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Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Madness!! Destruction!! Armageddon!!

Best of luck to all who lie in her path. Central Maryland here.

Central Mass here. It's cute how many folks are panicking here like crazy people. You'd think they were predicting a The Day After Tomorrow-esque event. Worcester isn't terribly prone to severe damage from weather events like this, so I'm not terribly worried. They already canceled school for tomorrow, though, so I may be the only one who isn't.

Best of luck to all those more directly in the path of it. May it be much less worse than expected.

Getting ready for it here; PA is supposed to take it on the chin.

People are acting like it is the end of the world as they know it. But I feel fine

Lots of hyperbole in the media to be sure but those directly on the coast look like they'll have a Hell of a time of it.

May your power outages be brief!!

Wet and windy in NoVa. Looks like we'll avoid the worst of it, but we get the kids at home for the next two days anyway. Joy!

Stay safe people, I hope for the best.

Yeah. Quick prayer to whatever higher forces are out there that you will all be safe.


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