Player Needed - Only Mages Need Apply

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Player Needed - Only Mages Need Apply

Night Below - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) and clones - Forgotten Realms
Ad Closes: Nov 4 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 1

And so it has come to pass that our little 2nd edition FR campaign has lost a player. Tis a sad thing, but alas, this is the nature of the beast that is PBP gaming.

Because we have lost a player, I am putting out an open casting call to all Mages who wish to get in on the action in this game. Due to the specific character class that is being asked for, and the fact that this is 2nd edition, I am only taking applications for 1 week, with the call ending next Sunday. To see where our characters are, please see the game forum and read along.

One major point of note in this game: When it started, I decided to allow skills and powers. After some thought, I am rescinding this as none of the remaining characters have anything from S/P that can be deemed game-breaking or precedent-setting.

Full character creation rules are in the game forum. Please read them, and then if you want to please create a character in the Applications sub-group. I'll go through all applications next Sunday and make a determination then.

Thank you in advance for your interest, and I hope to see the kinds of applications I got when I started this game!

Game Description:

Hark! You there! Yes - you. You seem to be a strapping young adventuring type, with your armor and weapons all dangling about your person. Are you interested in exploring new realms, fighting evil beasts, and above all else, making some coin? If so, then come in and listen.

My master, the respectable Scarecrow71, is...what's that? You never heard of him? Why you little...

All right, so he's not well-known in these parts. In fact, he's rather new 'round here. But that don't take away from the fact that he's famous elsewhere, and that he's got a great head on him. Excellent guy, if you ask me. But I am starting to get away from why I called you in here to begin with.

As I started, my master is seeking to employ several adventuring types to roam about the land, taking on quests and fighting evil monsters and all that kind of stuff. Crawling through castles, rescuing maidens fair, battling beasts, diving into get the idea. And he's willing to pay you for it, if you're good or lucky enough to wade through hell and come back out on the other side alive.

Are you interested?

Night Below is an epic campaign for AD&D 2nd Edition set in the Forgotten Realms where characters will work their way through and around the sleepy land of Haranshire, uncovering evils and delving into mystery and intrigue, all the while attempting to keep their own sanity while eventually traversing through the underdark to find the true source of the goings-on.

Will you take up the mantle of helping the people of this fair countryside? Can you find your way to figuring out what true evil lies in this land? Are you brave enough to stop it once you do?

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Originally Posted by silverwolfer View Post
is there a OCL for 2e?
Not sure what you are asking?

Not a legal one that I'm aware of.

Originally Posted by AvianMalkavian View Post
Where would you like us to roll the dice for our attributes? Here or in our application?
In your application thread, please. That way they don't end up getting lost when the ad closes.

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