I would like a posting rate of at least 1 post every 2 days.

weregeek85 - Leader/Striker - Minotaur Cleric/Ranger
shdwrnnr - Controller - Shadar-Kai Wizard
Twilightkiwi - Leader - Deva Artificer
Drunken Zombie - Striker - Human Warlock
Secret Agent Cow - Defender - Dragonborn Paladin
Fortive - Striker - Pixie - Sorcerer/Rogue
Shadow Elf - Leader - Dwarven Templar Cleric
Sentinel - Striker - Elf Avenger
Celtic Guardian 7 - Defender - Human Fighter
**Reemos - Striker - Elf Vampire
**Soulegion - Striker - Drow Rogue

Game Description:

Shadowdale. This realm and the town with which it shares its name, are better known for the past than the present. Ancient battles and the ruins they left behind draw historians and adventurers alike to these lands. Storm and Syluné Silverhand once dwelled here, and sly Elminster still does. His protection has long kept Shadowdale safe, and even if Elminster's power has diminished since his time as Mystra's Chosen, who would dare attack his home?

The white granite hill called Old Skull has loomed over Shadowdale for ages, but its significance has varied over time. When drow controlled the town, it was a sign of danger and domination. When their kind were forced out, the people of Shadowdale went back to seeing the hill as nothing more than a fascinating landmark. Sheep graze around it now, while children play atop its slopes of bare white stone.

A famed tavern takes its name from the landmark. The Old Skull Inn is known throughout Faerún as a haven for adventurers. It is said that the secret tunnels lead from the tavern's basement into catacombs under Old Skull - and from there into the Underdark. Adventurers gossip that a bribe to the innkeeper , Ghessla Silvermane, can gain an honest traveler access to the realms below the earth.

Lady Addee Ulphor rules Shadowdale, presiding over a land that has been peaceful for the twenty years since Lord Azalar Falconhand retired. The symbol of leadership, the Pendant of Ashaba, is Lady Ulphor's by right, and she keeps it secured in the Twisted Tower of Ashaba.

You come to Shadowdale, as have your fellow adventurers, to delve into the caverns of the Underdark.

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Character info
Name: Faral Militella
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Vampire
-Theme: Escaped Thrall
Age: Unknown
Weight: 90 lbs
Height: 5'3" tall

Faral, Elf Vampire
Init +5 HP22 /22 Bloodied 11 Healing Surge (0 used 2/2)
AC 17 Fort 11 Reflex 17 Will 13 Speed 6
Str 11 (0) Con 10 (0) Dex 20 (+5) Int 10 (0) Wis 10 (0) Cha 14 (+2)
Bark Beckoning
At-Will * Standard Action
Ki Focus: +4 vs Will, 1f6+4 damage
Ranged 5 Target: One creature
Keywords: Charm, Implement, Psychic, Shadow
Attack: Charisma + 2 vs Will
Hit:1d6 + Cha modifier [sychic damage, and you will the target up to 3 squares.
Bark Beckoning,
Taste of Life
At-Will * Standard Action
Ki Focus: +5 vs Fortitude, 1d8+7 damage
Melee 1 Target: One creature
Keywords: Implement, Necrotic, Shadow
Attack: Dexterity vs Fortitude
Hit: 1d8 + Dex modifier necrotic damage, and you gain temporary hit points equal to 2 + your Cha modifier (+2).
Taste of Life,
Vampire Slam
At-Will * Standard Action
Ki Focus: +5 vs Reflex, 1d10+7 damage
Melee 1 Target: One creature
Keywords: Implement, Shadow
Attack: Dexterity vs Reflex
Hit: 1d10 + Dex modifier damage, and you can push the target 1 square.
Special: You can use this power as a melee basic attack.
Vampire Slam,
Blood Drinker
Encounter * No Action
Personal Target: The triggering enemy
Keyword: Shadow
Trigger: You hit an enemy with a vampire melee at-will attack power.
Effect:The target takes 1d10 extra damage from the triggering attack, and you gain a healing surge.
Blood Drinker,
Swam of shadows
Daily * Standard Action
Ki Focus: +5 vs Fortitude, 3d6 + 7 damage
Close blast 3 target: Each enemy in the blast
Keywords: Implement, shadow, Teleportation
Attack: Dexterity vs Fortitude
Hit: 3d6 + Dex modifier damage, and ongoing 5 damage (save ends)
Miss: Half damage
Effect: You teleport to a square in the blast and are invisible until the end of your next turn.
Swam of shadows,
Elven Accuracy
Encounter * Free action
Trigger: You make an attack roll and dislike the result.
Effect: Reroll the attack roll. Use the second roll, even if it's lower.
Elven Accuracy,
My Mind Is My Own
Encounter * Immediate Interrupt
Keywords: Augmentable, Psionic
Trigger:You are hit by a charm or a psychic attack.
Effect: You gain resist 5 psychic until the end of your next turn. Also, you gain a +2 power bonus to saving throws against charm effects and psychic effects until the end of your next turn.
Augment 1
Effect:As above, and you can make a saving throw against any charm and psychic effect at the start of your turn, instead of at the end, if a save can end the effect. This benigit tasts until the end of the encounter.
My Mind Is My Own
Notes Gain combat advantage against enemies with no other creature adjacent to it. - Disciple of Torment
+2 shield bonus while wearing cloth or no armor - Vampiric Reflexes
Resist 5 necrotic
Vulnerable 5 radiant
Rengeneration 2 while bloodied
Non elf allies gain +1 bonus to perception
ignore difficult terrain while shifting

Originally Posted by weregeek85 View Post
Wow, a game opening where any race published by WoTC is welcome? Rarity, that. Count me interested.

How much fluff are you looking for regarding justifications for who/what our characters are in these apps? I am toying with the idea of a Deep Delver/Deep Wastes hybrid Ranger|Cleric of Moradin that's not a Dwarf. I've got all sorts of fluffy goodness I can throw into the app to explain him, but if you don't want to read it I'd rather not waste your time.
I am looking for a moderate amount of fluff. Enough to show me your story telling ability. There really isn't that much opportunity for rol-playing, BUT I will do my best to inject some into the plot. I am interested in giving players the opportunity to be part of the major plot of FOrgotten Realms.

Name: Sir Auron Bright; aka "The Patchwork Knight"

Race: Dragonborn

Class: Paladin

Theme: Treasure Hunter

Background: Shadowdale

Character History: Auron was an orphan of the streets of Shadowdale. He has no memory at all of his parents, though he supposes that they were descendants of the slaves once kept by the Drow when they ruled this region of the world. Taken in at the age of six by an order of Knights known as the Lightbringers, they have been the only world and the only way of life which Auron has truly ever known, or needed. Worshipper of Pelor, the Lightbringers were dedicated to the protection and education of the world’s forgotten and despised peoples’, namely the most destitute. They shun the idea of material gain and power, each having taken an Oath of Poverty; to carry only what they need to do their jobs and nothing more; everything else that they acquire they give up when they return to their abbey; the House of Light. If it is of value it is then sold and the money used to fund the various charitable endeavours that the Lightbringers run and oversee; if it is knowledge however, the Lightbringers keep it in their hands to use and spread through their schools. It is a strong belief among their Order that education is the key to helping the impoverished to escape their demeaning and painful existence.

Auron is a devoted disciple of this philosophy, and has earned more than a few scars over his life defending these ideals. Over the last three decades he has lived the lives of the teacher, preacher, healer and soldier but now he returns to the place that he was born burdened with a mission, a secret quest given to him by the Grand Master of the Lightbringers personally. It is a duty only the most trusted knights of the Order are aware of.

A month past, while Auron and many of the Lightbringers were away a thief came to the House of Light; a thief with worryingly intimate knowledge of their home. They stole into the Order’s most secure and secret rooms, before making off with an item of terrible power that the Order had discovered decades ago in the Underdark; a magic relic of great Evil potential that the Lightbringers realised no one on the outside could ever be trusted with: the Chalice of Lolth.

Auron and a handful of the Order’s most trusted Knights were recalled and assembled. Their mission was simple: seek the Chalice and find it at all costs. As the relic was of Lolth and was originally acquired by the Order in the Underdark, Auron reasoned that Shadowdale might be a good place to begin his search. He could ask around to see if the Chalice had been spotted here and, failing that, if he could find no clue above as to where it may have been spirited away to, it would not be difficult to descend into the Underdark and continue his sacred task there.

Character Description: Auron is at heart a kind man and possesses enormous reserves of patience which have been built up through more than a decade of dealing with hordes of small, loud children. The only things which are guaranteed to get a rise out of him are displays of stupidity, wanton cruelty and hypocrisy. He never judges others and prefers to make his own mind up about things and people rather than trust to the opinions of others. Despite all this though he is relentless; once he has fixed his eyes on a goal, nothing short of death will stop him.

Appearence: Auron Bright is in his mid thirties and stands at six foot, two inches in height and weighs three hundred pounds and some change. His body speaks of great strength, though it is clear it is the kind of power possesed of the naturally large rather than the athletic. His skin is dark, shadowy green with a darkened ochre belly. He has very bright and kind grey eyes and a warm, kindly face. He has earned the nickname of 'The Patchwork Knight' due to the haphazard condition of the armour he wears; not one piece of the plate matches another; it is instead a roughshod and random collection of old and rusting iron rubbing alongside bright lacquered green or yellow steel. This is due to the way the Lightbringers equip their warriors. As they have taken a vow of poverty, it is against their beliefs to hoard any gold for weapons or armour which could be put to better use aiding the poor and the destitute. So the Order accepts donations for its soldiers: all of their weapons and armour come from people the Order has helped or those who wish to be seen doing good for the community. As such, very few full suits of armour are passed out among its warriors, who instead must rifle through the piles of smashed, scarred or ill-fitting metal their Order recieves to provide themselves with any kind of protection. Because of this, no one can ever mistake a member of the Lightbringers from any of their compatriots.

Thanks Tila. I've updated my first post on the first page of this thread with some basic character stats, and will update on Wednesday after I finish my draft.

I have explained the Themes and Backgrounds. Hope it helps.

Tila, how would you feel about a Pixie? Someone sent forth from the feywild to scout out the underdark? Would probably have the Underdark Envoy theme, and the Shadowdale background with those that you listed.

Mechanically, I am thinking a hybrid Sorcerer|Rogue

If there are no objections, I should be able to get the character up relatively soon.


Name: Nathan Harper
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Theme: Escaped Thrall
Background: Myth Drannor
Description: As a young man that stands of average height and is slightly underweight, Nathan's muscled body appears surprisingly strong for his size. This is noticeable only when he is not wearing his armor, which is rare when he is traveling. The heavy suit of red armor does little to hinder Nathan's skillful wielding of his halberd. His blonde hair stays straight even with his lack of brushing or care for it. The bangs fall just short of his blue eyes, which are open books to whatever Nathan is feeling at the time. A silver earring with a charm of the sun on it hangs from his right ear. Though his left ear is pierced, he has no partner for it.

Personality: Nathan is an emotional young man who has a hard time hiding his feelings. If he gets angry, he tends to strike first and think later. This is especially true if friends or loved ones are hurt, as Nathan holds them at a higher priority than himself. Battles do not frighten him, nor does he worry about getting injured himself. He actually prefers being the one to take the blows in place of his comrades. Outside of combat, Nathan has a more friendly personality. His lack in manners is apparent, but it is due more to how he was raised rather than desiring to be insulting.
Posting Rate: At least once a day, usually more if it works with the DM and other players posting.

Marius Stoneborn


Race: Minotaur
Class: Hybrid Cleric|Ranger
Theme: Deep Delver
Background: Deep Wastes

Originally Posted by Fortive View Post
Tila, how would you feel about a Pixie? Someone sent forth from the feywild to scout out the underdark? Would probably have the Underdark Envoy theme, and the Shadowdale background with those that you listed.

Mechanically, I am thinking a hybrid Sorcerer|Rogue

If there are no objections, I should be able to get the character up relatively soon.
No objections. Anything goes character/race wise.

Posting an interest - you have some good players applying already Tila

Character info
Name: Varan Wiisper
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Warlock, Infernal Pact
Theme: Bloodsworn
Background Shadowdale
Age: 24

Character Sheet to Come

Fomatting 'borrowed' from Reemos


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