Soul Adept

Soul Adept

Every fighter needs a blade, something to strike at his foes with, something to make his might corporeal.

The Soul Adept needs the same- except the weapon they wield is a fragment of their very Soul. An Adept has become proficient at forming weapons from the very thing that empowers their life. A Soul Adept is a martial paragon in that he is never unarmed, never without a way of exacting his will. Disarming a Soul Adept is pointless, Sundering their weapon is useless, a Soul Adept will simply reform it or create another one anew.

Soul Adepts are powerful, vicious warriors, typically erratic and impatient by nature. They lack the dedication of a Warblade or Sword Sage, are self taught unlike the Paladin or Fighter and don't typically favour a deity or force like the Cleric or Arcanist. Adepts tend to be hard to order, even harder to control- worse to fully understand.

At their core- they are agile, powerful warriors fighting for emotion rather than cause.

Hit Die: D8
BAB: Medium (+15, +10, +5 at CL twenty)
Alignment: Any Chaotic

Ref: As Rogue
Fort: As Fighter
Will: As Fighter

Manuevers/Stances Gained/Readied: As Warblade
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Soul Weapon, One Martial, All simple, Medium armor
Skill points: 6+Int


In progress- I'm contemplating leaving it at 15
I will make a single ToB discipline for it complete with maneuvers
I still need to add in ability descriptions etc etc
Essentially its meant to be a better, cooler Soulknife.
The erratic and staggered progression of gaining growing abilities was intentional- the whole class is meant to feel..."Emotional", haphazard, dictated by feeling rather than standard fare or discipline.