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Spells for a trap busting spell turret.

Originally Posted by Dirty Kobold View Post
Wait... Is there a spell to summon kobolds?!
There can be...

It's a decent spell, not a bad plan. Although in a spell turret you don't get to swap the energy it resists on the fly, so...

Originally Posted by Dirty Kobold View Post
I just LOVE how no one is touching the question about a better replacement for resist energy...
That only becomes an issue if the turret actually WORKS. Currently, it doesn't.

Actually... Knowing my DM... I think it would...

He'll likely be OK with true sight and locate object detecting traps, especially since my character is the creator of the turret. It sounds like its one of those fine tuning issues that wouldn't work with a bought item.

Your DM is free to houserule as he pleases. Without knowing those houserules, though, I can only comment on the RAW, by which this turret will fail to function.

Assuming that that issue is resolved, however (by houserules, or by use of some other means to allow the turret to successfully identify things that would be called 'traps'), other issues do become relevant, such as the aforementioned Resist Energy. Personally, I would suggest replacing it with some source of Temporary HP as a more generally applicable solution, particularly given traps' predilections towards single-instance damage, against which the majority of the ongoing protection of Resist Energy is wasted.

Hmmm.... If you could give it the Dragonblooded template, you could go and give it Wings of Cover.

Well, there's False Life, granting 1d10+CL (max +10). Think there might be one or two others outside of core, but I'm not sure.

False Life. Necromancy. And yeah, a locate object on a spell turret would only be able to locate one thing, and I don't think you can say 'trap'. Spell turrets don't get to have discretion in how it applies it's magic, it can target things, but it can't change the actual execution of the spell. You don't put resist energy on a spell turret, you put resist fire. You don't put locate object on a spell turret, you put locate potion (for example) on one.


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